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ApolloMaximus:Free 3D Human Poser Figure Downloads for Poser 7/Daz3D Studio Home DownloadApollo ReadMe FAQ Forum Gallery ContentViewer Newsletter Resources 3D Links other 3DHuman Figures Anton Kisiel designs , creator of dynamic 3D software content, proudly presents: Apollo Maximus: The Free 3D Human Figure: 2007 Release Free Poser Downloads include free 3D models, free Poser body morphs, free Poser face morphs, free poses, free 3D clothing library, free Poser python scripts, free Poser light sets, free Poser face room module, free Poser face poses, free Poser character poses, free figure texture maps, free clothing textures, & more. Jump to Apollo Free Download Links Jump to 3rd Party Freebies Thank you for you interest in, and support of, Apollo Maximus. It is with sincere pleasure and gratitude that the Apollo Maximus human 3D figure is provided free to the 3D and digital art communities, including most of all, the Poser 7 and Daz Studio 3d art communities. Apollo Maximus, the optimal Poser figure and Daz Studio figure. Do not batch unzip. Back to Top

Online 3D Model Converter Convert 3D models between file formats (i.e. FBX to OBJ or OBJ to STL for 3D printing, DAE to JSON for use with WebGL, ..). Supported input file formats include 3DS, FBX, Blender, OBJ, DXF, LWO, STL, PLY and more than 25 others. Output formats include Collada, 3DS, X, OBJ, PLY, STL (Text and Binary), JSON (Assimp2Json) and more. Tweet Some tips on conversions that this tool does not support (and frankly never will): Press Start to begin the conversion. Please wait while your files are being converted. Please choose the target format(s) from the list below. Add your 3D models below. See the FAQ for the details. Once you're done uploading your files, click Next. Step 1 of 3 3d,3ds,fbx,ac,ac3d,acc,ase,ask,b3d,blend,bvh,cob,csm,dae,dxf,enff,hmp,ifc,irr,irrmesh,lwo,lws,lxo,md2,md3,md5anim,md5camera,md5mesh,mdc,mdl,mesh.xml,mot,ms3d,ndo,nff,obj,off,pk3,ply,prj,q3o,q3s,raw,scn,smd,stl,ter,uc,vta,x,xml,xgl,md5anim,mtl,material,skeleton.xml 52428800 5

Создание игр: как сделать игру, программирование игры, создать игру. Free 3D Models, Free CAD Models Бесплатные фриланс объявления Ищите художников для удаленной работы над CG проектом? Доска объявлений фриланса поможет вам быстро, удобно и в короткие сроки найти специалиста по 2D и 3D графике. Доска объявлений фриланса создана специально для работодателей, которые теперь с легкостью могут размещать объявления с целью поиска фрилансеров. СЮЖЕТ: мы видим стекло покрытое полу прозрачной коркой льда. За ледяной пеленой фигура человека. Человек начинает движение и совершает удар по стеклу - лёд трескается; второй удар - лёд трескается... 10 000 Pкарта (проект закрыт) Игровой Low-poly моделингАвтор: Sergej64rus нужна модель карты в русском сельском стиле! Нужно разработать сайт и приложение для контакта с текстами на эзотерическую тематику. Привет. 3D МоделированиеАвтор: fotini Необходимо смоделировать собор по фотографии и плану для последующей 3Д печати с деталями но без фанатизма. ВидеороликАвтор: mosgraf Есть концепция заставки Всем привет! Игровая АнимацияАвтор: deep_ Я инди-программист, делаю...

3d Models and Game Ready Models Фриланс сайт удаленной работы №1. Фрилансеры, работа на дому, freelance : Free 3D Models 3DS Max Artist 3D Modeling Download How To Become a Freelance 3D Artist — Ebal Studios 1- Freelancing remotely to studios This one is actually a lot tougher than what you might think, people like to work with people they know and can see in front of them, in spite of all the tech developments, a studio will most certainly prefer to have all the team in one place. Usually if you work with few studios and establish confidence and they know you very well, you could later work with them remotely. Also if you have special skills, they might consider you, maybe they only get this once in a year type of project that you can handle. so they will send it your way. From experience though, trying to e-mail studios to hire you remotely is not easy and needs a very special art and I am not sure how much success you can have with it. But if you are good enough that you become well known in something, then it's very likely you will be asked for a project every now and then by a studio. You can check Allan Mckay's podcast on working from home: Work From Anywhere.

// - CG artists homepage with fresh CG industry news // 20 top tips for CG freelancers | 3D Artist - Animation, Models, Inspiration & Advice | 3DArtist Magazine Taking your first steps as a freelancer in an industry already heavily saturated with freelance talent can be nerve-wracking. Here, a carefully selected panel of veteran freelancers offers practical advice to those looking to go it alone. Read on for generous insight into finding success in the midst of a recession… © Henk Dawson Going it alone Play it safeApproach freelancing in a transitional way, so you are not dependent for it as 100% of your income. Get noticedI made the decision before going freelance to get my work seen on art forums, specifically ZBrush Central. © Andrew Hickinbottom Work smart Be flexible As soon as you go freelance, you have to be ready to be very flexible. Find the right balance For the first five years I did nothing but sit behind the computer for… 14 hours a day – until I got frequent pains in my chest that just wouldn’t allow me to continue to work. © Rizon Parein Finding bliss in solitude © Dan Crossland Portfolio boosts Be relevant Only show your best work.