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Lightning-fast RDF in JavaScript | Ruben Verborgh Node.js has spawned a new, asynchronous generation of tools. Asynchronous thinking is different from traditional stream processing: instead of actively waiting for data in program routines, you write logic that acts when data arrives. JavaScript is an ideal language for that, because callback functions are lightweight. I have written a parser for Turtle, an RDF serialisation format, that uses asynchrony for maximal performance. Representing triples The first important choice is the representation of triples (or quads, as I want to support graphs as well). This performs very fast, because modern JavaScript engines will automatically create a single runtime class for triples. var uri = ' var literal = '"Tom Cat"'; Note the extra pair of quotes inside the second string, which indicate that it’s a literal. Tokenizing a Turtle stream The main challenge with tokenizing streams is that you cannot look ahead. c:Tom c:name "" c:Tom c:name """Tom""". Try it out

Home – Component Kitchen Home · tinkerpop/blueprints Wiki knrz/CSV.js 50 JavaScript Libraries for Charts and Graphs How are you visualizing data in JavaScript? What is your favorite library for creating charts and graphs with JavaScript? I have been a long time fan of jqPlot for its open source approach, simplicity, examples, and great features. It performs well, it is used by many corporations, and it is built on top of jQuery. Recently, however, D3 has really caught my eye. It uses JavaScript, HTML, SVG and CSS to really bring data to life. FusionCharts – they call themselves an enterprise-grade JavaScript charting component and with good reason I suppose. D3 – is really amazing and I love it’s simplicity. HighCharts – very powerful, I love the JSFiddle examples and powerful features. jqPlot – if you are already using jQuery, you don’t want to pay for HighCharts, and D3 is too much for your simple use cases, then jqPlot is an excellent choice. dygraphs – open source JavaScript library that produces interactive, zoomable charts of time series. Cubism.js – a D3 plugin for visualizing time series.

GoJS Samples - HTML5 Canvas JavaScript graphics GoJS comes with the full JavaScript / HTML source to over 90 sample applications. Many of these samples show how to build classic diagram types like FlowCharts, workflows, Entity Relationship diagrams, State Charts, OrgCharts, class hierarchy trees, mindmaps social graphs, data visualization and planograms. Many others show off specific features like layout and using templates to define nodes. You can use these samples as the starting point for your application. Furthermore, the Getting Started Guide and Technical Introduction have hundreds of live example diagrams. See these samples live at GoJS Samples Register with us for support during your evaluation. Screenshots from some of our GoJS samples: add comments to nodes Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) editor tournament bracket cat (feline) monitor custom context menu euler diagram Flowchart2 genogram GoJS with WebGL D3js peityjs grafcet diagram groups and subgroups diagram hierarchical tree subgraph grouping diagram links to links graph minimal

Springy - A force directed graph layout algorithm in JavaScript. Discover Meteor - Learn how to build real-time JavaScript web apps with Meteor.js