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Inspiration: Origami Cranes

Inspiration: Origami Cranes
It is said that when one folds 1000 origami paper cranes they are granted a wish. Source Source Source Source Source Here’s a link to a great video showing you how to fold a crane.

Top Ten Ikea Hacks of 2012 This past year I posted a few IKEA hack round-ups here from kids rooms to stylish home office ideas; and with each post I continually was impressed with the innovative and creative thought put behind each piece. So I thought it would be fun to round up some of the best ones from 2012. From customized billy bookcases to a clever window herb garden. Here’s this year’s top hacks! nggallery id=128995 Add Leather 13 of 13 Leather straps take this RAST chest of drawers to a whole new level.More info at Ikea Hackers.Industrial 1 of 13 A faux vintage steel sideboard from Rast chest. A faux vintage steel sideboard from Rast chest. Read my other posts on Babble here!

Furniture Upgrades & Building Stuff | Young House Love - Part 2 Changing Tables (And Our Minds) The changing table was the last functional piece of furniture we still needed for the nursery. And although we quickly agreed we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on that particular function – since diaper changing feels like such a short phase in a bedroom’s life – that was pretty much all we were sure of. Surprisingly enough, we used Clara’s changing table religiously. Stairs might be a diaper changing game changer, though. We offhandedly mentioned when we started the nursery that we were considering using my dad’s old dresser that’s currently in our closet, which could double as a changing table. So we scratched our heads for a little bit, and then we broke down our criteria: It was literally looking at that photo above (we were checking to see how closely we had hung the prints together) that we had our A-HA! We put it in place on the wall opposite the built-ins and well, it was a bit underwhelming. So we had an idea. Crown Prince

11 Reasons To Buy An IKEA Expedit Shelf (While You Still Can) The Expedit shelving system is one of IKEA’s most popular — and hackable — furniture items. We were therefore shocked to learn the Swedish retailer is discontinuing the Expedit range to make way for a new line of shelving. Here are our 11 favourite Expedit shelf hacks from over the years, ranging from Tetris game murals to luxurious hamster cages. The IKEA Expedit series is a range of shelving units that can be stacked, mounted or used as room dividers. 5×5 Expedit Shelf Turned Hamster Home “After lots of research and planning I hacked a 5×5 Expedit into my dream hamster cage. Create A Large Mobile Workstation Out Of IKEA Bookshelves And Some Board “Need a big space to work? Repurpose IKEA Shelves Into A Storage Bed Platform “If you could use some storage under the bed, you can hack two IKEA Expedit 5×1 shelving units into a platform storage bed along with two sheets of MDF, a 4×4-inch post and a few floor protectors.” Hack An IKEA Shelving Unit Into A Tetris Video Game Showpiece