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Hacking Kickstarter: How to Raise $100,000 in 10 Days (Includes Successful Templates, E-mails, etc.)

Hacking Kickstarter: How to Raise $100,000 in 10 Days (Includes Successful Templates, E-mails, etc.)
Mike Del Ponte co-founded Soma, which raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter using virtual assistants and free apps. I first met Mike Del Ponte two years ago when he was running marketing at BranchOut, a startup I advise. Before joining BranchOut, Mike had explored a variety of career paths, including preparing for the priesthood at Yale Divinity School and serving as a peacemaker in the West Bank. Earlier this year, Mike came to me with a new product idea called Soma. Soma is, in its simplest form, a high-end competitor to Brita water filters. It combines Apple-inspired design (e.g. sleek glass carafe) with a subscription service that delivers the world’s first compostable water filter to your door. To launch Soma on Kickstarter (and raise $100,000+ in just nine days), Mike and his team used some of the techniques that helped BranchOut grow to 25 million users in just 16 months. You can replicate what he did. This post is as close to copy-and-paste Kickstarter success as you will find.

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15 APIs developers need to know New developer tools are being released daily, and at times you'll probably find yourself choosing between doing your real work and exploring new technologies. Among these developer tools are at least 14,000 public APIs (application program interface), provided by companies to save time, directly solve developer problems or augment their popular services. While disappearing for a day or two diving into something new can be great fun, not everything immediately leads to useful results. I've put together a list of great APIs, based upon years of research (and a few opinions). MDMA The Movie Watch our First Short Film on MDMA Therapy A Dangerous Party Drug? Despite the drug war, the recreational use of MDMA has spread around the globe, and its use is only rising. Unfortunately, so are “ecstasy-related” fatalities.

How To Stop Being Lazy And Get More Done - 5 Expert Tips Some days the to-do list seems bottomless. Just looking at it is exhausting. We all want to know how to stop being lazy and get more done. I certainly want the answer. So I decided to call a friend who manages to do this — and more. Cal Newport impresses the heck out of me. 5 Online Portfolio Platforms for Freelance Writers Are you looking for a place where you can display your work online and tell the story of where you have accumulated clips so that prospective clients can get to know you and your work? Every writer has a unique voice and you can apply for gigs, make cold calls and visit clients face to face, but the only way that someone can decide whether you are a good fit for the project they are currently hiring for is to read a sample of your writing. Show, don’t tell, a client what you can do – post your best work in one of the online portfolio platforms for freelance writers. Online Portfolios Make Sense for New Writers and Veterans Alike Whether you are just starting out or have a lot of clips to your credit, it makes sense to organize the samples you would like to share with people who are in a position to hire you in an online portfolio. It’s impossible to keep track of all of your clips after you have been writing for some time.

FateMore Kickstarter Analysis Okay! This is a big topic, but I'll try to keep it brief. First, the general case. How Evan Smith Became Vivienne Ming: An Incredible Story Of Self-Discovery Imagine being trapped in a life you don't want, a fate you can't change. Imagine people deciding who you are with a glance -- and getting it wrong, every time. Imagine knowing you could be so much more if only you had the chance. Now imagine you get that chance -- and you might begin to understand the life, and work, of Vivienne Ming. By Katie Arnold-Ratliff

Pubslush Is Like Kickstarter for Authors Name: Pubslush Big Idea: Pubslush is injecting Kickstarter-esque crowdfunding into the publishing process. Why It's Working: Traditional publishing has a lot of overhead costs and bureaucracy that make it hard for potentially popular books to get published; with it's pledging model, Pubslush guarantees an audience before putting ink to paper. Top Websites - Most Visited Websites - Website Ranking - Welcome calculates the online popularity of the most visited websites and provides these results free to the World Wide Web. See the popularity ranking of the top one million Web properties now. View Data Instantly view and modify your website ranking for free. Use the advanced feature to view the rankings of several companies at once or to see how websites rank against their competitors in the US and abroad.