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Moleskine Notebook with jQuery Booklet

Moleskine Notebook with jQuery Booklet
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Portfolio Zoom Slider with jQuery This demo shows the integration of a tiny jQuery slider with the jQuery Fancybox Plugin and the Cloud Zoom Plugin. You can navigate through the thumbnails and see a zoomed version when you hover over them. When clicked, the full image is shown using the Fancybox Plugin. Hover to zoom, click to view Quickly create any type of web form with our easy to use drag and drop form builder. Track and share status of just about anything. Rocket Invoice is packed with dozens of vital features for your business, and others that are more subtle (such as on-file credit cards for added customer convenience)—without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. TemplateSOLD is a new marketplace to buy and sell digital content items. For this demo we are showing you some of our sponsors, they have been a great support for our blog, so we thought we could give something back in a fashionable way :)

JQuery Plugin: imBookFlip. Page Turning without Flash I was asked by a client to create a bookflip (Page Turn) effect that did not require Flash. I found a Javascript class and decided to use it as the basis for a JQuery plugin. The imBookFlip plugin can load a book in an iframe or directly on the page. The book’s pages can be set to turn when manually clicked only, begin auto flip (turn automatically) as soon as the html page loads, or begin auto flip when first page (front cover is clicked). Adding audio is easy because Sound Manager can be used with the plugin. Default Setup The default mode for the imBookFlip plugin is inside a container that is positioned using relative positioning (position: relative). First we load the necessary files: Next we create a style for the book and a style for the book’s pages. Now you create your pages (inside the book container). Each div is a page and is assigned the page class (imBookPage). Iframe Option You also have the option of loading the book in an iframe. Ajax Option The JSON object: The CSS: Demos

How to Create a jQuery Image Cropping Plugin from Scratch – Part II Web applications need to provide easy-to-use solutions for uploading and manipulating rich content. This process can create difficulties for some users who have minimal photo editing skills. Cropping is one of the most used photo manipulation techniques, and this step-by-step tutorial will cover the entire development process of an image cropping plug-in for the jQuery JavaScript library. A Quick Recap In the previous tutorial, we reviewed: how to extend jQuery how to make a plug-in more flexible by using custom options how to create basic image cropping application Today, we'll take things further and wrap up our plug-in: we'll define more custom option, add callbacks, make the selection draggable and resizable, build a preview pane and a size hint and write some server-side code to crop the image. Step 1: Adding More Options Open your jquery.imagecrop.js file located at /resources/js/imageCrop/and add the following code: We've added more options and two callbacks, onChange and onSelect.

Menú animados con jQuery (10 opciones distintas) Si estas aburrido de crear menús de navegación siempre iguales, a continuación listo 10 plugins o tutoriales para puedas darle un poco de vida a tus diseños con apenas unas líneas de jQuery. 10 Menús animados con jQuery 1. A Stylish Navigation Menu. Menú con efecto cortina. Un completo tutorial con descarga incluida para crear un simple menú con un efecto estilo cortina. 2. Muy atractivo efecto, donde podemos ver las distintas opciones del menú desplazarse verticalmente cuando posicionamos el cursor del ratón. 3. Un tutorial que enseña a crear un menú que despliega mediante un efecto una imagen descriptiva de la opción que se esta seleccionando. 4. Excelente trabajo realizaron en Candes Projects donde clonaron el menú desplegable que utiliza Flickr, el resultado es prácticamente idéntico. 5. Un tutorial que explica paso a paso cómo realizar un menú utilizando solamente una imagen, y jugando con las propiedades de animación de jQuery lograr efectos muy curiosos. 6. 7. 8. jdMenu. 9. 10.

Sliding Panels Sample When Adobe first introduced Spry, our goal was to bring Ajax capabilities to the web design community, allowing designers to create web pages that provided a richer experience for the end user. As we know, however, the web evolves at a blistering pace. Over the last couple of years, frameworks such as JQuery have evolved to encompass many of the capabilities originally envisaged for Spry, making Spry as a standalone offering less relevant. As we can continue to focus our efforts in furthering the web, we have decided to no longer invest in the development of Spry. We do however recognize that for some designers it continues to provide value. Going forward, Adobe will continue to make contributions to JQuery UI, JQuery Mobile and other frameworks so as to help web designers create rich web and mobile experiences. Download Spry from Adobe GitHub account

Personnaliser une carte Google Maps - Tutorial Google met à disposition du public une application permettant de personnaliser graphiquement les Google Maps. Simple d’utilisation, elle permet à tous de générer un code que le développeur utilisera ensuite pour afficher une map personnalisée. Prise en main de l'interface de personnalisation Pour commencer, ouvrez l'éditeur de Google Maps personnalisées. L’interface est simple : en fond, la carte qui s’actualise automatiquement au fur et à mesure des modifications apportées. Exemple Pour comprendre comment marche l’outil, commençons par un exemple très simple : nous allons changer la couleur de l’eau. Centrez la carte où vous le souhaitez. Les éléments personnalisables dans la Google Maps En prenant un à un les éléments personnalisables de l'application, nous allons voir comment réaliser cette map en 10 minutes seulement : 1. Voici les modifications que nous allons apporter pour notre exemple : 2. › Man made : les surfaces occupées par des villes et villages › Natural : le reste 3. 4. 5. 6.

QuickFlip 2: The jQuery Flipping Plugin Made Faster and Simpler jQuery QuickFlip 2 jQuery QuickFlip takes any piece of HTML markup and flips it over like a card. The effect is similar to the UI animation on the iPhone Click to flip panel I’m happy to announce the release of QuickFlip 2, a major reworking of the jQuery plugin that flips any piece of HTML markup over like a card. Download QuickFlip 2 for jQuery Read the QuickFlip documentation QuickFlip works by using an animation shortcut that is barely noticeable when flipped quickly (hence the name). It provides an attractive alternative to other slower and more resource heavy Flash and jQuery flip animations. What’s new in QuickFlip 2? QuickFlip 2 is now even easier to implement. Additionally, QuickFlip’s new version makes triggering the flip effect much simpler due to a new flip function that can be attached to any jQuery selector. Download QuickFlip 2 QuickFlip Examples Basic QuickFlip example A ton of QuickFlips with a hover effect How to use QuickFlip 2 First let’s set up our markup.

A Simple jQuery Stylesheet Switcher There are lots of reasons you might want to offer your users more than one CSS file for your website: You want to offer a “stylish” low-contrast and an easy-to-read high-contrast version of your site.You have many low-vision readers and want to give them easy access to a customized stylesheet with a larger typeface.Your site is schizophrenic and you want to be able to change the look quickly. Whatever the reason, it’s amazingly easy to create a function that swaps between multiple stylesheets using jQuery. The first step of course is to build several different CSS files, which we’ll then swap between. The XHTML First, we need to create a set of links that will allow the user to swap between CSS files. <ul id="nav"><li><a href="#" rel="/path/to/style1.css">Default CSS</a></li><li><a href="#" rel="/path/to/style2.css">Larger Text</a></li><li><a href="#" rel="/path/to/style3.css">Something Different</a></li></ul> The jQuery Like I promised, the jQuery is really simple: Fine Tuning

La psicología del color, infografía para diseñadores web Que los colores despiertan sentimientos diferentes entre las personas no es ningún secreto, es algo que muchos diseñadores y especialistas en marketing saben desde hace mucho tiempo, dando a sus creaciones el aspecto necesario para generar el sentimiento deseado entre sus potenciales consumidores. Teniendo esta premisa en cuenta, en me presentan una infografía donde clasifican los colores y las sensaciones que transmiten, ayudando a la hora de preparar las campañas. Que el rojo se debe usar para dar destaque a pequeños elementos, despertando excitación; que el naranja es más apropiado para ofrecer algo de forma poco agresiva; que el amarillo genera la impresión de felicidad, siendo apropiado para sitios web infantiles; que el verde representa estabilidad, siendo ideal para sitios relacionados con dinero… Aquí os dejo con la infografía, espero que os sea útil.

Using Multiple JavaScript Onload Functions By Lee Underwood Digg This Add to JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in use on the World Wide Web. It can create interactive pages through the use of menus, forms and calendars. When scripts are written they're used to accomplish a given task, e.g., create a rotating picture gallery, or to validate a form. Loading the Page When a Web page is loaded, the code on the page — whether HTML, CSS, PHP, or some other type — is generally processed from the top down. function func1() { alert("This is the first."); } window.onload=func1; When the page is loaded, the browser will stop at the script above and execute it. Move it to the Bottom One method is to place the script at the bottom of the Web page, just above the closing </body> tag. Secondly, either the script, or a link to it, will need to be included in the actual HTML body code. The onload Function The window object in JavaScript has an event handler called onload. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Parallax - Ressources gratuites - tendance webdesign 2014 Vous voulez mettre des effets parallax sur votre site web? Voici une liste des meilleures ressources gratuites que vous pouvez utiliser: Tutos, framework,plugins, webdesign, sliders ! Comme vous le savez, cela fait quelques mois que le terme “parallax” a fait son apparition. Le terme Parallax s’applique lorsque divers éléments du site (background, contenu, etc.) bougent avec une vitesse différente, créant ainsi un effet de profondeur ou de décalage. Comme expliqué dans cet article sur les tendances en webdesign en 2014 (et sur plein d’autres sites spécialisés), le parallax design est une des tendances fortes pour le web en ce moment. Ci dessous vous trouverez une sélection de ressources (frameworks, plugin Jquery, exemples de site et tuto) pour mettre en place un webdesign parallax. Cool Kitten Parallax scrolling Framework J-Invert-Scroll framework Parallax multidirectionnel Slider full page parallax vertical Slider parallax 100% CSS3 – Images Slider parallax – Tout type de contenu