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GlobalGiving: donate to grassroots projects; education, health,

GlobalGiving: donate to grassroots projects; education, health,

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Global Giving Partnership Posted by Robert Hawkins on 18 May under evokation We are pleased to announce a partnership with Global Giving to help support the development of your EVOKATION. EVOKATION prize winners will receive their seed money in the form of a four week on-line challenge during the month of August, 2010 in which they will have an opportunity to generate additional resources from Global Giving’s vast online community. Watch this video to learn more about Global Giving: A bit about Global Giving. speaks out from Zimbabwe Change starts with us. Right? Posted on February 11th, 2014 by Bev Clark. Filed in Uncategorized, Zimbabwe Blog. Comments Off Fundraising on Facebook with Causes Causes is the world’s largest platform for activism and philanthropy. Their team empowers individuals to create grassroots communities called “causes” that take action on behalf of a specific issue or nonprofit organization. Since their founding in 2007, Causes has brought together: Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a non-partisan and independent non-governmental organisation registered before the United Nations and recognised by the vice-president's office in Colombia. PBI has carried out international observation and accompaniment in Colombia since 1994. PBI's mission is to protect the work space of human rights defenders that receive threats due to their non-violent human rights work. Saving the world, one hit point at a time - tech - 25 May 2010 - Editorial: Slaying stereotypes about video games NEXT time you fancy spreading a bit of digital carnage, try doing it with a virus. Not a worm or a trojan horse, but an influenza virus, mutating and spreading across the virtual globe. See how many people you can infect in 180 days, but be warned, if you don't get your strategy right your virulence will diminish and your would-be pandemic will fizzle out.

Coordinating Center for Global Health UTMB offers field sites in both Lima and Cusco. Please see below for descriptions of the various projects offered at our Peruvian field sites. El Comedor/University of Cayetano Heredia Malnutrition affects thousands of Peruvian children each year. UNICEF has estimated the prevalence in children less than five years old at 18% in urban areas, and up to 33% in rural areas of the country. Risk factors include food insecurity, rapid population expansion, poverty and economic disparities, and high prevalence of communicable diseases. El Comedor ( is a community-based project supported by the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and UTMB. Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization Philip E. Auerswald and Iqbal Z. Quadir, Editors

Friend-to-Friend Campaigns with Crowdrise Crowdrise is about online fundraising, event fundraising, volunteering and having the most fun in the world while doing it. They’re making an impact by providing a site where even if the cause is extremely serious, people raising money for that cause could have fun doing it. In the short time they have been around, they have found that Adventure Travel Jobs, Working Abroad and Volunteer Opportunities These categories have been combined due to the overlap of the Internet resources available. Work opportunities are limited to travel and outdoor positions but volunteer positions are listed regardless of the type of work involved. They are organized by the destination country. However, organizations offering multiple destinations are listed under a general Working and Volunteering Abroad category without regard to the country in which the organization is based.

Jane McGonigal Lives the Game In her San Francisco apartment in July 2009, Dr. Jane McGonigal, who wants to see a game developer nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by 2032 - and who, if she proves right, is certain to be that nominee - hit her head on a cabinet door and suffered a concussion. For five miserable weeks, the noted designer of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) like World Without Oil, The Lost Ring and Superstruct lived trapped in a mental fog; depressed and anxious at her slow improvement.

Study Abroad - Peru Learn Spanish .:. Centro Tinku .:. Learn Spanish cusco Centro Tinku organizes academic and cultural programs for study abroad for American and European universities and schools, always prioritizing the originality of each program and the specific requirements of each group. We manage the logistics of the program from beginning to end, and offer the student language classes (Spanish and/or Quechua), Andean cultures, literature, arts, sustainable economy or environmental management, etc. One of our main objectives is to encourage and facilitate cultural relations with the people of Cusco and of the Andes. Our academic courses Intensive Spanish and QuechuaArchaeology and ArchitectureAnthropology and HistoryAndean CulturePaleographyEconomy and Local DevelopmentEcologyPlastic Arts and Art HistoryLiterature and PoetryOthers Our instructors are all locally-based experts, able to lecture in English and /or Spanish.

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