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30 Untranslatable Words From Other Languages Illustrated By Anjana Iyer

30 Untranslatable Words From Other Languages Illustrated By Anjana Iyer
When something is “lost in translation,” it could have been due to a simple mistake or due to the fact that one language was not quite able to capture the essence of a word’s meaning in another language. [Read more...] This conflict is the idea behind New Zealand-based designer Anjana Iyer’s “Found in Translation” series of images, which try to explain the meaning behind words in other languages that have no direct equivalent in English. There’s no word for the German schadenfreude or the Inuit iktsuarpok in English, so the best we can hope for is to approximate or explain these words’ meanings. Iyer created the images as part of the “100 Days Project,” a website that invited and encourages artists to spend 100 days straight doing and creating what they love. Iyer is roughly half-way done with her project, so be sure to follow her and see what else she comes up with if you like her work! Source: | Behance (h/t) 1. 2. 3. Continued below. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

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Seven Wacky Words Born in the USA by Slideshow Seven Wacky Words Born in the USA [lol-uh-puh-loo-zuh] The US may have won independence from Britain, but the English can gloat that Americans still speak a language named after them. American English, however, has spawned more than a few amazing words including lollapalooza, "an extraordinary thing, person, or event." Our next term has a history as unusual as it is tragic. Seven Wacky Words Born in the USA by Slideshow Seven Wacky Words Born in the USA [lol-uh-puh-loo-zuh] Wordstuck: Archive Hi! I was wondering if there's a word to describe the feeling of being out of place/not belonging to where you are? ^^; Thank you! Dépaysement is a French word for the feeling that comes from not being in one’s home country. It is the unsteady feeling you get when you are away from your home country, a disorientation due to experience of unfamiliar surroundings, a sense in which one is “a fish out of water”.

Games & Activities for the ESL/EFL Classroom - Page 2(I-TESL-J) Games and Activities for the English as a Second Language Classroom Page 2 Return to Word Grab with Songs Level: Any Level This is a wonderful activity if you think your class needs waking up a little. 28 Things Everyone Who Studied In Valencia Will Remember Valencia is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent cities in Spain. It is the third largest, behind Madrid and Barcelona, but it has them both trumped on weather, beauty, and above all else, charm. Having been largely re-built following the 1957 Great Flood of Valencia, the city is a striking contrast of old and new, and has since become known for its contemporary architecture. But to someone who has actually lived there, it is known for so much more than that – namely cheap booze and croquetas.

24th International Poster Biennale winners: amazing poster designs from Poland The prestigious graphic design competition, running since 1966, represents artworks created in 2012–2013 from all over the world. For the first time, works were submitted online and evaluated by the International Jury as early as at the first stage of the competition. Stephan Bundi, David Crowley, Kenya Hara, Jerzy Porebski, Silvia Sfligiotti and Jakub Hakobo Stepien saw 3,814 posters in total. 349 works of professional designers (Category A) and 64 artworks from debuting artists (Category B) were selected for the competition exhibitions. The Jury awarded prizes during a session in Warsaw on June 7: one Gold, two Silver and three Bronze Medals in Category A and the Henryk Tomaszewski Golden Debut award in Category B. The competition has been organized by the Wilanów Poster Museum since 1994, however this year’s edition was planned in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and with the Association of Applied Graphic Designers STGU Rosocha, by Wieslaw Rosocha, Poland

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Google for Teachers: 100+ Tricks It's Google's world, we're just teaching in it. Now, we can use it a little more easily. With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for all teachers, so why not take advantage of the wide world that Google for teachers has to offer? From super-effective search tricks to Google for teachers tools to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these Google for teacherstricks will surely save you some precious time when using technology in the classroom. Google for Teachers Search Tricks Learning English pronunciation © Tomasz P. Szynalski, Why should you study English pronunciation? Data Viz Swiss artist Beni Bischof revels in a gleeful perversion of the art industry. His latest exhibition, Me, Myself & I at Tableau Zurich has been curated by art director and designer Marcus Kraft and represents the artist’s incursion into a space traditionally demarcated ‘graphic design’. Tableau Zurich is something of an ‘anti gallery’, presenting works in a public space using a series of outdoor poster hoardings, located not far from Stadelhofen train station and Kunsthaus Zurich. The project is founded and curated by Kraft and Bischof’s exhibition is the second in an ongoing programme of six-monthly installations. Bischof is not an artist who’s work is restrained to a single medium, quite the opposite — you’re as likely to encounter mashed potato and mutilated found objects as a dissident approach to traditional painting in his art.

ESL Activities, Using English Songs, Music Activities for TEFL Teachers Fun Games For ESL - ESL Printable, Interactive Fun Games Pronunciation & Intonation: Teach English pronunciation using printable worksheets, IPA Charts, and more>> Speaking Activities: Using these worksheets, you can get a number of communicative activities going Reading Exercises -Printable Text Mazes, Reading Comprehension printable exercises Haus Work The new identity was developed by Professor Sascha Lobe and his team at the Stuttgart agency L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign GmbH, and included stationery, printed materials, a Berlin-wide poster campaign, exhibition catalogues and a semi-annual programme magazine. The design of the museum’s website was also fundamentally revised by L2M3, as was its signposting systems. L2M3 also created a polymorphic typeface, named Bayer Next, with a suite of more than 500 characters and glyphs. How did the project originally come about?