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One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation

One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation

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Dunne & Raby One day, in the future, robots will do everything for us. It's a dream that refuses to go away. Over the coming years, robots are destined to play a significant part in our daily lives -- not as super smart, functional machines, nor as pseudo life forms, but as technological cohabitants. But how will we interact with them? What new interdependencies and relationships might emerge in relation to different levels of robot intelligence and capability? Serial.flush() Upload Log in Sign up Browse Books Biography & MemoirBusiness & EconomicsCookingFantasyFiction & LiteratureHistoryHobbies, Crafts, & HomeMysteryRomanceSocial ScienceTravelYoung Adult & Children's Sense: Know More. Sleep Better. by Hello We created Sense to be simple, uncomplicated and useful. Sense is the first system that combines the insight of your sleep patterns with the data of the environment in your bedroom, including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air. With Sense's Smart Alarm, it can even wake you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle, to avoid that groggy feeling we all hate so much. All easily available via our iPhone and Android applications.

Skrekkøgle ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ Heeeellloo, we are Skrekkøgle. Scroll please. "Plugg" is a prototype DAB radio, investigating physical and metaphorical interaction with electronic devices. s-lab » Drawdio Drawdio is an Interaction Design project by Jay Silver, which augments a conventional graphite pencil, and in turn creates a musical instrument which is controlled through the stroke and gesture of the performers hands. Drawdio makes use of a graphite pencil, a 555 Timer, a couple of capacitors and resistors, a speaker and battery. Visit Drawdio, Drawdio’ing Tips LM555 Timer Datasheet LM555 LM386 Datasheet LM386 Drawdio Complete Drawdio Circuit

Child Abuse Prevention Ad Delivers Secret Message Only Kids Can See Email According to Compassion International, an estimated 300 million children worldwide are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse each year. 40 million of these children are under the age of 15. More often than not, abused kids have absolutely no one to turn to and no one to confide in about the abuse they’re experiencing. When children do speak up about suffering abuse, they’re often met with doubt and disbelief and may receive little help. Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk (ANAR) Foundation in Spain is aiming to help change these horrific statistics with an innovative ad campaign which speaks directly to children in at-risk situations.

Tutorials An Arduino Compatible Wearable Electronics Platform For the last few years Ladyada has been thinking about everything she wanted in a wearable electronics platform for Adafruit's community of makers, hackers, crafters, artists, designers and engineers. After numerous prototypes, we finally have what we think is the perfect platform.We call it the FLORA.

This Fun Tool Teaches Kids To Program With Pictures Do you ever feel pressured to know how to code? With so much buzz surrounding DIY programming courses like Codecademy, Treehouse, and Code School, it’s easy to forget that the best way to learn something is to frame it as, y’know, fun. Isla, a new toy programming language from Mary Rose Cook, feels about as intimidating as a bag of Duplo blocks, and makes "coding" feel as visual and consequence-free as playing with a Lite-Brite. Isla isn’t going to wow any venture capitalists or get Michael Bloomberg bragging on Twitter. It’s not a course; there’s no "goal," no way to pass or fail.