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Employee Engagement Platform Powered by Behavioral Science

Employee Engagement Platform Powered by Behavioral Science
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Energy Star Portfolio Manager Use Portfolio Manager You’ve heard it before: you can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s why EPA created ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, an online tool you can use to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Not sure if Portfolio Manager is for you? You can use Portfolio Manager to manage the energy and water use of any building. Are you designing a new commercial building? Join the rest of the industry. When you add your buildings, you’ll be joining 40 percent of U.S. commercial building space that’s already benchmarked in Portfolio Manager — making it the industry-leading benchmarking tool. It’s only growing. And it’s on the move. Use the links on the left and start managing your energy and water consumption today.

Energy Score Cards EnergyScoreCards™ is an online energy management and benchmarking tool specifically designed for multi-tenant buildings. Our system organizes energy and water usage data, supports financial planning for energy improvements, and tracks the progress and success of energy and water-saving efforts. Download EnergyScoreCards Brochure or visit for more information. This USB camera has 4 white bright LEDs and 1/6 CMOS image sensor which bring you professionally clear image view. The USB cable reaches a length of 5m, which is more than sufficient for most domestic use. It can record video, and save the video in the PC. Features: Waterproof endoscope, ideal for inspecting gaps and holes and other hard to reach areas such as vent pipes, cars, roofs, machineries and lots more...even underwaterHigh resolution with 1/6 CMOS camera4 LEDs and low lux camera means it will work in any dark environmentCan take photosCan record video, and save the video in the PC Specifications: Package Includes:: 1 x 5m Waterproof USB Endoscope Camera Shipping: Shipping Cost will be displayed at checkout page Your Order will be processed in next working day Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for goods handling + delivery

Urban Agriculture, Part 1: The Community Gardens In 1932 Frank Lloyd Wright presented the so-called Broadacre City in his book ‘The Disappearing City’. “The Broadacre City, where every family will have at least an acre of land, is the inevitable municipality of the future… We live now in cities of the past, slaves of the machine and of traditional building. We cannot solve our living and transportation problems by burrowing under or climbing over, and why should we? We will spread out, and in so doing will transform our human habitation sites into those allowing beauty of design and landscaping, sanitation and fresh air, privacy and playgrounds, and a plot whereon to raise things.” Often referred to as a Utopia, The Broadacre City is now celebrated through landscape urbanism projects all around the world. New York is now famous for its urban farms. Detroit was once the capital of America’s car industry. Some Detroiters drew their inspiration from the Parisian market gardens of the 19th century.

Human Capital Management HCM & Human Resources HR Software | SAP Cloud for HR Verisae Sustainability can serve as a differentiator for your company and increase brand awareness. But the increased need for transparency and accountability for sustainability efforts requires improvements in your data collection and reporting processes. You need complete and relevant data on how each and every asset uses energy and emits carbon, company-wide water use, and waste management practices. A fragmented, manual process can’t lead to a comprehensive level of understanding. The proper interpretation and manipulation of large amounts of data requires a dynamic approach to data gathering. vx Sustain helps you with gathering, analyzing, and correlating data to identify issues and corrective actions. Talk to Verisae about how vx Sustain can help you move beyond the restrictions of a manual approach to actionable intelligence. Sustainability Leader Insights - Wells Fargo Wells Fargo's mandate is to look at sustainability holistically, across the company and across disciplines.

Clockworks What is Clockworks? KGS’ flagship software, ClockworksTM, delivers energy and cost savings by utilizing extensive automated analytic libraries to produce prioritized energy efficiency and maintenance actions for facility managers, operators and service providers. Clockworks is based on 30+ combined years of research and development, leveraging the team’s doctoral research and customer-driven development. KGS conducted a cooperative research and development agreement with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for market deployment of building diagnostics. Online access to data, diagnostics, and guidance Clockworks connects your team with valuable information: Real-time data and historical trending from sensors, control systems, and utility metersAutomated fault detection and diagnosticsCost and energy savings opportunitiesCustom reports and analytics Engineering consulting to support your team We provide: Clockworks Modules Commissioning Dashboard Analysis Builder/Data Explorer Documents Profiles

If You Simply Must Work from Bed: 5 Comfortable Solutions I’m sure popular and medical wisdom would both indicate when you’re injured, you should rest. Similarly, when you’re recuperating in bed, working on your laptop isn’t helpful for faster recovery. That said, this week I found myself in a situation where I had to spend a considerable amount of time in bed (ironically, I threw my lower back out rearranging furniture in my home office, and the first few days immobilized me), but I also had to keep working (I’m a freelancer and can’t afford to miss my deadlines). Even though I know this is a temporary situation, I decided it would be wise to plan for a better work-from-bed system, should another injury befall me in the future. Looking over this diagram of laptop pain points we wrote about in 2010, I concur that sitting up straight and lying down flat are extremely uncomfortable, as is relying upon my standard sleeping pillows for support or as a laptop cushion. Previous image Next image 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (Images: Lamidea, as linked above)

Apps For Urban Farmers Nothing shouts ‘traditional’ as urban farming does. Actively trying to pull away from our digital world, it encourages people to roll up their sleeves and start getting their precious typing hands dirty. Still, it seems quite impossible to avert anything from the digital revolution, which is once more proven by the newest trend in urban farming: apps! After washing the earth off your hands and whipping out your smartphone or taking place behind the computer, the urban farming continues. An app specifically for the Dutch market is Stadse Boeren (‘Urban Farmers’), available for both iPhone and Android. It’s easy to get into contact with other avid urban farmers and exchange tips and tricks, discuss crops and plants and find local initiatives to meet up at.

The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press OPTIX | EnergySavvy We’re Here to Serve Blend of Structure & Flexibility We implement Optix with a standard methodology that has evolved through best practices nationwide, yet we maintain the agility to create a customized work experience for every client. Unwavering Focus on Your Goals A dedicated team of implementation experts, support staff, and software engineers is assigned to each of our clients to become fully immersed in a shared vision of success. More Than Just a Contract When you partner with EnergySavvy, you’ll gain a strong industry ally and thought leader. You’re in the Driver’s Seat We adapt our best practices to you. Rapid Energy Modeling Who is this for: For Designers, Architects and General Contractors to evaluate lifecycle impact of retrofit decisions. For Building Owners, Facility Managers, Tenants, real estate developers, property managers and financiers to prioritize retrofit investments and evaluate building portfolios. For regulators, municipal and state governments and financiers to streamline Asset Rating. Takeaway: Rapid Energy Modeling makes energy assessments quick, easy and cost-effective and results in actionable conclusions based on building science, building’s geometry, and local climate conditions. By: Aniruddha Deodhar - Sustainable Buildings Program Manager Improving the performance of our existing buildings (approx. 97% of the building stock) is critical to addressing climate change. Current methods of energy assessments are expensive, laborious, inaccurate and require high technical expertise. The challenge is getting to that sweet spot of minimal information with maximum benefits.