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notes by zephoria - Open Access Journals 578 - It’s a Small (and Cartographically Incorrect) World After All! | Strange Maps The world may be your oyster, a stage, or one big hospital [1], it is also a Disney ride. It’s a Small World After All (IaSWAA) can be experienced at each of the five Disney parks [2] across the world. The ride has been thrilling - and its repetitive and catchy theme song annoying - guests since 1964, when it debuted at the UNICEF pavilion at the New York World’s Fair. When we say ‘thrilling’, we mean mainly for the up-to-four-year-olds: IaSWAA is a slow, spatter-free boat ride through scenery set to represent the entire world, replete with 300 robotic children singing the eponymous theme song in different languages [3]. The original ride fit in nicely with the overall theme of the World’s Fair [4], which was meant to celebrate ‘Man’s Achievement on a Shrinking Globe’. The vibrant colours, simple and repetitive music and limited range of doll movements are surely elements of the ride’s continued popularity - especially with Disney’s younger customers. [13] And a few lesser-known ones.

Probation Limitations on Internet and Facebook Use Violate First Amendment -- In re J.J. [Post by Venkat] In re J.J., Case No. D055603 (Cal. Ct. App. Oct. 15, 2010) J.J. is a 15 year old who was found to have received a stolen motorcycle. [J.J.] shall not use a computer that contains any encryption, hacking, cracking, scanning, keystroke monitoring, security testing, steganography [explanatory link added for others who may have also thought that this was a typo], Trojan or virus software. He challenged these conditions as being overly broad and vague. The court acknowledges that juvenile courts have broader discretion in fashioning conditions of probation than courts do with adults, but nevertheless noted that probation conditions must comport with constitutional restrictions. Through the use of chat rooms, any person with a phone line can become a town crier with a voice that resonates farther than it could from any soapbox. [We know which side the court comes down on in the debate Malcolm Gladwell started over the efficacy of cyber-activism!]

Digging for Truth Never Make a Promise You Can't Keep- Especially in Your Privacy Policy : Privacy Law Blog Expect the unexpected from your Web site privacy policy. In a handful of cases, including two which were recently decided, companies have been thwarted in various, unexpected ways by the commitments made in their online privacy policies. Are your intellectual property litigators reading your privacy policy? In FenF, LLC v. When you wrote your privacy policy, were you thinking about “the end”? Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) intervened in a bankruptcy case in which purchasers were attempting to acquire the personal information of subscribers of XY, which, before filing for bankruptcy, operated a magazine and website that targeted young gay men. The FTC wrote in its letter, dated July 1, 2010, to the counsel of the purchasers that the acquisition of such information would violate the FTC Act, because XY’s sale of subscriber information after XY explicitly promised not to share such information would be an unfair and deceptive act or practice. The Bankruptcy Code

Tools and Toys — Hand-Picked for Work and Play Electronic Communications, Privacy, Data Protection, and More Dr. Strangelaw or: How Portugal Learned to Stop Worrying and Love P2P Dr. Strangelaw or: How Portugal Learned to Stop Worrying and Love P2P On January 5, 2011, representatives of ACAPOR (a Portuguese association representing commercial retailers of cultural and entertainment works), wearing t-shirts with the slogans “piracy is illegal” and “1000 complaints per month”, filed a petition with the Prosecutor General’s Office (“PGO”) giving notice of the practice of 1000 acts of alleged usurpation of authors’ rights via peer-to-peer (“p2p”) networks by unknown individuals. Said petition was supplemented in April 2011, with notice of a further 1.000 acts. Following an Opinion by the PGO (“PGO Opinion”), the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (“DIAP”) of Lisbon decided not to file any criminal charges in relation to the notices; an integral copy of this decision was made available online by a main Portuguese newspaper on September 27, 2012 (“Decision”). Legal basis Background Analysis Investigation, Technology and Presumptions Reactions

Digital Lab The 5 Minute Trick to Dramatically Improve Quality Time with Your Kids My wife and I both have demanding jobs – mine as a partner at a product development company and hers as a managing director at a transfer pricing consulting company. We also are proud parents of a three year old, with another one imminently arriving. The juggling act has been something neither of us have ever been fantastic at. For me, it’s proven difficult at times to shut work off and fully engage. For both of us, it’s been difficult consistently coming up with great ideas for making the most of our time together as a family. But recently, my wife has developed a simple system that has brought some structure to our routine and made it a lot more enjoyable. In less than 5 minutes a week, this system has helped us com/2012/09/six-simple-steps-to-better-time.html" target="_blank">take control of our time with our son, reduce our stress and have way more fun. The Playtime Planning Worksheet It takes 5 minutes to prepare, and gives the whole family a much more structured and constructive evening.

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