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Free vintage patterns for download! Hi everyone! I've been on a mission lately, scouring the web for free sewing patterns to whip up this Easter break and came across a few fantastic vintage finds! These might have been posted before, but just in case they haven't, here they are for your sewing pleasure:

Make It and Love It: Peter Pan Costume And attach velcro: Then turn it back over to the front and cut out some sort of shape to the shirt, creating some sleeves…..but still leaving a good amount to the width, so that you’ll have some shirt to cinch up in the belt at the end. Turn it inside out, sew up the sides along the new curves, and then turn it right side out again. Now, make diagonal cuts all along the bottom and sleeves. That’s it. High-Waist Bikini How to Sew a Vintage Style Before you begin, I just wanted to share some important information. I created this pattern for the high-waist vintage bikini bottom myself. I initially took apart a pair of underwear which fit me really well (boy-cut style). I used that as a rough guide and through trial and error and adjustments, came up with the final pattern (there are a few variations of it too). If you like, you can do something similar - try to make your pattern based on a pair of underwear which you know fits you just how you like it.

Sewing on a Button Tutorial Even though it may seem like a minor detail, once you've spent time creating a special project, it's important to sew the buttons on correctly. It's a quick and simple process that will help ensure your buttons stay on for a long time to come. If you're wondering about this adorable pattern, it's the Sunday Brunch Jacket from Oliver + S. The first step is to mark where the buttons will go. I use a fabric marker to mark the middle of my button holes: Next, thread a small eyed needle with a (roughly) 36 inch length of thread and tie it's ends in a knot, so you have a doubled 18 inch length of thread.

Vintage Sewing Patterns For all you time travelers, here is a comprehensive list of some of the best vintage pattern sites on the web. I've done the homework to find out which sites are offering the best variety, quality and cheapest deals in vintage patterns. 1. 50's Dress Patterns The 50's had a lot of sweet clothes, sure, but let's just say I got a little caught up on the dresses. The dresses of the 50's haven't seen a revisit in everyday fashion yet, so finding these designs in your local fabric store can be an impossibility.

Last-Minute Kids’ Owl Costume Oct29 by Ellen Luckett Baker By Ellen Baker Patterns Working with Vintage Jack Deutsch Scott Phillips Photo: Jack Deutsch by Alexandra Reynoldsfrom Threads #132, pp. 47-51 Ever since I was a preteen, I've been captivated by vintage style. Back then, I fantasized about being a woman from the '30s wearing all of the fabulous clothing that my favorite old Hollywood actresses wore. Mini Quilt: Rainbow Quilt If you have ever been to Purl Soho in New York City you have probably noticed how much we love to arrange things in rainbow order. Our yarns are stacked in their cubbies with oranges next to reds next to pinks next to purples and our solid fabrics are arranged along a giant wall sized rainbow spectrum. So as we were brainstorming about our Mini Quilt series we knew that one of the projects would have to reflect our rainbow obsession.

your style rocks Please consult our size comparison table, our table of body measurements and the "Patterns" section of our FAQs before you download and print a pattern. Favourite Frills Skirt Design by glamourie / Pattern by Your Style Rocks! This is the pattern for the Favourite Frills Skirt, as designed by glamourie for our Sophisticated Skirt contest. Cute Animal Costumes Note: For all of the costumes below, use our make up recipe and paint on a cute nose and whiskers! Almost any animal costume can be made with a little imagination and a sweatsuit! Apply strips of double sided tape up and down the sweat suit.

Fit and Sizing Vintage Pattern The most wonderful sewing projects can start with a vintage sewing pattern. You can follow the pattern exactly or get creative and interpret yesterday's styles so it coordinates with today's fashions. As an experienced seamstress, I would like to share some of my tips with you so that your first adventure in vintage sewing is a successful one. photo tutorial for the pillowcase skirt with godets!!! finally!!! I determined that just starting a new thread for this would be a good idea, as it Is a different skirt. same style, however. Alright, for this skirt you're going to need: -a pillowcase (duh). if your pillowcase, like mine, does not have a seperate solid colored band around the top, you'll either end up having your godets be the same pattern as the rest of your skirt or you will have to find some random fabric to use for them. i just happened to have some painfully bright yellow canvas stuff lying around.-thread in a color that goes with your pillowcase and will stand out well against it-a zipper. 7" or so is fine. non separating, of course. you'll also need an iron and a decent sewing machine, but i assume you have those if you're even going to attempt this. first of all, cut open all the seams

T-Shirt Underwear I know you've got them, lurking in drawers, the back of the closet, in the "giveaway" pile: those T-shirts that are, for various reasons, both unwearable and indispensable. They are too small, too big, too short, have a stain, a hole, or some other flaw, and yet you cannot bear to part with them. I took my old t-shirts and gave them new life. They were reincarnated as underwear.