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Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C#

Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C#

13 Really Useful Online CSS Tools to Streamline Development CSS is nearly used on every modern website design. However, having to write and structure CSS code from scratch every time you have a project is extremely time consuming. Below, we present you with 13 amazingly useful CSS tools for hacking on writing time consuming code. We tried to place emphasis on unknown tools that every developer should have a looksy at, however don’t be surprised if we included a few known sources. CSS Cheat Sheets As simple tool as this may seem, the CSS Cheat Sheet can be very useful. Telerik Visual Style Builder Telerik Visual Style Builder is an online CSS customization tool that allows you to easily, point-and-click customization of skins for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. This tool is ideal for ASP.NET developers. CSS Type Set CSS Type Set, a hands-on typography tool which allows the every day designer and developer fully test and learn how to style Web content. CSS Frame Generator Grid Designer MoreCSS YAML Builder Drawter Deploy Blueprint Grid CSS Generator

How to write and read a color in C# Transforming a color in hexa representation using following function: private string WriteHexString(byte aobjColR, byte aobjColG, byte aobjColB){string strRet;byte[] btR = {aobjColR};string strR = ToHexString(btR);strRet = strR; byte[] btG = {this.colorDialog1.Color.G};string strG = ToHexString(btG);strRet += strG; byte[] btB = {this.colorDialog1.Color.B};string strB = ToHexString(btB);strRet += strB; return strRet;}//WriteHexString This function transform a Color (defined as Color.R, Color.G, Color.B) in hexa representation (as string) and use following helper functions: private static string ToHexString(byte[] bytes) {char[] chars = new char[bytes.Length * 2];for (int i = 0; i < bytes.Length; i++) {int b = bytes[i];chars[i * 2] = hexDigits[b >> 4];chars[i * 2 + 1] = hexDigits[b & 0xF];}return new string(chars);}//ToHexString static char[] hexDigits = {'0', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7','8', '9', 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'F'}; and helper function: The complete code is in zip file.

Welcome to Linux From Scratch! Contributions to Entity framework community - Zeeshan Hirani If you had been reading my blog, you must be wondering where did he go after publishing such awesome blog entries(jk). I had gotten lot of good feed back on the examples I had done on linq to SQL but like all good things must come to an end so did linq to SQL for me. My company was committed in moving forward with EF so I decided to move forward with Entity framework as well. During the process I learned so much stuff and felt the pain most developers went through with this technology. No doubt EF has a learning curve like any other technology but mapping scenarios offered by EF are simply great. May be the reader base can get the same perception about EF and the mapping scenarios it offers even in version 1 as I did, after reading the PDF that contains 500 pages of content about entity framework. Below is a link to the PDF document that contains examples of various mapping scenarios and concepts that I have learned about entity framework Entity Framework learning guide Update 6/14/2010

PxLoader | A Simple JavasScript Preloader A JavaScript Preloader for HTML5 Apps PxLoader is a Javascript library that helps you download images, sound files or anything else you need before you take a specific action on your site (like showing a user interface or starting a game). You can use it to create a preloader for HTML5 games and websites. It let's you monitor download status by providing progress and completed events and it lets you prioritize the order in which items are downloaded. You can even tag groups of files and then prioritize downloads or register for events by tag. We created PxLoader for the HTML5 version of Cut the Rope and out of the box works great with images and sound files (the types of resources we needed for the game), but it's designed to be extensible and work with any file type or other network action. Step by Step Instructions 1. *The sound file downloader works with SoundManager 2 and allows it do the heavy lifting of the actual download. 2. 3. Download Images Before Drawing to a Canvas add(resource)

Python Programming Methodology - Download free content from Stanford Arch Linux Humor - How to Shoot Yourself In the Foot Using Any Programming Language The proliferation of modern programming languages (all of which seem to have stolen countless features from one another) sometimes makes it difficult to remember what language you're currently using. This guide is offered as a public service to help programmers who find themselves in such dilemmas. 370 JCL You send your foot down to MIS with a 4000-page document explaining how you want it to be shot. Three years later, your foot comes back deep-fried. Ada After correctly packaging your foot, you attempt to concurrently load the gun, pull the trigger, scream, and shoot yourself in the foot. When you try, however, you discover that your foot is of the wrong type. APL You shoot yourself in the foot, then spend all day figuring out how to do it in fewer characters. ASP.NET Find a gun, it falls apart. Assembly You try to shoot yourself in the foot only to discover you must first reinvent the gun, the bullet, and your foot. BASIC Shoot yourself in the foot with a water pistol.

Linux Links - The Linux Portal HTML Goodies: The Ultimate HTML Resource: Free HTML, CSS, JavaScript Tutorials Tutorial: The best tips & tricks for bash, explained The bash shell is just amazing. There are so many tasks that can be simplified using its handy features. This tutorial tells about some of those features, explains what exactly they do and learns you how to use them. Difficulty: Basic – Medium Running a command from your history Sometimes you know that you ran a command a while ago and you want to run it again. Repeating an argument You can repeat the last argument of the previous command in multiple ways. [rechosen@localhost ~]$ mkdir /path/to/exampledir [rechosen@localhost ~]$ cd ! The second command might look a little strange, but it will just cd to /path/to/exampledir. Some keyboard shortcuts for editing There are some pretty useful keyboard shortcuts for editing in bash. Dealing with jobs If you’ve just started a huge process (like backupping a lot of files) using an ssh terminal and you suddenly remember that you need to do something else on the same server, you might want to get the huge process to the background. And: And so on.

Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design Linux Newbie Guide: Shortcuts And Commands [an error occurred while processing this directive] Linux Shortcuts and Commands: Linux Newbie Administrator Guideby Stan and Peter Klimas This is a practical selection of the commands we use most often. Press <Tab> to see the listing of all available command (on your PATH). On my small home system, it says there are 2595 executables on my PATH. Legend:<> = single special or function key on the keyboard. Notes for the UNIX Clueless:1. 7.1 Linux essential shortcuts and sanity commands <Ctrl><Alt><F1>Switch to the first text terminal. <Ctrl><Alt><Fn> (n=1..6) Switch to the nth text terminal. ttyPrint the name of the terminal in which you are typing this command. <Ctrl><Alt><F7>Switch to the first GUI terminal (if X-windows is running on this terminal). <Ctrl><Alt><Fn> (n=7..12) Switch to the nth GUI terminal (if a GUI terminal is running on screen n-1). <Tab>(In a text terminal) Autocomplete the command if there is only one option, or else show all the available options. exitLogout. . .. .