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12 Awesome Beds in Tiny Spaces

12 Awesome Beds in Tiny Spaces
Do you live in a tiny apartment? You’re looking for more space, but have no ideas? When it comes to living in a tiny house we have to get creative. Here are some awesome ideas where to put a bed in a tiny space! 1. Bed Hanging From a Ceiling Great way to open up a small place – hang your bed from a ceiling! Source 2. This is not just a simple bed! 3. This awesome apartment is located in Camden, London. 4. Bunk beds are getting more and more stylish! 5. This is a great way to save space in your tiny apartment. 6. This is a great concept for a tight spaces and it looks simple and neat! 7. When you don’t have much space, you really have to be creative. 8. Space maximization is a growing trend so designers are trying to think of the best kind of furniture for a small apartments. 9. Build a treehouse inside your apartment! 10. Well, this one is classic. 11. This awesome double sofa can be easily converted into a bed! 12. In small apartments, space maximization is everything.

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30 Festivals To Experience Before You're 30 We have rounded up a list of 30 festivals we want to experience before we are 30! Reckon we will get through it? 30. Winter Light Festival Where: Kuwana City, JapanWhen: October to MarchWhy: Titled one of the best winter light shows in all of Japan, experience a large landscape turned into a giant light spectacle. How to Create a Whole Home Color Palette I’m well aware that this post was promised yesterday, but I was busy searching the world wide web for 2 posts that had gone missing. Technical problems are not my friend. But I found them, and now I’m here to talk about creating a whole home color palette. It is one of the best ways to focus your decorating decisions.

15 Exquisite Interior Design Ideas For Your Lovely Kitchen. In this post we will be showing you some fabulous designs kitchen with U-shape ideas. In every home the kitchen is one of the important part and we use it very rapidly, so it must be neat & clean, beautiful and well organized and these qualities will lead you to enjoy your time in Kitchen. If you are willing to redesign or redecorate your kitchen then please check out these exquisite interior design ideas for your lovely kitchen and I am sure that one of them will inspire you. 1. Black and White Kitchen Idea.

If All These Rooms Were in One House, It Would be the Coolest House in the World. Especially #8 Combine these ideas into one uber house and you're pretty much guaranteed to have the coolest house in the world. Start saving. Because having the coolest house in the world doesn't come cheap… But it'll be totally worth it. Share0G+2 28.5K 25 It’s a brilliant idea for you to make your own rug at home with some useful DIY ideas. Today we are here to give you some practical DIY projects and ideas. 33 Cool Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas What can be stored in a kitchen pantry? Whatever you want: jams, pickles, pastas, sauces, cookbooks, wines, and all other kinds of food that can be stored without a fridge and household supplies. You can even put a washing machine, an iron and an ironing board there if you haven’t a dedicated laundry room. There are many different approaches to the pantry design. For example if it is a separate room it can have doors that make it looks like built-in cabinet or it is simply separated by curtains. The pantry can be part of the kitchen itself.

Thrifty and Chic - DIY Projects and Home Decor This post is in collaboration with All thoughts, opinions and projects ideas are my own. I feel like I say "Bedroom Makeover" more than any homeowner should :) But that's what happens when you like to change things up and get bored quickly. My last makeover was just a little step to get it to where it is now since apparently new bedding, lamps, and a rug only kept me happy for a few months. I was toying with the idea of doing something to the far wall for years now, but never quite decided what I wanted. That's why it took years :) I had like a gazillion ideas in my head and not one that I wanted more than the other. Gorgeous Grain: Wooden Bathtubs Really Go with the Flow Combining German hand-crafting expertise and curved ship hull construction methods, this patterned wooden tub shoots both to satisfy the eye and to soothe any aching back. Alegna specializes in exotic woods like wenge and mahogany that show off grain patterns with stark contrasts or work for lightweight-requiring (e.g. nautical) applications. Some of their tubs form monolithic built-in masses while others are free-standing and come with stone-filled surrounds.