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Genius Ideas For Hiding Eyesores In Your House & House Organization Ideas

Genius Ideas For Hiding Eyesores In Your House & House Organization Ideas
Keeping your house clean and tidy can do wonders for the mood of everyone that lives inside. Nothing is worse than wading through a disorganized pile as you’re trying to get through your house. Luckily, these genius tips will help cut back on the clutter. Whether your hiding eyesores or just trying to keep your electronics organized, these awesome tips will help you out. 1.) Keep your dog’s food and water in a drawer that you can hide when company is over. 2.) (Be careful not to block the airflow, though.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) 11.) 12.) 13.) 14.) 15.) Karl Zahn 16.) 17.) 18.) 19.) 20.) 21.) 22.) (H/T Bored Panda) Keeping your house tidy is important, but keeping it tidy and impressing guests with your creativity is even better.

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31 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer While you’re impatiently waiting for summer to just GET HERE already, start planning your outdoor space. 1. Set up a movie theater. 25 Creative Lights You Would Love To Have In Your Home If you are looking for something fun to spice up your home then check out these 25 creative lights. 1. Thunderstorm Cloud Light Use These 34 Simple Ideas To Make Your Home More Efficient MARCH 17, 2014 — By Sara Heddleston Sara Heddleston Sara has been working and writing online for so many years, she's unsure if she is still in corporeal form. She considers herself a jack of all trades, but would prefer it if you would stop calling her "Jack."

33 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome We’ve all got some sort of idea of how our dream home might look. Some of us have just got to have a pool, while others want clever modern design, sustainability, or integration with natural elements. No matter what it is that makes your dream home unique, here are a few examples of homes where people have been able to realize some of their greatest home design fantasies. 20 Creative DIY Project Ideas We all have many old and unused items lying around in our homes or garages waiting to be thrown away. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a great feeling of liberation that comes after shedding old stuff. However, before you start cleaning your home, we want to show you 20 incredibly creative Do It Yourself projects that may change your mind.

21 Simple Hacks That Will Forever Change The Way You Clean Your Home 21 Simple Hacks That Will Forever Change The Way You... 21 Simple Hacks That Will Forever Change The Way You Clean Your Home Life DIY Plastic bags creations I use all sorts of plastic bags to make carpets, bags, cushions, toys….. ++ More information at Just plastic bags website ! Idea sent by Mazaudier Brigitte ! Tags: Bag, Creative, Plastic Co-founder of Recyclart. Working hard to bring you creative recycled ideas!

New Dad survivial guide Image via Shutterstock 1. If you’re going to be late coming home don’t wait until the last minute to tell her. Remember when you’d have to do chin ups and you knew you had to do 20? You’d get to 18 and think “I only have two more to go, I can make it” then some asshat comes along and says “Gimme 10 more”. How much do you like that guy? Recycling is Art There is much more to paper art than origami. The art form originated more than 2,000 years ago in Japan and the craft has been much developed since then. Now there are artists all over the world who have found unique new ways to work with paper that are exciting and innovative, as well as being great for the environment. There are some artists who have found a way of making paper art from discarded materials like books and newspapers, which is beneficial for planet earth and also breathes new life into this ancient art form. Brian Dettmer from the USA, for example, shows us how old books can be transformed into beautiful and intricate pieces of paper art. The artist uses a scalpel to cut away pages of old books, to expose illustrations and words from deep within.

8 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects for Kids With summer in full gear, it’s getting harder and harder to entertain the kids. But before you let them park it in front of the TV or gaming console, here are eight super fun & kid-approved DIY project ideas to keep them entertained outdoors, in the fresh air. DIY Modern Sandbox on Casters visit nonchalant mom for details

Painted Pistachio Shells As part of my Salvaged:Reimagining the Familiar exhibit, I painted over a thousand pistachio shells using fine color markers. They were displayed on molding that served as shelves, affixed to the wall, lining up the entire gallery. Tags: Recycled, Recycled Art Co-founder of Recyclart. Working hard to bring you creative recycled ideas!