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Bored Email Subscribers- Breathe life into your email marketing campaign | Business Marketing Singapore It only takes one uninteresting message for your subscribers to mentally tag your emails as boring. That’s why every email is important – it should be able to maintain a high level of relevance and interest for them to keep opening your future emails. But yes, a decline in open rates is almost inevitable, especially when you’ve been catering to the same people for a long time. In these cases, you need to revitalize your readers’ interest and find new ways to make the online relationship ‘fresh’. Here are some of the things you can do to lift the boredom curse from your email subscribers: Let them tell you what’s wrong Something is definitely amiss. What exactly do they want to receive from you? Make minor tweaks on appearance and presentation It wouldn’t hurt to test a few new templates – actually, a decline in interest is the best reason why you should do it. Make it extra-personalized for the chosen few Basically, ask for permission to keep the communication lines open with them.

Generating Sales Leads: Why Questions need to be Open-Ended | One of the most basic tasks of professional telemarketers is to uncover information from prospective clients that may lead into business opportunities- in short, sales leads. But along with that task of lead generation is to also maintain an atmosphere of openness and trust, which deviates from the usual, transactional and heartless survey-esque style of telemarketing. Leading them into a cyclone of inquiries and not letting them talk much may have them lose attention and eventually lose interest with the call. The opening spiels and introductions are usually harmless. What could be detrimental to the success of the telemarketing call are the questions that follow. Asking wrong (or too many) questions may force clients to end the conversation. So the goal is clear: Earn their trust. And how do surveys usually sound? Business-to-business (B2B) Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation require skills in questioning and extracting information.

Singapore Telemarketing Services: Why Do We Need Rapport In Telemarketing? Telemarketing – a marketing tool that never fails to leave a bad taste in the mouth of business prospects. Well, that is to be expected. After all, when it comes to being the most annoying or most troublesome communication tool, most people would rank telemarketing right at the top. What makes all the difference here is how you establish rapport. Yes, rapport. This is something that you can do by following these simple tips: Show genuine interest – you have heard of the saying ‘fake it till you make it’, right? See, it is not that hard to create a positive rapport with your audience.

Singapore Telemarketing Services: Find More Customers Through Business Lists Regardless of what your business is all about, you need to have a lot of customers in order for you to make any money at all. But this is where the problem lies. Now, there are several kinds of lists that you might encounter, so you should take some time to learn them all. You can never tell when a business list will come in handy. So here is where to start: Compiled lists These are the kind of lists that pretty much show you the initial layers of the prospect.You get to learn some details about them, so you should take full advantage of it. A compiled list is usually sold by business database providers. Response lists This is the list of people who have responded to sales calls and have a made a purchase in the past.This is similar to a compiled list, but the main difference is the amount of information available. Response lists are definitely more expensive than simple compiled lists. Now, I suggest that you think about your business well.

Shaken, Not Stirred: The World of Telemarketing According to James Bond | Laser beams, high-tech cars, bad guys with accents, and strange women. These are the things that James Bond lives for. What else has he not done? He’s battled terrorism and injustice, pledged services to the British monarchy and to his government agency (which always seems to depend on just one of their employees, perhaps due to staff shortage) while implanting a culture of fusing martial arts with good looks. But there is more to this “international man of mystery” than meets the eye. He embodies the qualities of a strong-willed, purpose-driven individual with traits that ought to be emulated if you want to succeed in your marketing goals. Here are some telemarketing tips in retrospect to Bond style: Know exactly what you want.

The Advantage Of Telemarketing Services | Looking for the right marketing tool can be a tough exercise in lead generation. You have to consider the market that you wish to penetrate, not to mention the people who you will be talking to. For some, social media seemed to be doing the trick. For others, sending email blasts works well in generating B2B leads. First of all, there is the direct connection part of marketing and appointment setting. In case calling business prospects on the phone is not your strongest card, you can always try outsourcing to a professional lead generation agency. Anyway, the use of telemarketing services can bring in lots of benefits for your business.

Pay-per-Appointment Telemarketing: 4 things to reflect upon | One of the most likely reasons why companies support the pay-per-appointment model of B2B telemarketing is that it’s a financially low-risk option, since they only pay for scheduled appointments set for them. They can clearly see where their money goes to, and so for them it is far more cost-effective compared to traditional packages. The standing question, though, is whether or not this kind of transaction can produce the same quality of appointments, the same approach towards telemarketing, the same follow-up mechanism, and the same impression from prospects. If you’re planning to employ this method into your marketing mix, here are some points to ponder on: Is it okay for you that your callers are going to be aggressive? If you take on a pay-per-appointment deal, you should expect that telemarketing agencies would be breathing fire down their agents’ necks for them to produce appointments. How would you know if appointments are unique to you? After the appointment, what happens next?

A Reflection of Outbound Telemarketing through Classic Love Songs of the 70’s and 80’s There are reasons why people never forget songs from the past. First of all, they were written back when songwriters really wrote from the heart, when they used faithful words and metaphors of how they felt at that time. It is also because old songs are universal – although they may tell particular love stories, they may also be applied to almost anything in life. Say, Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation? Like a typical cycle of human emotions, Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation also follow a path where every action matters and could either be helpful or detrimental to the goal. It’s easy to understand how the Telemarketing process works by relating them to timeless songs: Hello (Lionel Richie, 1984) – Of course, everything starts with a greeting. Getting to Know Each Other (Gerard Kenny, 1980) – Also a make or break stage, this is when the telemarketer tells something about his company and at the same time asks the prospect about certain details relevant to Lead Generation.

Think Big: 5 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses | Every successful company out there started out as a skimpy little business startup. Small businesses need not be insecure about being small – in fact, a marketing team composed of a few people is inclined to become more aggressive, skilled and creative because of the mentality that says “we need to work harder because we’re small.” And everybody knows hard work pays off quite well in the end. Be that as it may, small marketing teams need a strategy for them to work their way into the big leagues. This 5-point strategy proposed by Veronica Holmes, Senior Business Consultant for Marketo Australia, is worth a serious consideration. From 1. If you can’t afford to hire new people, you need to maximize the talent you have. 2. Used correctly and by skilled staff, marketing automation platforms can be a great leveler. How can you do this? 3. As a small team, it’s all too easy to stumble from one project to the next, never taking the time to evaluate success or failure. 4. 5.