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How Tumblr is Changing Journalism

How Tumblr is Changing Journalism
Earlier this week we looked at the remarkable growth of Tumblr, a blogging and curation service that now gets over 12 billion page views per month. Tumblr is mostly used as a consumer curation tool - it's an easy way for people to re-post articles, images and videos. But Tumblr can also be used to power a news website. That's exactly what ShortFormBlog does. Launched in January 2009 by Ernie Smith from Washington D.C., the site publishes about 30 news soundbites a day. ShortFormBlog is still a part-time project for Smith, who also works as a graphic designer at The Washington Post. The concept behind ShortFormBlog is very simple: to publish really short posts throughout the day. The site publishes over 200 posts per week, an average of about 30 per day (higher on weekdays). The audience reaction and feedback - mostly via Tumblr, but also other social media such as Twitter - is a key part of the site. The Tumblr community is especially important. How Tumblr is Being Used

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Getting the News — Anthony De Rosa (This post is the third in’s ongoing series, “Getting the News.” In our efforts to understand everything about social news, we’re reaching out to writers and thinkers we like to ask them how they get their daily news. Read the first post here. See all of the posts here.) This week, our interviewee is Anthony De Rosa, social media editor for Reuters and founder of the extremely popular tumblog Soup. Lady Gaga Joins Tumblr Lady Gaga must spend half of her time in front of the computer. Already a big presence on Facebook and Twitter (not to mention GagaVille), Mother Monster has joined the Tumbeasts. The New York Times reports that Gaga's Tumblr — titled Amen † Fashion — launched Monday night, and posts are already receiving "Likes" into the several thousands. The blog mostly features snapshots of clothing and quotes from Gaga herself.

Flipboard CEO: The future of the web will look more like print - TNW Insider 12 September '11, 06:13pm Follow Flipboard CEO Mike McCue is on stage at Techcrunch Disrupt conference right now and he is saying some interesting things about the future of the web and the iPad. Soup But now I’m wondering if what I consider “reporting” is just a form of aggregating, of skimming, of lifting the best parts of a scientist’s work and repurposing it for my own interests. These scientists have spent many, many years doing research, much of it at the very edge of the knowable, where finding a new piece of solid data is a laborious process that may require long nights at the computer or the laboratory bench, or mulling a bust of Galileo, and this work has to be slotted among other obligations, including grant applications, peer-reviewing papers, teaching, advising graduate students, holding office hours, serving on faculty committees and schmoozing at the faculty club. And here I am calling up and saying: “Give me the fruit of your mental labors.” Asking for the ripest fruit, as it were. Asking not just for information but for wisdom. Give it to me!

How to: best post news on Twitter and Facebook SMO is the new SEO, according to the US-based Online News Association which held a conference session on that theme. But while "Social Media Optimisation may be as important as Search Engine Optimisation for content distribution ... far different rules apply," the ONA said. Beyond the jargon and acronyms SMO is about understanding the best time and frequency to post to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This guide includes 10 lessons from three experts in social media optimisation, who have all carried out research, analysing tweets and Facebook page updates.

Tumblr Unveils Leader Board & Topic Navigation Tumblr, one of if not the largest blogging and curation platform on the web, today launched a new way to explore content by topic and discover the most popular Tumblr users on the hot topics of the day. Called Tumblr Explore, the feature is intended to make the huge quantity of content on the site easier to navigate and new content easier to discover. The company also framed the feature in its announcement as a way for users to get more readers on their own blogs. Who's the hottest Tumblr on the topic of food right now, for example? That would be Rachel Lauren Spence, author of SheSalty.

kateoplis This “net-discrimination rule…if enacted…will profoundly change the Internet as a platform for free speech and small-scale innovation. It threatens to make the Internet just like everything else in American society: unequal in a way that deeply threatens our long-term prosperity. Some history may help explain the situation. The new rule gives broadband providers what they’ve wanted for about a decade now: the right to speed up some traffic and degrade others. (With broadband, there is no such thing as accelerating some traffic without degrading other traffic.) We take it for granted that bloggers, start-ups, or nonprofits on an open Internet reach their audiences roughly the same way as everyone else.

Marketing, Journalism, and Truth as Competitive Advantage I had a very interesting question come across my desk from {grow} community member John Bethune: In the minds of most people, journalism and marketing were once diametrically opposed. Has that changed in the social media era? A great question! And, in fact, I think the social web has brought these disciplines together in a number of surprising ways. Interview: David Karp, founder of Tumblr, on realising his dream David Karp, the founder of the blogging platform Tumblr, was 17 when he decided to cut the apron strings and move to Tokyo. With a smattering of Japanese and a sharp eye for computer code, the impatient Manhattan teenager embarked on a period of self-discovery. "I was holed up in the middle of this world where it was just me on the internet," Karp recalls.

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