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The Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post
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Indonesia - History and Culture Indonesia Indonesia Homepage | Adventure Travel in Indonesia Asia Homepage | The World History & Culture As early as the seventh century, powerful Buddhist and Hindu empires challenged each other for supremacy in Indonesia: the Buddhist Srivijaya were centered in Sumatra, while the Hindu Mataram located their capital on Java. The sixteenth century marked the arrival of the Portuguese, the first Europeans in Indonesia. Turmoil characterized the first decade of Indonesian independence, until in 1957 Sukarno unified power in his own person. Indonesia's varied past has produced a remarkable array of vibrant cultures,making it one of the world's most diverse and fascinating travel destinations. Although primarily a Muslim nation, Indonesia is marked by wide religious tolerance.

SAKMONGKOL AK47 Inside Indonesia - a quarterly magazine on Indonesia and its people, culture, politics, economy and environment GroundTruth » The Australian | The Australian Homepage | TheAustralian Indonesia, About Indonesia The Indonesia Republic consists of nearly of 18,110 islands within the province of South East Asia, which stands as the world's largest archipelagic state. Being the fourth most populous country in the world the area has a majority count of Muslim population in the locality. Being a unitary state the place maintains unity in diversity as quite a lot of ethnic, and religious groups thrive within the area. Where is Indonesia Indonesia is a wonderful archipelago nestled in the midst of Asian peninsula along the South East area and Australia; while lying in the middle of Indian and Pacific Oceans. Physical Map Of Indonesia The Indonesia province widens from the eastern region to the western front thereby covering an area of 5,120 kilometers, and stretches from the northern end till it reaches the southern region to about 1,760 kilometers, and stands in the 16 th position as far as the land area is concerned. The major ethnic groups surviving here are: Arts, Culture And Music Of Indonesia

my Sarawak | Sarawak @ The Jakarta Globe Home Culture of Indonesia - history, people, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social Orientation Identification. The Republic of Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation, has 203 million people living on nearly one thousand permanently settled islands. Some two-to-three hundred ethnic groups with their own languages and dialects range in population from the Javanese (about 70 million) and Sundanese (about 30 million) on Java, to peoples numbering in the thousands on remote islands. The nature of Indonesian national culture is somewhat analogous to that of India—multicultural, rooted in older societies and interethnic relations, and developed in twentieth century nationalist struggles against a European imperialism that nonetheless forged that nation and many of its institutions. The name Indonesia, meaning Indian Islands, was coined by an Englishman, J. Most islands are multiethnic, with large and small groups forming geographical enclaves. Location and Geography. Indonesia spices and forest products to that trade. Demography. Linguistic Affiliation.

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