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UK Uncut

UK Uncut

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The Architecture of Transparency Two weeks ago, on January 17, a rare event took place at the Frontline Club in London: Rudolf Elmer, the now famous Swiss whistleblower, addressed the press. He didn’t come alone. An interesting group of people came to offer him moral support.

Cancer, a Man-Made Disease December 03, 2010 | 336,092 views Share A study of ancient bodies has determined that cancer is a man-made disease, one fueled by the excesses. Tumors turn out to be extremely rare until very recent times, when pollution and poor diet became issues. Researchers analyzed potential references to the disease in classical literature, and also searched for signs in the fossil record and in mummified bodies. But despite examining tissue from hundreds of Egyptian mummies, they confirmed only one case of cancer

Soros Warns of ‘Riots,‘ ’Brutal’ Clampdowns & Possible Total Economic Collapse soros2 George Soros is no stranger to Blaze readers. The billionaire currency speculator and philanthropist has long been in the news, especially since the fateful day in 1992 when he helped crash England's economy. In fact, since that day, he has been commonly referred to as “the man who broke the bank of England.” Soros is shrewd, he has a keen eye for investments, and he knows how to play the markets. VIDEO: 120 Seconds Of Gerald Celente Kicking Wall Street's Ass - "$144B Bonus Is 49th Largest GDP In World!" Video: Celente is on fire... I don't usually post GC, so you know this clip is really good. By far the best part is the utter annihilation of private equity billionaire Stephen Schwarzman. Text from youtube page -- While millions of Americans are unemployed and the national debt is soaring, it seems top financial executives are far from feeling the pinch.

The philosophical significance of UKUncut is increased by Pepper Spray When activists under the banner of UK Uncut protest outside high-street shops on Saturday 18th December they will be doing something of great political importance. But they will also be demonstrating and articulating something of immense philosophical significance. We republish this outstanding analysis posted in OK in December at the start of the movement against fat cat tax avoidance as the BBC reports CS gas was used against UKUncut demonstrators after a supporter was arrested for "damaging" a shop door of Boots by pushing a leaflet under it. A brilliant account by Ellie Mae O'Hagan is on the New Left Project. When activists under the banner of UK Uncut protest outside high-street shops tomorrow they will be doing something of great political importance.

Bailiffs and debt collectors : Directgov - Money, tax and benefits A bailiff may visit your home if you don’t pay your debts - eg a Council Tax bill, parking fine, court fine, county court or family court judgment. This will happen if you ignore letters saying that bailiffs will be used. Bailiffs must normally give you at least 7 days’ notice of their first visit. You can stop bailiffs from visiting by paying the money you owe. Talk to the person or business you owe money to as soon as possible to get advice on how to pay your debt. Bailiffs are also known as ‘enforcement agents’. UK has 'worst quality of life in Europe' The UK has been named the worst place to live in Europe for quality of life, behind countries with damaged economies such as Ireland and Italy, according to the latest uSwitch quality of life index. The UK emerged as having the second lowest hours of sunshine a year, the fourth highest retirement age, and the third lowest spend on health as a percentage of GDP. Despite above average household income – the fourth highest in Europe – Britons have 5.5 fewer days holiday a year than the European average and endure a below average government spend on education. UK households also struggle with a high cost of living, with food and diesel prices the highest in Europe, and unleaded petrol, alcohol and cigarettes all costing more than the European average.

WikiLeaks Being Used to Justify "Patriot Act" Legislation For Internet Eric BlairActivist Post Senator Mitch McConnell called Assange a "high-tech terrorist" on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday and said, "if it‘s found that Assange hasn’t violated the law, then the law should be changed." Over the weekend, an insightful article by Zen Gardner exposed how WikiLeaks resembles an establishment creation. The article correctly pointed out that the WikiLeaks storyline was conforming nicely to the elite's problem-reaction-solution method, with the solution of more tyranny for our safety. WikiLeaks is being used to bring in the agenda on so many levels, but most importantly by setting the precedent of shutting down websites for politically "dangerous" content. Gardner writes:

Warning: they want us to pay the private sector to make a profit from NHS Why does the Health Secretary think that the private sector needs a subsidy to be able to enter the market for services now provided by the NHS? Because public provision is a more efficient way to do things, maybe? But then why get rid of it? Why does the Health Secretary think that the private sector needs a subsidy to be able to enter the market for services now provided by the NHS? Because public provision is a more efficient way to do things, maybe?

The War on Cancer: a Progress Report for Skeptics March 30, 2011 | 416,050 views Disponible en Español Share In 1971 President Nixon and Congress declared war on cancer. Bank adds £75bn to QE programme - Business News - Business Its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted to boost the Bank's quantitative easing (QE) programme - effectively printing more cash - from £200 billion to £275 billion and hold interest rates at 0.5%. The move, dubbed QE2, is the first change to QE since November 2009 and is the clearest signal yet that the Bank thinks Britain is on the brink of a double-dip recession. Business leaders welcomed the announcement after figures revealed Britain suffered a deeper recession and is recovering more slowly than first thought. However, the decision raised fears of a surge in the already-high rate of inflation, which would erode savings and pension funds. Elsewhere, the European Central Bank (ECB) offered new emergency loans to banks to help steady a eurozone financial system shaken by the region's deepening debt crisis. Alan Clarke, UK economist at Scotia Capital, said: "Once again the BoE has made use of its secret weapon - shock and awe.

Students set to find out just how effective violent protest is Students across the country are set to learn an important life lesson today when the government completely ignores all of their protests to vote in a significant rise in tuition fees. There have been a large number of angry protests across the country, as the student body mobilised for an important lesson in futility. Psychologist William Morris told us, “Learning about the futility of our rebellious actions in the face of authority is something many of us never truly understand until we get a job or a career.” ”