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Soon Censored? Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer with Magnets

Soon Censored? Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer with Magnets
In South Korea, scientists used a magnetic field to get cancer cells to actually self-destruct. The body removes old, defective, and infected cells through the process of programmed cell death (PCD), or apoptosis. In apoptosis, the rejected cell responds to certain signals sent by the body by fragmenting. Magnets Induce Apoptosis Professor Jinwoo Cheon of Yonsei University in Seoul and a team of scientists conducted experiments on bowel cancer cells using magnetic fields to induce apoptosis. Big Pharma’s Response? In a related experiment, the scientists performed the same therapy on zebra fish, which caused them to grow unusual tails. “We have demonstrated that apoptosis signaling can be turned on in-vitro (in the laboratory) and in a zebra fish in-vivo (living) model by using a magnetic switch,” say the scientists. The study is to be published in the journal Nature Materials. Additional Sources: Belfast Telegraph Huffpost Credits:, where this was originally featured. Related:  Cancer

Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Completely Kills Cancer Cells Below is a video of Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, clearly explaining how THC (the main psychoactive constitute of the cannabis plant) completely kills cancer cells. Not long ago, we published an article examining a case study recently published where doctors used cannabis to treat Leukemia, you can read more about that here. To read more articles and view studies about how cannabis is an effective treatment and cure for cancer, click here. Cannabinoids refer to any group of related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis. They activate cannabinoid receptors in the body. Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system. The world has come a long way with regards to accepting this plant as a medicine rather than a harmful substance. Help Support Conscious Alternative News Producing news is costly!

I’ve Seen People Turn Garbage Into Some Cool Stuff. But THIS Is Absolute Brilliance! Gregory Kloehn goes dumpster diving, but not for the reason that most people would think. He isn’t homeless. In fact, he is an artist from Oakland that is trying to help the homeless and develop his craft at the same time. Instead of building sculptures that he would sell to rich people to add to their massive homes, he decided to focus his efforts on helping house the homeless population in California. Gregory digs through illegally dumped trash and goes dumpster diving. He uses what he collects to build small, one room shelters for the homeless. And his homelessness project is getting attention. Not only from the media, but from the people he helps as well. The “little homeless homes” are about the size of the sofa. But, something that small can mean the world to someone living on the streets. Each of the homes are built with a pitched roof, so rain will run right off of them. They also have wheels, so their owners will be able to wheel them around if they need to.

Mother's diet affects the 'silencing' of her child's genes A mother's diet before conception can permanently affect how her child's genes function, according to a study published in Nature Communications. The first such evidence of the effect in humans opens up the possibility that a mother's diet before pregnancy could permanently affect many aspects of her children's lifelong health. Researchers from the MRC International Nutrition Group, based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and MRC Unit, The Gambia, utilised a unique 'experiment of nature' in rural Gambia, where the population's dependence on own grown foods and a markedly seasonal climate impose a large difference in people's dietary patterns between rainy and dry seasons. Through a selection process involving over 2,000 women, the researchers enrolled pregnant women who conceived at the peak of the rainy season (84 women) and the peak of the dry season (83 women). Explore further: Dieting for obese mothers just before pregnancy may not be enough

Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination: 10, 000 times stronger than Chemotherapy! Why do we not know about this? Because there are organizations that continue to profit from disease. It is that simple. Do you know how many people die while this secret is kept simply in the name of profit? Lemon has already been proven to have strong anti – carcinogenic properties. Citrus fruit can cure cancer. A recent case-control study out of Europe showed that consuming four or more 150-gram portions per week of citrus fruit decreased the risks of throat cancer by 58 percent, oral/pharyngeal cancer by 53 percent, stomach cancer by 31 percent, and colorectal cancer by 18 percent. Lemon has a very strong antimicrobial effect with a very broad spectrum of activity against bacterial and fungal infections. What is the source of this information? Lemon destroys carcinogenic cells in 12 types of cancers. Patients should drink two teaspoons of lemon juice with a half of teaspoon of baking soda.

Dani Alves Eats Banana After Racist Taunt [VIDEO] Stem cell therapy regenerates heart muscle damaged from heart attacks in primates Heart cells created from human embryonic stem cells successfully restored damaged heart muscles in monkeys. The results of the experiment appear in the April 30 advanced online edition of the journal Nature in a paper titled, "Human embryonic-stem cell derived cardiomyocytes regenerate non-human primate hearts." The findings suggest that the approach should be feasible in humans, the researchers said. "Before this study, it was not known if it is possible to produce sufficient numbers of these cells and successfully use them to remuscularize damaged hearts in a large animal whose heart size and physiology is similar to that of the human heart," said Dr. Charles Murry, UW professor of pathology and bioengineering, who led the research team that conducted the experiment. A physician/scientist, Murry directs the UW Center for Cardiovascular Biology and is a UW Medicine pathologist. Murry said he expected the approach could be ready for clinical trials in humans within four years.

Na-Nose : le nez électronique qui détecte les cancers Un nez électronique révolutionnaire baptisé « Na-Nose » permet de détecter en quelques secondes plusieurs formes de cancers à partir de l’haleine humaine. Inspiré du flaire du chien, l’outil est capable d’identifier les maladies à leur stade précoce, de quoi augmenter considérablement les chances de guérison. © Arte Une révolution se profile en matière de détection du cancer. 95% d’efficacité Le concept est simple. Testé sur près de 4000 patients dans 22 hôpitaux à travers le monde, le Na-Nose se révèle efficace à 95%. Détection précoce Ce nez surpuissant est le fruit du biomimétisme. En cours de développement commercial, le Na-Nose pourrait être mis sur le marché d’ici 2020, passé les autorisations des autorités sanitaires. Démocratiser le diagnostic Autre avantage, le nez électronique démocratisera l’accès au diagnostic. Nicolas Blain Plus de détails en images dans ce reportage signé Arte

An Internet Troll Called This Mom's Boy Ugly. Her Reply Is Perfection. | BoredomBash When teacher Megan Mennes was told that her unborn baby had Down Syndrome, she was shocked and heartbroken as she didn’t know what to expect. But once Quinn was born everything changed. As Megan put it: “The moment our eyes met for the first time, he seemed to ask that I take him for who he was, and what could I do but make that promise?” She was blessed with a fun, adorable and lively baby boy who was a joy to be around. Megan blogged about Quinn’s disability and shared photos of her gorgeous son on her Instagram feed. But like many people who blog and share photos online, Megan also attracted the attention of internet trolls, who decided to mock Quinn’s appearance and make senseless jokes about his disability. After all, who could possibly say that this toddler was anything other than gorgeous? Undeterred, Megan decided to tell the troll exactly what she thought of them. “Dear @JusesCrustHD, Since I started blogging about my son Quinn and his disability, I knew this day would come. Ugly.”

Study questions Neandertal inferiority to early modern humans If you think Neanderthals were stupid and primitive, it's time to think again. The widely held notion that Neanderthals were dimwitted and that their inferior intelligence allowed them to be driven to extinction by the much brighter ancestors of modern humans is not supported by scientific evidence, according to a researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder. Neanderthals thrived in a large swath of Europe and Asia between about 350,000 and 40,000 years ago. In the past, some researchers have tried to explain the demise of the Neanderthals by suggesting that the newcomers were superior to Neanderthals in key ways, including their ability to hunt, communicate, innovate and adapt to different environments. "The evidence for cognitive inferiority is simply not there," said Villa, a curator at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. The researchers found that none of the hypotheses were supported by the available research.

Ce que l'industrie du cancer ne veut pas que vous sachiez Ce que l'industrie du cancer ne veut pas que vous sachiez sur la chimiothérapie et les rayons Waking Times, 21 octobre 2013 Ils nous disent que la chimiothérapie sauve des vies, augmente le taux de survie à long terme et n'endommage pas les cellules saines. Toutes ces affirmations de l'industrie du cancer sont fausses. Un poison tue sans discrimination – il l'a toujours fait et le fera toujours. Tout en endommageant les cellules saines, la chimiothérapie y déclenche la sécrétion d'une protéine qui entretient la croissance de la tumeur et sa résistance à un traitement ultérieur. Derrière les vaccins, médicaments, diagnostics et thérapies, soins dentaires, psychiatrie et pratiquement toute la recherche médicale, existe une industrie et une source de profit pour les sociétés. L'industrie du cancer détruit ou marginalise les remèdes sans danger et efficaces tout en encourageant ses propres remèdes brevetés, coûteux et toxiques qui font plus de mal que de bien. Le Dr Alan C.

Natural Health News and Wellness Tips: 12 Lessons About Eating We Can Learn From The French The French diet is full of flavor and high in satisfaction. They don't believe in low-fat, low-carb, low-taste, or low-calorie, but they do believe in enjoying their food, taking the time to eat at the table, knowing when to stop eating and educating their children about food. These are a just a few of the many lessons the French can teach us about a culture that truly thrives on savoring the flavor at mealtime. 1. The French eat family meals together. 2. 3. 4. The French don't get involved in the carbs versus protein debate, nor do they label food groups "bad." 5. 6. 7. 8. You're not going to see a many French women on the couch crying with a bag of potato chips. 9. 10. 11. 12. By "real food" meaning whole foods and not processed foods. April McCarthy is a community journalist playing an active role reporting and analyzing world events to advance our health and eco-friendly initiatives.

The big bad wolf was right: Among wasps, bigger eyes evolved the better to see social cues Some wasps have developed bigger eyes, and thus better vision, to read the social cues written on the faces of their sister wasps, according to a new University of California, Berkeley, study. "The Big Bad Wolf had it right," said lead author Michael Sheehan, a UC Berkeley postdoctoral fellow. "When Little Red Riding Hood said, 'Goodness, what big eyes you have,' he replied, 'The better to see you with.'" For some paper wasps, Sheehan said, "We found convincing evidence that the wasps evolved better vision for the purpose of telling one another apart. This is consistent with the idea that hearing, smelling, seeing or other sensory capabilities in animals, including humans, may have evolved in response to communication signals like we see in the wasp." Biologists have generally assumed that senses such as vision and hearing evolved to improve hunting success or survival, but were not affected by social interactions. Natural selection favors sharper vision

Baking Soda – True Enemy of The Pharmaceutical Industry Posted on March 23, 2014 by Admin Cancer is an acid i.e. lactic acid, which is a waste product of the fungus and mold and lives in environment that has low concentration of oxygen. If we bring high concentration of oxygen molecules to the cancer cells they will die. Everyone will strongly resist the idea that something so simple and cheap such as sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda) can surpass the most expensive pharmaceutical drugs. There are compelling evidence that are supporting the multitude of theories that suggest that sodium bicarbonate should be the primary and universal medicament for a wide range of diseases, including diabetes and cancer, also all therapists and medical professionals should include it in the medical treatment. When it comes to sodium bicarbonate, we must say that it is well understood and studied substance. The problem with acidic pH value ​​(relative lack of bicarbonate ions) is a big part of the human physiology. Source: