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#grizandnorm #figuredrawingbook Watch out, Monday! #figuredrawingbook #grizandnorm Beauty in all shapes and sizes. -Norm #figuredrawingbook #grizandnorm Another one fromthe upcoming figure drawing book. From the new Figure Drawing Collection book. Hey guys, I’m putting together a figure drawing collection book together to release around CTN time (mid-November). Tuesday Tips - Body Shapes Using similar shapes within the design of a character is one way to achieve an overall pleasing design. Trying out the 6B pencil tool in ProCreate. I really enjoy the Instant Replay function in Procreate.

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Anatomy Arms The first step in learning anatomy is memorizing the location of the main muscle groups. Then understand how they function, including their origins and insertions. Lastly, see muscles as forms that lay on top of the skeleton armature. Animation Story Writing Animation Story Writing Lessons Index 1. Magic formula for best animation movie 2 Basic Story Structure (Setup -conflict -resolution) 3. Logline of story 4. Setup (What is setup and World) 5. Best Anatomy Books for Artists (Some of my favourites) I occasionally get readers asking me to recommend anatomy books to them. I guess the reason is because some readers aren't aware that there's actually a list of anatomy books reviewed on my blog, or that list is just too long and they want a quick and simple guide for helping them choose the correct book. Too many choices can lead to choice paralysis. So I've compiled this condensed list of what I think are some of the best anatomy books available. More accurately speaking, they are some of my favourite anatomy books. If you have differing opinions, share them in the comments sections to help other readers.

Gumroad Discover By Brad Hussey Your Early Bird Access includes: Early Access to The Ultimate Web Developer Course The course has not yet been unleashed to the public, so you are one of the very first students to start the journey. Special Early Access Discount Sidonie Vidal Hi! Yep I’m studying there :) That’s super cool that you want to apply here, it’s the best place on earth ;) For infos on the school and the place I already made an article about it here : About giving a good impression, there is no real tips about it I think.

Keane Art It’s weird, it seems that when you run up against a problem, you always think it’s because “oh I’m not good enough”. But- it’s not that, it’s just that you’ve kind of hit the limit of your knowledge, and you’ve got to go out and observe and get and find and discover and nothing more. Those are really great, those are the best times- when you feel like you stink and you can’t get it- that’s like, man, now the world is open and you’re ready to learn something new and you gotta go, you gotta take advantage of that. stuff i did When I look at portfolios, I can gauge the skill of the artist rather quickly by observing the way they draw hands. Expressive hands can add tremendous impact to a pose or gesture. After the eyes and mouth, the hands are one of the main indicators an audience looks for when trying to read a character's attitude, yet so many young artists are loathe to draw them. But draw them you must!

Aaron Blaise Brings Expert Animation Instruction to the Masses All images courtesy of Aaron Blaise. There are scores of supremely talented artists and illustrators in the animation business these days. And then there is Aaron Blaise. Mentored at Disney by the legendary Glen Keane, the veteran artist and co-director of Brother Bear spent 21 years at the venerable studio, 15 at Feature Animation in Florida before coming to Los Angeles when the Orlando studio closed in 2004. He was respected and admired as one of the true Disney greats – his animal and creature work are breathtakingly beautiful. But his perspective on career, and more importantly, on life, changed rather abruptly with the traffic loss of his wife to breast cancer.

Anatomy Studies Demo: "Figure Studies" - Page 2 Some demos for the Analytical class on ambient lighting and back light situations: Head Drawing class Demo: Q: Can you give me a tip on how to capture quick 10-20 second gestures? A: To do good quick sketches you really need a lot of mileage from doing longer studies. It will help you understand the pose better and allow you to know what to look for in such a short time.

Neets anitagaughan: Fire dude lip sync testSound clip is from “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” And the GIF version here“I couldn’t eat another thing, I’m absolutely stuffed!” Fire dude lip sync test Sound clip is from “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” Character Design References We have a soft spot for hand drawn animation, what is your opinion about the future of this art form?Well, I’m kinda new on the area to say, but is hard to tell since animation is an expensive thing, and unfortunately traditional is even more. I would love love to work on a traditional animation, and really hope there’ll be always someone to help with the financial part, ‘cause there’s a lot of good people willing to work in such a beautiful art. It should never disappear! Social networks, crowd funding websites, print on demand online service, you name it.

Human Anatomy Artistic anatomy is a tough discipline. It can't be learned in a day. It took me several years and many books. You can learn anatomy from books, but buy wisely. Even if you can afford to buy books indiscriminately, you'll still have to trudge through them (like I did) only to find that some aren't worth the time. Envato Market Envato Market ThemeForest CodeCanyon VideoHive AudioJungle GraphicRiver PhotoDune 3DOcean ActiveDen Guest Cart Create an Envato Account Sign In Search Envato Market Search