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"Il n'est rien au monde d'aussi puissant qu'une idée dont l'heure est venue." Victor Hugo

"Il n'est rien au monde d'aussi puissant qu'une idée dont l'heure est venue." Victor Hugo

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Ted Chiang (Author of The Lifecycle of Software Objects) Ted Chiang (born 1967) is an American speculative fiction writer. He was born in Port Jefferson, New York and graduated from Brown University with a Computer Science degree. He currently works as a technical writer in the software industry and resides in Bellevue, near Seattle, Washington. He is a graduate of the noted Clarion Writers Workshop (1989). Although not a prolific author, having published only eleven short stories as of 2009, Chiang has to date won a string of prestigious speculative fiction awards for his works: a Nebula Award for "Tower of Babylon" (1990), the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1992, a Nebula Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for "Story of Your Life" (1998), a Sidewise Award for "Seventy-...moreTed Chiang (born 1967) is an American speculative fiction writer.

A Basic Income scheme will eliminate poverty in Japan: Ensuring Basic Incomes for All Rather Than Welfare Public Assistance Japan’s social security system until now has been dependent on support from corporations and employers. Due to Japan’s present economic circumstances, however, they have become unable to endure such burdens any more. Basically, the aim of private corporations is to earn profits from their businesses and pay taxes from the profits. They are not intended to play the role of financiers for community welfare systems. Such expectations to them are, by the nature, unreasonable.

Operation Icarus : Will Anonymous shut down the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) ? ~ THN : The Hacker News Operation Icarus : Will Anonymous shut down the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) ? Anonymous Hackers starts Operation Icarus , They Release a Press Release Regarding This, as Posted Below : Operation Icarus Attention Brothers: The opportunity to create financial chaos and public unrest and from that, there will be a previously unachieved amount of lulz to be had. Charge your lasers and aim them at the the New York Stock Exchange. ( Why I Hate Android Why do I hate Android? It’s definitely one of the questions I get asked most often these days. And most of those that don’t ask probably assume it’s because I’m an iPhone guy. People see negative take after negative take about the operating system and label me as “unreasonable” or “biased” or worse.

Basic income in the Netherlands The issue of the basic income gained prominence on the political agenda in Netherlands between the mid-1970s and mid-1990s[1][2] but it has disappeared from the political agenda over the last fifteen years. Political background[edit] The political discussion on basic income was initiated in 1975 by Leo Jansen, an MP for the progressive Christian Political Party of Radicals (PPR) and Vrije Universiteit professor Kuiper. In 1977 the issue had been incorporated in the election manifestos of the PPR. The idea was also endorsed by several smaller trade unions of the Federation of Dutch Labour Unions.[2]

Generation Investment Management LLP "We hope to make sustainable investing mainstream and encourage businesses around the world to be more responsible, ethical and sustainable." —David Blood Generation is proud of its close relationship with a number of leading organizations working towards a more sustainable future: To support Generation's commitment to strengthening the field of sustainability research, we participate in the following initiatives: Why Not a Negative Income Tax? by Guy Sorman Replace the welfare state with a cash subsidy for the poor. Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis Milton Friedman first proposed the negative income tax in the early sixties. Republicans have been winning races again, but with a few important exceptions—Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan comes to mind—they have done so mostly by running against proposals by liberals in power, rather than by suggesting a coherent alternative agenda. This essentially critical approach contrasts markedly with the 1980s, when the Reagan Revolution worked to implement a rich body of policy ideas developed in advance by many thinkers, including, prominently, the free-market economist Milton Friedman.

15 Most Impenetrable Bank Vaults - Silver Vaults, Gold Vaults Even Ethan Hunt couldn’t crack these… Bank heists are extremely difficult to pull off, no matter what Hollywood might have us believe. Some vaults are so secure that robbers have heart attacks even thinking about breaking in. Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2011 After a week of torrid voting and much passionate support, along with a lot of gut-wrenching consideration and jostling during the judging round, I am proud to announce your Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2011: Mitch DitkoffMitch Ditkoff is the Co-Founder and President of Idea Champions and the author of “Awake at the Wheel”, as well as the very popular Heart of Innovation blog. .Jeffrey PhillipsJeffrey Phillips is a senior leader at OVO Innovation. OVO works with large distributed organizations to build innovation teams, processes and capabilities. Jeffrey is the author of “Make us more Innovative”, and .Paul HobcraftPaul Hobcraft runs Agility Innovation, an advisory business that stimulates sound innovation practice, researches topics that relate to innovation for the future, as well as aligning innovation to organizations core capabilities. .Idris MooteeIdris Mootee is the CEO of Idea Couture, a strategic innovation and experience design firm.

Guaranteed minimum income This article is about a means-based model of social welfare. For the system of unconditional income provided to every citizen, see Basic income. For the system where citizens receive an income stream through the public ownership of industry, see Social dividend. Guaranteed minimum income (GMI) (also called minimum income) is a system[1] of social welfare provision that guarantees that all citizens or families have an income sufficient to live on, provided they meet certain conditions. landWatch: Frank Brunings Notes on Affordable Housing "Instead of focusing on population, environmentalists should be working with community leaders and activists to build diverse movements to implement sustainable development strategies. When broader ref Frank Brunings has had 25 years of experience in the field of Planning for Housing. Frank hired on as part of the update of the 1982 Monterey County General Plan; wrote the Greater Salinas Area Plan, which includes the Rancho San Juan Area of Development Concentration; prepared three Certified Monterey County Housing Elements; and was Monterey County's first and only "Housing Coordinator." In this position, Mr.

Guaranteed annual income – a Big Idea whose time has yet to arrive Glen Hodgson has served as Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist of The Conference Board of Canada since 2004. He is the Board’s chief spokesperson on economic issues and is responsible for overseeing macroeconomic outlook products, tourism, and custom research. He specializes specializes in international economic and financial issues. There is little talk today among thought-leaders in Canada of a guaranteed annual income, or GAI, as an efficient and effective way to combat poverty — despite mounting evidence of rising social inequality and never-ending concerns about social exclusion. The Conference Board’s recent analysis under How Canada Performs highlighted growing income inequality among Canadians. Although it has a low profile at present, a GAI is a fascinating idea that could simultaneously serve economic, social and fiscal interests, and could be embraced across the political spectrum.

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