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Why Telemarketing?

Why Telemarketing?

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ROI of Social Media Marketing: Knowing What to Measure We see a lot of businesses that spend a considerable amount of time and resources on social media despite being unable to create a rule of ROI measurement. Are they taking a leap of faith? Being on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks is an irresistible marketing opportunity, simply because, well, a lot of people spend time on those sites. Inside Sales Outsourcing Get the benefits of having a team of highly-qualified inside sales professionals without the pressures of managing an in-house sales staff through inside sales outsourcing. Inside sales is crucial to success in modern marketing landscape. By definition inside sales means remote selling done predominantly by phone. Professional telemarketers and inside sales representatives allow outside salespeople to make best use of their time and do what they do best – meeting with sales qualified leads and closing sales transactions. Effective inside sales marketing strategy benefits sales and marketing organizations by: Shortening sales cyclesReducing costsIncreasing sales pipeline trafficImproving lead-to-sale conversion ratioEnhancing in-house staff productivity

Will Google’s NoFollow Link Policy Kill Your SEO? Not if you follow these tips At one point or another, marketing teams resort to using techniques that are generally frowned upon by the online community. It will probably take a long time until the marketing realm is totally rid of these so-called “black hat” strategies, but Google is determined in its crusade against stopping it once and for all. One of these resolutions is the recent requirement of nofollow tags in links from other websites. The modus operandi One of the traditional, overused tactics in SEO is to try and get as many backlinks from authority websites as possible. This is because those websites regarded as having high PR can influence the “linkers” in terms of authority, thus boosting their chances of getting a high rank.

Modern SEO Marketing: The “Must-Not-Do” list It’s as if B2B marketers were bewitched by the supposed promise and potential of SEO that they tend to believe in it unwaveringly despite the challenges or rapid changes in trends and algorithms. They’ve been doing it for a long time, yet, the same mistakes are repeated endlessly, most of which are not even hard to detect and repair. These issues must be given proper attention, as they would cripple the very foundation of SEO, eventually affecting the lead generation hopes of a business, not to mention its reputation amongst other online marketers. These are 6 erroneous habits every SEO marketer must avoid: Study: Which Content Marketing tasks are typically in-house or outsourced A team of online marketers usually have a lot on their plate, especially when campaigns are using multi-channel strategies that involve social media, blog content production, email and pure SEO. These tactics thrive on content, and because the demand for quality has been escalating in the past few years, there has also been a call for expert writers, graphic designers, and content distribution marketers that are competent enough to compete against thousands of other online marketers. However, you can’t rely on outsourcing for the entire content marketing operation, because would deprive you of managerial control and supervision. You need to do some of the things in-house to keep you in touch with the activities of the campaign.

The Death Of Telemarketing – Or So They Say We have all heard the pundits. Telemarketing is dead, social media is the real deal, deeper relationship with B2B leads prospects is the key to success. That phone call means nothing anymore in today’s modern marketing environment. B2B Lead Generation: DIY or Outsource? Here’s how to Decide Nothing really compares to the fulfillment one may have in making his or her own business flourish by being hands-on with almost every operation necessary to run it. However, in a fast-growing world that involves a fusion of traditional and online marketing, more often than not business are left with no choice but to seek outside help. In B2B lead generation, for instance, there are cases when the DIY or Do It Yourself mantra no longer applies. This means that if one tends to insist on carrying all the weight of every sales and marketing task, he is actually putting the business in jeopardy.

B2B Telemarketing: Learning the Art of ‘Sales Talk’ Some people are gifted with communication skills, not only in terms of being able to engage people in a smooth conversation, but also in terms of being able to articulate words and phrases that every unique person will most likely understand. However, skills can be taught, too. Even professional B2B telemarketers would benefit from constant training, especially in the midst of today’s evolving business landscape. It pays to know how effective your current conversational techniques are, which ones are not working, and what you can do about them, before your entire lead generation campaign topples down. Remember, it’s not just about what you say; it’s also about how you say it.