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Algorithmia - Open Marketplace for Algorithms

Algorithmia - Open Marketplace for Algorithms

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Learning Google Script: 5 Best Sites & Tutorials to Bookmark How often do you use Google services? If you’re like me, the answer is “all the time”. I use Google Drive to store files. Sometimes, I use Google Docs to write articles (although I prefer Apple’s Pages and iA Writer more). 8 free sites that teach you how to program Developed in 2011, the main focus of Code Academy is to teach you how to code so that you can transform your career. It features a number of success stories from individuals who knew little to nothing about coding and went on to have fruitful careers as programmers. Code Academy covers a lot of ground, including how to make interactive websites. You can take courses in Rails, Angularjs, Rails Auth, The Command Line, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, iQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby. They are constantly adding new programs as well, so if nothing piques your interest now, you can always check back in a few months to see what they have added to their course load. The courses on Code Academy are free and it has become a well-known and respected resource for anyone yearning to learn how to code.

The Alt-Lite Is Imploding By Reinhard Wolff | Something amazing is taking place. Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed the Alt-Lite begin to unravel. First, Baked Alaska, a prolific Twitter personality and pro-Trump rapper, was removed from the "DeploraBall" at Mike Cernovich’s behest for discussing Jewish influence. We have since seen Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich, and Bill Mitchell attempt to distance themselves from the Alt-Right – a label with which, ironically, they used to identify. In fact, Mike Cernovich and Bill Mitchell have even deleted previous tweets praising the Alt-Right or, in Mike’s case, opposing White genocide.

Attention Ecology: Trend Circulation and the Virality Threshold Abstract This article demonstrates the use of data mining methodologies for the study and research of social media in the digital humanities. Drawing from recent convergences in writing, rhetoric, and DH research, this article investigates how trends operate within complex networks. Through a study of trend data mined from Twitter, this article suggests the possibility of identifying a virality threshold for Twitter trends, and the possibility that such a threshold has broader implications for attention ecology research in the digital humanities. This article builds on the theories of Jacques Derrida, Richard Lanham, and Sidney Dobrin to suggest new theories and methodologies for understanding how attention operates within complex media ecologies at a macroscopic level.

Silicon Valley Goes Hollywood: Top Coders Can Now Get Agents - Businessweek (An earlier version of this story ran online.) Max Nanis’s website prominently features about two dozen head shots of the skinny, scruffy 22-year-old Southern Californian with his shirt off. At the top of his “About” page, there’s a personalized contact number (936-CALL-MAX) and a link to 10X Management, his professional representation. Handling file uploads If "large files" (ie: 50 or 100 MB) fail, check this: It may happen that your outgoing connection to the server is slow, and it may timeout not the "execution time" but the "input time", which for example in our system defaulted to 60s. In our case a large upload could take 1 or 2 hours. Additionally we had "session settings" that should be preserved after upload. 1) You might want review those ini entries: * session.gc_maxlifetime * max_input_time * max_execution_time * upload_max_filesize * post_max_size

The destruction of Alderaan was completely justified Darth Vader after boarding Princess Leia’s ship in “Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope.” (Credit: Lucasfilm) The Daily Beast’s Asawin Suebsaeng recently noted that “neoconservative Twitter” loves the Galactic Empire, the putative villains of the “Star Wars” universe, prompting much harrumphing from people who think this is nothing but petty trolling. datasets The DBpedia data set uses a large multi-domain ontology which has been derived from Wikipedia as well as localized versions of DBpedia in more than 100 languages. 1 Background Wikipedia has grown into one of the central knowledge sources of mankind and is maintained by thousands of contributors. Wikipedia articles consist mostly of free text, but also contain different types of structured information, such as infobox templates, categorisation information, images, geo-coordinates, and links to external Web pages.

Data-binding Revolutions with Object.observe() Introduction A revolution is coming. There’s a new addition to JavaScript that’s going to change everything you think you know about data-binding. It’s also going to change how many of your MVC libraries approach observing models for edits and updates. Basics of C++ Namespace Forward: In this part of the series, I talk about the basics of C++ Namespace. By: Chrysanthus Date Published: 7 Feb 2013 Introduction Safety Pins and Swastikas The new issue of Jacobin is out now. To mark its release, we’re offering discounted introductory subscriptions. If you had read in early 2016 about a National Policy Institute conference on the theme of “Identity Politics,” you might have assumed it was an innocent gathering of progressives. If you had attended, you would have been in for an unpleasant surprise. The National Policy Institute is an organization of white nationalists, overseen by neo-Nazi media darling Richard Spencer.