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Defective by Design

Defective by Design
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The secrets of the world's happiest cities Two bodyguards trotted behind Enrique Peñalosa, their pistols jostling in holsters. There was nothing remarkable about that, given his profession – and his locale. Peñalosa was a politician on yet another campaign, and this was Bogotá, a city with a reputation for kidnapping and assassination. What was unusual was this: Peñalosa didn't climb into the armoured SUV. A few years earlier, this ride would have been a radical and – in the opinion of many Bogotáns – suicidal act. I first saw the Mayor of Happiness work his rhetorical magic back in the spring of 2006. Peñalosa insisted that, like most cities, Bogotá had been left deeply wounded by the 20th century's dual urban legacy: first, the city had been gradually reoriented around cars. In the third year of his term, Peñalosa challenged Bogotáns to participate in an experiment. Boys in crisp white shirts and matching uniforms poured through a gate. But for a moment I forgot my questions. Drivers experience plenty of emotional dividends.

Three Chic Geeks | For the nerdy and proud. Warning: spontaneous geekgasms may occur. Agujero analógico El agujero analógico, también denominado como problema de reconversión analógica, es una vulnerabilidad fundamental e inevitable en los esquemas de prevención de copia para contenido digital no interactivo que está pensado para ser reproducido empleando métodos analógicos. Cuando la información es convertida a una forma analógica perceptible, desaparecen las restricciones y el contenido puede ser reconvertido a una forma digital carente de restricciones. Debido a que este proceso permite reproducir un objeto digital sin restricciones a partir de una versión con restricciones, los editores que emplean gestión digital de derechos (DRM, de la sigla en inglés Digital Rights Management) para imponer restricciones sobre la forma de uso de una obra pueden ver esta posibilidad como un «agujero» en la protección o en el control que el DRM les ofrece.

The Decline of Owned and the Rise of Earned Square Face Icon Generator -Icon Generators- Square Face Icon generator,Square Face Avatar Maker(Charactor Maker) 图标方形脸发生器 (角色创建) 네모 진 얼굴의 아이콘 생성기 (캐릭터 만들기) quadratisches Gesicht Icon Generator Площадь лица Иконка генератор Cara cuadrada icono generador Piazza Icona volto generatore 日本語版「四角い顔アイコンジェネレータ」はこちら。 Behavior on a smartphone is not guaranteed. Icon image that visitor made Please post the images created in that generator. Recommended Generator Square Face Pixel Art Icon Generator Square Face Cube Generator Python Python es un lenguaje de programación interpretado cuya filosofía hace hincapié en una sintaxis que favorezca un código legible. Se trata de un lenguaje de programación multiparadigma, ya que soporta orientación a objetos, programación imperativa y, en menor medida, programación funcional. Es un lenguaje interpretado, usa tipado dinámico y es multiplataforma. Es administrado por la Python Software Foundation. Historia[editar] El nombre del lenguaje proviene de la afición de su creador por los humoristas británicos Monty Python.[4] Van Rossum es el principal autor de Python, y su continuo rol central en decidir la dirección de Python es reconocido, refiriéndose a él como Benevolente Dictador Vitalicio (en inglés: Benevolent Dictator for Life, BDFL). Python alcanzó la versión 1.0 en enero de 1994. La última versión liberada proveniente de CWI fue Python 1.2. En el año 2000, el equipo principal de desarrolladores de Python se cambió a para formar el equipo BeOpen PythonLabs. Listas

How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the “Seinfeld Strategy” Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians of all‐time. He is regarded as one of the “Top 100 Comedians of All–Time” by Comedy Central. He was also the co–creator and co–writer of Seinfeld, the long–running sitcom which has received numerous awards and was claimed to have the “Top TV Episode of All–Time” as rated by TV Guide. According to Forbes magazine, Seinfeld reached his peak in earnings when he made $267 million dollars in 1998. By almost any measure of wealth, popularity, and critical acclaim, Jerry Seinfeld is among the most successful comedians, writers, and actors of his generation. However, what is most impressive about Seinfeld's career isn't the awards, the earnings, or the special moments — it's the remarkable consistency of it all. Compare his results to where you and I often find ourselves. What's the difference? Let's talk about that what he does and how you can use the “Seinfeld Strategy” to eliminate procrastination and actually achieve your goals. Read Next

TOP 12 THINGS LIKELY TO BE OVERHEARDIF YOU HAD A KLINGON PROGRAMMER 12. "Specifications are for the weak and timid!" 11. "This machine is a piece of GAGH! 10. original Klingon." 9. skull!" 8. 'releases.' 7. 'arguments' -- and they ALWAYS WIN THEM." 6. 5. contest. 4. 3. Prepare to die!" 2. 1. Ship it and let them flee like the dogs they are!" In Star Trek First Contact At the end of filming, actor/director Jonathan Frakes got the nickname: "Two Takes Frakes" because of his directorial efficiency. "There are only two ways to live your life. - Albert Einstein

Geo Censos : Mapeamos juntos un mundo mejor 10 Years of Silence: How Long It Took Mozart, Picasso and Kobe Bryant to Be Successful 3.1K Flares 3.1K Flares × How long does it take to become elite at your craft? And what do the people who master their goals do differently than the rest of us? That’s what John Hayes, a cognitive psychology professor at Carnegie Mellon University, wanted to know. For decades, Hayes has been investigating the role of effort, practice, and knowledge in top performers. Let’s talk about what Hayes has discovered about world class performers. “10 Years of Silence” Hayes started his research by examining successful composers. Eventually, Hayes developed a list of 500 pieces that were played frequently by symphonies around the world and were considered to be the “masterworks” in the field. Next, Hayes mapped out the timeline of each composer’s career and calculated how long they had been working before they created their popular works. Not a single person produced incredible work without putting in a decade of practice first. How Kobe Bryant Made it to the Top P.S.

Geektress Geo Censos : Mapeamos juntos un mundo mejor: GeoGente Geo Censos es información, participación, eventos y proyectos sobre Espacio, Geomartketing y Censos, en los países hispano parlantes. Hacemos seguimiento y proyectos del uso de Geo Tecnologías de información y comunicación . Geocensos es una fundación conformada por una comunidad de expertos en geoinformación, tecnología e innovación, que promueve proyectos transformadores especialmente en las disciplinas geoespaciales y de ciencias de la tierra, así como también en la aplicación de datos generados por la observación geográfica creando soluciones y aplicaciones para disciplinas como el geo commerce, el gobierno móvil, las ciudades inteligentes y el geomarketing. Somos una entusiasta ONG con alcance y redes en la región de América Latina y el Caribe. Geocensos orienta sus acciones a muchos países de habla hispana, realizando esfuerzos de transferencia tecnológica global a la solución de problemas locales en el territorio. La Ing. El Ing . en Chile

Japanese villages share their secrets for living longer - Protection now - AXA - BBC Good genes, diet and universal healthcare keep Japan at top of longevity tables. Japanese are renowned for their longevity, with the country regularly topping life expectancy tables. Now, the two villages where people live longer than anywhere else have met to exchange notes on how to live even longer. Representatives from the village of Matsukawa in Nagano have visited their counterparts in Kitanakagusukuon the island of Okinawa. According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Matsukawa has the country's longest average life expectancy for men at 82.2 years, while women in Kitanakagusuku live an average 89 years. The two communities, which are set to become sister villages, have exchanged policy research, with Kitanakagusuku already developing programs for its elderly residents based on a website template borrowed from Matsukawa. Japan has led the world in longevity for more than two decades, consistently topping WHO's annual life expectancy index.

6 Reasons It's Better To Date A Geek - The Female Version [Opinion] Not long ago, we all enjoyed James’s 5 reasons it’s better to date a geek. While he made some good points, James made the error of assuming that geek girls are so rare, they’re virtually non-existent. This is the way he put it: “Unfortunately, data on these rare creatures is still quite scarce, so we will not discuss them today.” Well, I am here to tell you that geek girls do exist, and not only do they exist, they’re actually more common than most people think. Emergency Tech-Support Only One of the best things about dating a geek guy, is the ease with which you can get tech support. In fact, when you date a geek girl, you may find yourself actually learning a few tricks from her here and there. They Understand Your Sense Of Humor Does your girlfriend laugh when you mention the Death Star’s canteen? But geeks are interested. Keeping Up With The Latest News “Honey, the new Ice-Cream Sandwich-based CyanogenMod is out for the Galaxy II!” They Understand “Computer Time” This is a good one.