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The illusion of life

The illusion of life

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One1more2time3's Weblog wild west two more recreated backgrounds from PECOS BILL, the last segment of disney’s 1948 MELODY TIME. © disney enterprises, inc title this is my very first sketch for the title of disney’s MULAN. the idea was that an invisible brush draws in black bleeding ink some recognizable icons for china, like typical tree-shapes, curly clouds and ending with the chinese wall. Full Pixar’s Short LA LUNA Is Here & Available For All! 11.4KGoogle + Don’t worry guys, we’re not here to give you a broken link! The only thing you need is a comfortable seat. That’s all, because we have Pixar‘s Oscar-nominated shorty La Luna, and as usual – we want to share the fun with you! As you probably know, Enrico Casarosa‘s short movie played this June in theaters together with Brave, but you can also catch it on the Blu-Ray/DVD of Brave this month.

Season’s Greetings » oh look, here’s 2012! First I wanna say thank you for the outpouring of support and encouragement since my heart surgery. The past couple of months of recovery has not been difficult. 'Sister' Styling: University Lookbook - Charlotte's Web Hello! Today I'm sharing a little more of my ~creative/professional life~ and giving a snippet of a lookbook I recently styled as part of one of my university projects! It was SUCH a fun (albeit stressful project) but it's really cemented for me that styling is a sector of the industry I want to be a part of. The lookbook (which autocorrects to cookbook every god damn time) is for a brand we were tasked to create and provide a supporting brand handbook for and our group have had a great time completing this assignment! Our brand is called Sister, and celebrates all things inclusivity, accessibility and being unapologetically proud to stand out from the crowd.

posts from a wannabe animator I do compositional lectures a lot in my classes, as well as at the occasional convention. I’ve been asked to post them, so here’s part one: The Schweizer Guide to Spotting Tangents!Comic art is, as a general rule, a line-based medium. I know, I know, there are plenty of artists whose work is painted, or who depict their subject in ink using solely light and shadow. But these folks are unquestioningly in the minority, as the history of printing technology originally dictated the use of line to depict form in the early days of comics. This became a stylistic expectation, and it’s an expectation that I enthusiastically embrace, as have many others. Animation Principles (Flash player is required to view the examples.) Though originally defined by Disney for 2D animation, the twelve animation principles are still essential guidelines to follow when animating in 3D. This is just a brief overview of a handful of the principles to give you better idea of how to improve your motion in both the bouncing ball and mousetrap assignments. For a more detailed description of them read John Lasseter's paper, or most optimally acquire and read through a copy of Richard William's The Animator's Survival Kit. Squash and Stretch

UCA - Fashion BA (Hons) - 2018 You'll have the opportunity to reflect on your learning and future aims, and use this knowledge to inform a substantive and creative body of work. Option 1: includes the creation of a Pre-collection and Final collection in relation to your selected design discipline. For the Pre-collection, you'll research, design and present a contemporary fashion collection, including the realisation of two fully styled outfits. For the Final collection, you can either critically evaluate and extend successful aspects of your Pre-collection further, or produce a new body of work through the realisation of an original and innovative six outfit collection. Option 2: this option incorporates two individual projects.

Spungella: Busy busy and lots of anim stuff Hey all, sorry for the lack of posts. I'm really busy at work and was sick over the week-end... But there's a lot of good stuff out there and I don't want you guys to miss out, so here we go: I love it when John Nevarrez posts motivatinal blogs and here's a new bunch but this time over @ Cooked Art. from SP-BOESCH-IAL Great stuff (especially from "Burn Safari") over @ Aurelien Predal Project 4: Walk, Run, Scrolling Background Ye Olde Walk from Richard Williams' useful classic, The Animator's Survival Kit Three things to do For Week 4! 1. Create an animated walk cycle. 2. Create an animated run cycle. 3. Create a scrolling background for your walk or run cycle.

Life is about how it moves, not about how it looks :-) by mickaelgodard May 13

Yes, simple objects can used to demonstrate complex notions. by manueld May 12