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Vecteur des médias sociaux illustration plat Modèles de Cherry Blossom 1.741 25 Il ya 2 semaines Golden background 122.068 225 Il ya 8 mois Lumineux nouvel arrière-plan de l'année dans la couleur pourpre 26.917 46 Il ya 2 mois Violet nouvelle année feux d'artifice fond 29.675 47 Il ya 2 mois Mokeys sur un nouveau fond de Brach année 27.399 99 Il ya 2 mois Bonne nouvelle année de l'arrière-plan de singe 20.334 30 Il ya 2 mois Carnaval fond coloré conffeti 12.772 17 Il ya 4 semaines Invitation florale d'ornement de mariage 172 4 Il ya 2 jours Explaining graphic design to four-year-olds I recently offered to talk at the local primary school, about my job (or at least part of my job). I expected to be speaking to the older kids, and be able to talk specifically about the cool parts of the job, and maybe some of the sucky bits too, and how you get around them. However, I was asked to talk to a reception class (four and five-year-olds), and it turned out to be an interesting exercise in boiling down what you do, to its most basic elements. Firstly, I couldn’t rest on my laurels and rely on some of the brands I’ve worked with, to win me any kudos, like it might with the older kids — “Yeah, I’ve worked for Channel 4, and the BBC, and Diesel, and the BRIT Awards, and I even designed a website that got me an imdb entry (even though I share same entry with some dude who was in Xena: Warrior Princess). So what do I actually do? I thought it’d be a good idea to explain what design in all its forms is. Design is about making something easy to use, or easy to understand. Phew.

What an Actual Product Design Process Looks Like Cap Watkins, Design Manager at Etsy shared his and his team’s design process a while ago and I consider it to be one of the most invaluable posts on the topic by far. I came across his 3-part series before reading Etsy Creative Director Randy J. Hunt’s seminal book Product Design for the Web, but revisiting it afterwards really clarified so much for me. I hope to apply these principles towards my own process and make it work for myself and our team. Below are a summary of his steps (along with suggested tools), but I highly suggest checking out his entire series because it’s pure gold top to bottom. What are you doing? Create your own document answering these questions then pass it around for everyone to scrutinize and discuss with; once a consensus is reached refer to it frequently throughout the process to constantly remind everyone of the problems and goals to design for. Suggested tools: Any text software eg. Gather products with similar features and flows you’re trying to solve for.

Pattern Lab | Build Atomic Design Systems Shape Hover Effect with SVG In this tutorial we'll recreate the hover effect as seen on The Christmas Experiments website. We'll be using SVG for the shape and Snap.svg for animating it on hover. View demo Download source If you have visited the fantastic new edition of The Christmas Experiments then you might have noticed the really cool hover effect in the Christmas calendar that uses a triangular shape. The illustrations used in the demos are by talented Isaac Montemayor. So, let’s get started! The Markup What we’ll do first, is to draw two shapes in a vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. The “d” (path data) value is what you are looking for. For the markup we’ll have a section with the class “grid” which contains figures wrapped in anchors. The SVG will have the respective viewBox values for the graphic and a preserveAspectRatio of “none”. Let’s style all this. The CSS Note that the CSS will not contain any vendor prefixes, but you will find them in the files. We’ll start with the grid.

Responsive Web Design: 50 Examples and Best Practices Responsive web design term is related to the concept of developing a website design in a manner that helps the lay out to get changed according to the user’s computer screen resolution. More precisely, the concept allows for an advanced 4 column layout 1292 pixels wide, on a 1025 pixel width screen, that auto-simplifies into 2 columns. Also, it suitably fixes on the smartphone and computer tablet screen. This particular designing technique we call “responsive design”. Now you can test your website using the Responsive Design Tool. Responsive web designing is an entirely different designing version than traditional web designing, and developers (especially fresher) must know about the pros and cons of responsive web designing. Pages that include data tables pose a special challenge to the responsive web designer. Images in responsive web designs are called context-aware. Designmodo Designmodo has a very clean and clear design with a perfect responsive design interface. Simon Collison

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) Introduction OK, first things first. This guide is not for everyone. Who is this guide for? Developers who want to be able to design their own good-looking UI in a pinch.UX designers who want their portfolio to look better than a Pentagon PowerPoint. If you went to art school or consider yourself a UI designer already, you will likely find this guide some combination of a.) boring, b.) wrong, and c.) irritating. Let me tell you what you’ll find in this guide. First, I was a UX designer with no UI skills. My portfolio looked like crap, reflecting poorly on my work and thought processMy UX consulting clients would rather buy someone’s skills if their expertise extended to more than just sketching boxes and arrowsDid I want to work for an early-stage startup at some point? I had my excuses. “I majored in engineering — it’s almost a badge ofpride to build something that looks awful.” These “rules” are the lessons from those hours. This article is not theory. This is the Krav Maga of screens.

Книга: Техника вождения мотоцикла title: <b>Купить книгу "Техника вождения мотоцикла":</b> feed_id: 5296 pattern_id: 2266 book_author: Код Кейт book_name: Техника вождения мотоцикла feed_id: 6597 pattern_id: 3126 search: ТА_альт Все мои достижения в мотогонках основаны на информации, изложенной в этой книге. Книга написана, чтобы донести до вас эту информацию и научить вас использовать ее при вождении мотоцикла. Многое покажется вам избыточным для повседневного вождения, но смею заверить, большинство приемов применимы не только на треке, но и на улице. Часто советы людей только вызывают головную боль. Никому не хочется думать, что паника может взять над ним верх. Я вожу мотоцикл более двадцати лет и все еще учусь. Дуг Чандлер. 10 лет, прошедших с момента выхода в свет первого тома этой книги, были восхитительными для мотоциклистов. Технология против советов Для начала давайте определим различные категории информации, которые вы получаете. Вредные советы · "Никогда не узнаешь, быстро ли ты едешь, пока не разложишься" Открытие

20 of Our Best Posts to Make You a Better Designer What’s the secret sauce to becoming a 100% awesome designer? While there’s a lot of experience and dedication that goes into being a world-class designer, doing your research beforehand (and throughout your career) sure doesn’t hurt. That’s why we’ve done a bit of research for you by rounding up the posts from our blog that we think will equip you to go out there and rock at UX. Let us know what articles are the most salient for you and your career. The Basics 1. Brush up on the fundamentals of solid design! 2. Create an enjoyable onboarding experience, and have fun letting your user get to know you. 3. When guiding your user through your site, consider all the navigation options. 4. Learn how to create perfect palettes that users find delightful. 5. It’s true; knowing about both code and design is important. 6. An outstanding artist continually refines their craft — and keeps reading. 7. The Axes 8. 25 Alluring Y-Axis Sites (That Will Keep You Scrolling) 9. The Microinteractions 14. 17.

Smarter CSS builds with Webpack Nobody writes CSS in one big file any more. You, the savvy CSS developer, well-versed in SMACSS, SUIT and BEM, are writing small, isolated modules in separate files. stylesheets/ config/ colors.sass media_queries.sass modules/ btn.sass dropdown.sass header.sass utilities/ align.sass clearfix.sass When it comes to building a single bundle.css file to send down to your users, you're manually specifying all of the individual files that you know your app needs. If you're using a preprocessor like Sass, you might be using its @import statement: @import "vendor/normalize" @import "config/colors"@import "config/media_queries" @import "modules/btn"@import "modules/dropdown"@import "modules/header" @import "utilities/align"@import "utilities/clearfix" If you're working with Rails or Middleman, you might be using Sprockets' //= require directives: //= require vendor/normalize //= require_tree . gulp.task('styles', function () { gulp.src('styles/**/*.scss') .pipe(sass()) .pipe(gulp.dest('. Amazing! Gotchas

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 2) Rule 5: Make text pop— and un-pop Styling text to look beautiful and appropriate is often a matter of styling it in contrasting ways— for instance, larger but lighter. In my opinion, one of the hardest parts of creating a beautiful UI is styling text— and it’s certainly not for unfamiliarity with the options. If you’ve made it through grade school, you’ve probably used every method of calling attention to or away from text that we see: Size (bigger or smaller)Color (greater contrast or lesser; bright colors draw the eye)Font weight (bolder or thinner)Capitalization (lowercase, UPPERCASE, and Title Case)ItalicizationLetter spacing (or— fancy term alert— tracking!) There are a few other options that are possible for drawing your attention, but not particularly used or recommended: Underline. Up-pop and down-pop You can divide all the ways of styling text into two groups: Styles that increase visibility of the text. Lots of up-pop going on with the “Material Design” title.

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