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MaKey MaKey Quickstart Guide

MaKey MaKey Quickstart Guide
Introduction Welcome to the world of MaKey MaKey! A world where every day objects are much more than what they appear. Bananas are more than just a curvy fruit - they’re keys to a virtual piano. Play-dough isn’t just a tasty child’s toy - it’s the controlling force behind Pacman’s up/down/left/right. And your simple pencil drawings are a portal to Portal. Be prepared to look at every day objects in a whole new light. Covered in This Tutorial This tutorial’s purpose is to help get you up and running with the MaKey MaKey – everything from what the board is, to installing it, to using it. What is the MaKey MaKey? Materials Required MaKey MaKey – The star of the show! Suggested Reading What is a Circuit? What is the MaKey MaKey? The MaKey MaKey is a collaborative project between Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum of the MIT Media Lab, and us here at SparkFun Electronics. It’s a Mouse/Keyboard The MaKey MaKey is a two-sided circuit board. It’s an Arduino Ardu-what-now? But, I digress. Do a happy dance!

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Kit Makey Makey WIG-11511 Sparkfun MaKey MaKey Kit: how does it work? We’ve rarely seen anything simpler than this creation kit: with MaKey MaKey, you have an HID (Human Interface Device) board for connection to your computer’s USB port with its mini-USB cable, along with a set of crocodile clips (essential, as you’ll soon see) and connecting cables. On the front of your MaKey MaKey board, you’ll see 6 inputs: 4 directional arrows, a “Space” button and a “Left-click” button. FAQ: Questions About Makey Makey? Find out how to change the world Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alligator clip the Internet to Your World. In stock! Ships immediately! Reviews

MaKey MaKey Advanced Guide Introduction Previously on Getting Started with the MaKey MaKey we discussed how to make your standard banana space bar. But what if you want to make a full-on banana piano, and the default MaKey MaKey key presses don’t fit your needs? Among its many magical characteristics, the MaKey MaKey is easily reprogrammable, so you can customize the key-mapping to fit your project. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use Arduino – the most popular embedded development environment out there – to reprogram the MaKey MaKey and modify which inputs press which keyboard or mouse control.

Raspberry Pi Video Looper First make sure you've loaded the latest Raspbian operating system on your Raspberry Pi. You can find the OS image download here, instructions for burning to an SD card image here, and a convenient guide here that explains how to load an operating system. Make sure your Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet, either with a wired connection to its ethernet port, or by setting up wireless access to a WiFi network. Check out the guide on network setup for more details on using wireless and WiFi networks with the Pi.

HOW TO: Quick Start, Software Setup | Materials | Software | Troubleshooting Setup 1) Plug in USB Small side of USB cable plugs into MaKey MaKey, big side plugs into computer. 2) Close Popup Window Your computer may ask you to install drivers or do other setup. You can click cancel or close the window. 3) Connect to Earth Connect one end of an alligator clip to "Earth" on the bottom of the front side of MaKey MaKey. Playable Gameboy Costume November 4, 2014 AT 5:00 pm Instructables user fasaxc only had about 24 hours to make a costume for a party and constructed a playable and wearable giant Gameboy. He made sure he could get a Gameboy emulator running on his laptop and then printed a photo of the front of a Gameboy onto several sheets of paper.

Hover - Discontinued – Makersify Hover is a gesture + touch development kit. It lets you detect hand movements in the air for touch-less interaction. Interact with your projects by just hovering your hand and get rid of physical buttons. It also features five capacitive pads for touch input. Carrot Piano (A MaKey MaKey Project) : Reprogramming the MaKey MaKey This is a fairly long process but when you get used to it, it is extremely easy. Before you can program the MaKey MaKey using Arduino, you need to download the Arduino environment from here- . Download the latest version that suits your operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). The download comes in the form of a zip file, which needs to be unzipped to a directory you'll remember.

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