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The Next Big Thing You Missed: A Would-Be Dropbox Meant to Thwart the NSA

BitTorrent Sync. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/WIRED BitTorrent was best known as an internet protocol that let people swap pirated movies and music at the expense of big Hollywood studios and record labels. About a year ago, Lissounov joined a hackathon sponsored by his employer, BitTorrent Inc., a company that seeks to transform the peer-to-peer protocol into a legitimate means of file-sharing for both consumers and businesses, and in a matter of hours, he slapped together a new BitTorrent tool that let him quickly and easily send encrypted photos of his three children across dodgy Eastern European network lines to the rest of his family. The difference is that, thanks to the BitTorrent protocol, which connects machines without the help of a central server, the service isn’t controlled by Dropbox or any other organization, including BitTorrent itself. BitTorrent Inc. Klinker believes his ten-year-old company’s fortunes are closely tied to this new tool. Related:  Torrent P2P /StreamingInternet surveillance and examples Bitcoin exchanges halt withdrawals as “massive” attack spreads Bitcoin’s bad week got even worse on Tuesday as the chief security officer of reported that hackers are launching DDoS attacks across the Bitcoin eco-system in an effort to exploit a software vulnerability that allows attackers to tamper with transaction records. CoinDesk has further details, but the bottom line is that the core code of Bitcoin appears to be secure, but that many other services — including exchanges like BitStamp — that are built on top of it, are exposed to the vulnerability. As a result, services are locking down as they try to repel the attacks and stabilize their services. The vulnerability itself is called “transaction malleability” and is not something new. In simplest of terms, it is a small window where transaction ID’s can be “renamed” before being confirmed in the blockchain. Bitcoin’s value has taken a fresh beating this week. - General News With so many online functions that require password protection these days, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. And yet, if you fail to create passwords that are strong and secure enough to protect your online accounts and your sensitive data, you could wind up in hot water. For one thing, your email could get hacked and used to send out malicious spyware to your list of contacts. But the worst case scenario revolves around identity theft, and if someone gets into your bank or credit accounts, this could definitely occur, leaving you holding the bag for the outrageous spending habits of a stranger using your identity, not to mention a plummeting credit score as you try to clear up the issue. In short, you need passwords that are virtually hack-proof. So... So just stop and think for a moment. This article shows some of the ways you can get use of technology and gadgets at events like weddings and birthdays.

Record-breaking DDoS attack struck on Monday, according to reports Somebody out there was getting hit hard by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on Monday, according to multiple reports. And it looks like this one was even harsher than last year’s Spamhaus incident, at the time the biggest known DDoS attack in the history of the internet. According to Matthew Prince, CEO of anti-DDoS protection outfit CloudFlare: Prince went on to say the attack was running at over 400Gbps (Spamhaus was around 300Gbps), though confidentiality stopped him from identifying which client was getting hammered. French hosting outfit OVH also reported fending off an attack running at over 350Gbps, though of course it’s impossible to say whether the same attacker was responsible. Reflect and amplify What’s interesting about the attack reported by CloudFlare is its technique. The new attack uses a similar mechanism, only it doesn’t exploit badly configured DNS servers. “Ugly things to come”

Vole is a P2P social network that uses Bittorrent Sync - BitTorrent Sync - BitTorrent Forums Vole is like Google+ or Twitter, but there is no server, all the stuff you share is transmitted to others using Bittorrent Sync. Vole runs in your web browser and looks just like any other web app, but instead of connecting over the internet to a central server, it connects to a server running on your local machine. When you create a post, Vole saves it as a text file in a folder on your hard drive. People who follow you have their own copy of your posts folder and it's synchronized instantly using Bittorrent Sync. Since they have read-only keys, they can't write back to your folder or interfere in any way with your data. The posts from all the people you follow form a stream of information that is updated live in your browser. The key technology is the Go programming language. The frontend is built using modern HTML5 standards (Ember.js Javascript framework).For more information, see our homepage: *** This is a developer preview only. - Mark

The terrifying surveillance case of Brandon Mayfield During a live Web chat in late January, National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden explained one of the least discussed dangers of bulk collection. By indiscriminately sweeping up the call records and the international communications of Americans, the government has the ability to engage in retroactive investigation, or mining the historical data of targets for any evidence of suspicious, illegal or simply embarrassing activities. It is a disturbing capability that should make even those fully convinced of their own propriety to think twice before uttering out loud, “What do I have to fear if I have nothing to hide?” But there’s another danger that Snowden didn’t mention that’s inherent in the government’s having easy access to the voluminous data we produce every day: It can imply guilt where there is none. To get a better sense of the dangers, consider the case of Brandon Mayfield. FBI agents broke into Mayfield’s home and law office.

About freenode: IRC Servers Our main server rotation is Pointers to freenode currently include,,, and Please see our acknowledgements page for the generous groups and organizations who have helped us to provide this service. The network needs servers on the Pacific Rim and in the Americas. If you think you might be able to help our community in this way, please take a look at the server hosting page and email us at hosting at freenode dot net. Thanks! If you're running Tor, access is available via our hidden service. The following table lists freenode client servers. The main rotation,, has AAAA records for servers with IPv6 capability, so simply telling your client to connect to by IPv6 should work. All freenode servers listen on ports 6665, 6666, 6667, 6697 (SSL only), 7000 (SSL only), 7070 (SSL only), 8000, 8001 and 8002. Accessing freenode Via SSL or on FreeBSD Accessing freenode Via Tor

Nonopticon: Hide in plain sight Torrent: Mediafire Rapidshare Megaupload Hotfile Torrent. Only newest mp3 NSA-Affäre - VfGH-Präsident fand harte Worte für USA Der Präsident des Verfassungsgerichtshofs, Gerhart Holzinger, findet harte Worte für die Rolle der USA in der NSA-Affäre. "Wenn da bis hin zu ausländischen Regierungschefs alles abgehört und aufgezeichnet wird, dann ist das die totale Negation der Privatheit und des Rechts auf Schutz der Intimsphäre", sagte der Richter den "Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten" vom Samstag. “Grauenhafte Beispielwirkung“ Die Handlungen der Regierung in Washington haben nach Ansicht des VfGH-Präsidenten "grauenhafte Beispielwirkung". "Wie soll man die Menschenrechtssituation in China kritisieren oder die Maßnahmen der türkischen Regierung bei der Einschränkung der Internet-Nutzung, wenn in den USA Grundrechte in solch einem Ausmaß missachtet werden", fragte Holzinger. Immer neue Spähaktivitäten Seit Juni 2013 kommen durch die Enthüllungen des früheren NSA-Mitarbeiters Edward Snowden immer neue Spähaktivitäten der US-Spionageagentur und verbündeter Geheimdienste ans Licht.