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Official Public Record

Official Public Record
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About - The UPDirectory analysing and documenting British Battles from the previous centuries Deutsches U-Boot-Museum Welcome… to the German Uboat-Museum, an institution highly regarded by visitors and international experts. It is composed mainly of the Uboat-Archive and a collection of Uboat exhibits. Started in 1947, the Uboat-Archive compiles all available information, photographs and personal notes by witnesses as well as historians of the history of German submarines, to evaluate those for objective historiography. In 1986 this compilation was reckognized officially as "Uboat Tradition Archive Foundation", using that name furtheron. It became a unique place for reunions of submarine veterans, but also a meeting point for many Uboat interests. Second pillar of the foundation is the collection of Uboat exhibits, where objects of all kinds from the history of underwater-operations are on display. In order to maintain and further expand this facility the "Association of Friends of the Uboat Tradition Archive ( FTU)" was founded in 1992.

Archive-It - Web Archiving Services for Libraries and Archives Language Documentation & Conservation (LD&C) New! December 2014 Upload: 22 new articles, 2 book reviews and 1 ‘notes from the field’ added to Volume 8Special Publication No. 8: The Art and Practice of Grammar Writing, edited by Toshihide Nakayama and Keren Rice, is available here (published December 2014). Welcome to Language Documentation & Conservation (LD&C), a peer-reviewed, open-access journal sponsored by the National Foreign Language Resource Center and published exclusively in electronic form by the University of Hawaiʻi Press. We publish with no fees either for contributors or for readers. Please download our flyer (LDCflyer2014), or our poster (LDCposter2014) and help publicize LD&C. Thanks to Joel Bradshaw and Aidan Wilson for help in creating this website

The International Churchill Society - Naval-History.Net Statens Arkivers forside Forget Google Translate: 3 Ways to Get an Accurate, Quick Translation Bad translations. We’ve all seen them. We’ve all laughed at them. At their best, they’re quite funny. The more notorious examples have even spawned memes. But at their worst, they paint a picture of unprofessionalism and laziness. The problem is two-fold. Thankfully, there are services that offer affordable and accurate translations you can depend on. UnBabel Translation services usually require that you either compromise on cost, or on quality. It uses machine learning techniques — much like Google Translate does — to auto-translate, but then passes the computer-generated text to a human who proofreads and edits for accuracy and flow. Then select the original language, and the language you want to translate it to. You can also select the tone of the text. Before you click “Submit Order”, you’ll see a breakdown of how much it’ll cost you. Then, give your email and a few minutes later you’ll be sent your translation. If it adds up, click “approve”. Sorry, Eduardo. /r/Translator Gengo

Dreamers and Dissenters How do people respond to the world they live in? When they disagree or dream of change, do they act within society's rules or against them? This site introduces some of the visionaries, dissenters and rule breakers of past centuries. Through a selection of sources from the British Library's collection, you can learn how these people have presented themselves and how they have been represented by others. Language is also an important aspect of citizenship. When you look at the sources... Think about the reliability of this evidence from the past (Who tells the story? Utopia Can utopian ideas ever be realised in the real world? The struggle for democracy In 1928, men and women were given equal voting rights for the first time. Counter Culture Explore countercultural pamphlets, handbooks, fanzines and underground newspapers that helped to promote action, gather support and inspire change. Concerns about crime How do we treat people that break the rules? Our language Filth and Fever ShareThis

Edinburgh and Belfast editions available for search as well. by marylenegoulet Sep 28