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Maison bulle bioclimatique enterrée - Art and the arts, Nature and Ecology

Maison bulle bioclimatique enterrée - Art and the arts, Nature and Ecology

Sofa ONYX Peugeot Design Lab x Pierre GIMBERGUES - DECO-DESIGN - Blog Design / Magazine Décoration, Architecture & Design Le Peugeot Design Lab – en association avec le designer Pierre Gimbergues – nous présentera le sofa ONYX, dans quelques jours à la Milan Design Week 2014… 70 jours de travail sont nécessaire pour sculpter le sofa ONYX, dans 3 mètres de long de pierre composée de carbone et de lave de Volvic. C’est le premier élément d’une série de mobilier unique, fait sur mesure. Découpée par une coupe franche, la pierre de Volvic a passé des milliers d’années à filtrer l’eau de source avant d’être taillée à la main et unie au carbone hi-tech qui possède une trame très structurée et technique. Le Sofa ONYX du Peugeot Design Lab c’est l’union, via une coupe franche exacerbée, de matières hyper technologiques – carbone, fibre de verre, aluminium,… – à des matières brutes et naturelles – roches, bois, cristaux de pierres. En savoir + sur le PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB

Live Between Buildings by Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann Two Denmark architects have designed a concept for narrow apartments that fill tiny gaps between existing buildings. Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann's project Live Between Buildings proposes a series of micro-home apartments for urban living. In the designs, the tiny living quarters are proposed in playful shapes including an X, an O, a tree, a cloud, a speech bubble and a space invader. The designers have illustrated, in a series of diagrams, how their concept could work in highly dense cities such as New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Helsinki and London. Mastalski and Storjohann's concept recently won the annual New Vision of the Loft 2 design award, organised by roof window manufacturer Fakro and A10 new European architecture magazine. Fakro has said that the winning infill-loft dwellings could be realised entirely out of roof windows. See more micro-homes » Images are by Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann.

This Guy Turned His Bathroom Floor Into A Starry Night Sky A creative space lover and Instructables user named Baldr used fiber optics to build himself an awesome bathroom floor that looks like a starry night sky right at home – and with his instructions, you can too! The lights seem like a good way to light the bathroom during a midnight trip, when you want your eyes to stay accustomed to the darkness. You’ll need to be handy enough to tile and grout a floor, too – and Baldr suggests creating a small test version first. For the rest of his instructions, read on! More info: Instructables (h/t: demilked) Here’s how his starry bathroom floor looks at night! Each of those points of light is the end of a fiber optic cable Baldr suggests keeping the light source outside of the bathroom This means that there will be a bundle of fiber optic cables entering the bathroom, and that is where you should start laying your tiles Just lift a fiber out of the bundle wherever you want to have a star. …and voila! You can basically fiber-optic anything, like a table…