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Microduino: Arduino in your pocket, small, stackable, smart by Microduino Studio

Microduino: Arduino in your pocket, small, stackable, smart by Microduino Studio
A small sized board that packs a great punch! The Microduino series is a 100% Arduino compatible open source hardware, compatible with Arduino IDE development environment and existing Arduino sketches. Microduino is small. Its size is about a quarter (25.40mm X 27.94mm / 1.0inch X 1.1inch), much smaller than the original Arduino board. All Microduino boards adopt a uniform U-shape 27-pin standard pin-out (UPin-27). Microduino configures the pinout usage table well so as to avoid any pin usage conflict between different extension modules. We've benefitted from the open source community, and we're dedicated to giving back. Once you upload an Arduino compatible program onto the Microduino, you don't need Microduino-FT232R anymore. Also there are various Microduino pin-out compatible (UPin-27) extension modules available with low price (check details below), which decreases prototyping and production cost. You can reach us through Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Wiki for more Information. 1. 2.

Charles Gantt's (TheMakersWorkbench) Blog: Arduino Due Overview Arduino Due Overview When I first got my Due in the mail I searched the web for a simple overview to help me better understand what new features Arduino is bringing to the table with the new development board. The Arduino Due shares a similar form factor to that of an Arduino Mega with the due having a few more pins, and two micro-USB ports instead of one. It is important to note that using a shield that presents an input voltage greater than 3.3v to any of the I/O pins will damage that pin and could possibly (most likely) kill your Due all together. In-depth look (Some info provided by The SAM3X Core The Due’s 32-bit ARM core outperforms traditional 8-bit Arduino hardware by leaps and bounds. A 32-bit core, that allows operations on 4 bytes wide data within a single CPU clock. Memory The SAM3X has 512 KB (2 blocks of 256 KB) of flash memory for storing code, with bootloader being pre-burned in factory from Atmel and is stored in a dedicated ROM memory. Communication Power VIN.

New Next-Gen Nao Is Now the New Nao We haven't even managed to save up for one of the original Naos, and now Aldebaran Robotics has come out with an entirely new, entirely more awesome version. Sigh. Yay. So, what do you have to look forward to? Nao is skinnier. But wait! “On top of this new hardware version, we shall be delivering new software functionalities like smart torque control, a system to prevent limb/body collisions, an improved walking algorithm, and more. But wait! Want one? [ Aldebaran Robotics ] [ Nao Next Gen ] ADK Kit Cart: (empty) Categories Home Automation Toy Robots Robots Kits Débutants Intermédiaires Avancés Développement TinkerKit! Manufacturers Home Newsletter Home>Robots>Kits>Débutants>ADK Kit ADK Kit ADK Kit 295,93 € tax incl. Customers who bought this product also bought... More info Special kit for using the Arduino Mega ADK with an Android device ---------------------- MODULES 2 T000180 Button 1 T000090 LDR 1 T000200 Thermistor 1 T000190 Tilt 1 T000020 Accelerometer Module Version 1 T000070 Hall Sensor 1 T000140 Rotary Pot 1 T000150 Linear Pot 2 T000220 Touch Sensor 2 T000030 Joystick 2 T010010 Relay 1 T010020 Mosfet 1 T010110 Hi power white 1 T010111 5mm Blue 1 T010112 5mm Green 1 T010113 5mm Yellow 1 T010114 5mm Red 1 T010115 10mm Blue 1 T010116 10mm Green 1 T010117 10mm Yellow 1 T010118 10mm Red 1 T020040 Sensor shield MEGA w Power CABLES 6 T020060 20cm 4 T020070 50cm 2 T020080 100cm ARDUINO 1 A000063 Arduino Mega ADK Cart (empty) No products Shipping 0,00 € Total 0,00 € New products

AlphaCrucis Linux For more detailed instructions, pick your distribution: Requirements You will need to install some programs to use Arduino under Linux (the way you do this depends on your distribution): openjdk-7-jre (although openjdk-6-jre, sun's java 6 runtime, the sun-java6-jre package or the oracle JRE 7, should work too) it is HIGHLY recommended to use arduino IDE 1.0.1, because it use an internal pre-build gcc compiler. This exclude all tool-chain problem, or at least guarantee we all have the same problem. Download the latest Arduino Linux distribution from the arduino dowload section. Included Dependencies The Arduino software download includes custom versions of two additional dependencies: RXTX, a Java and native library for communicating with serial devices like Arduino boards avrdude, an application for uploading programs to AVR microcontrollers (like the ones on Arduino boards) from Arduino IDE 1.0.1 a full working avr-gcc package is included Other notes To fix: USB-Serial Devices or like this: