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No Electricity Recycled Bottle Light

No Electricity Recycled Bottle Light
Alfredo Moser's invention is lighting up the world. In 2002, the Brazilian mechanic had a light-bulb moment and came up with a way of illuminating his house during the day without electricity - using nothing more than plastic bottles filled with water and a tiny bit of bleach. In the last two years his innovation has spread throughout the world. So how does it work? "Add two capfuls of bleach to protect the water so it doesn't turn green [with algae]. Wrapping his face in a cloth he makes a hole in a roof tile with a drill. "You fix the bottle in with polyester resin. "An engineer came and measured the light," he says. The inspiration for the "Moser lamp" came to him during one of the country's frequent electricity blackouts in 2002. Moser and his friends began to wonder how they would raise the alarm, in case of an emergency, such as a small plane coming down, imagining a situation in which they had no matches. Soon he had developed the lamp. "I didn't make any design drawings," he says. Related:  Passive Solar - Cheap, Easy DIYSocietyMaking the world a better place

How To Make Your Own Solar Oven For example: a. Get a large glass cooking pot. b. c. d. e. f. I think it's vital that you understand how simple it really is to build a solar oven and how you really can get a working oven up and running right now in just a few minutes. Don't worry about getting it perfect. Just get anything out there in the sun now and see for yourself how simple it really is to cook with the sun's power. Here are some videos showing some home made solar oven designs: How To Make A Solar Oven From A Pizza Box This video shows you how to make a solar oven from a simple pizza box (2 minutes)... Instead of painting the base of the box black you can use black paper as they do to create the pizza solar oven in this video (or you could use a black baking pan in the bottom of the box. How To Make A Simple Solar Box Oven Here's a simple solar box oven made with a cardboard box, clear plastic, electrical tape and alfoil. This kind of solar oven works better if you: Check out this example (10 seconds)...

London School of Economics: “Non rimarrà nulla dell’Italia” | Il Contagio Nel giro di 10 anni del nostro Paese non rimarrà più nulla. O quasi. E’ la conclusione catastrofica cui giunge nella sua analisi il professore Roberto Orsi della London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Che cosa ci sta portando alla dissoluzione e all’irrilevanza economica? Una classe politica miope che non sa fare altro che aumentare le tasse in nome della stabilità. “Gli storici del futuro probabilmente guarderanno all’Italia come un caso perfetto di un Paese che è riuscito a passare da una condizione di nazione prospera e leader industriale in soli vent’anni in una condizione di desertificazione economica, di incapacità di gestione demografica, di rampate terzomondializzazione, di caduta verticale della produzione culturale e di un completo caos politico istituzionale. Il governo sa perfettamente che la situazione è insostenibile, ma per il momento è in grado soltanto di ricorrere ad un aumento estremamente miope dell’IVA (un incredibile 22%!) Mi piace:

Yo Sushi's "flying waiter" serves your meal via quadcopter UK-based restaurant Yo Sushi outfitted a quadcopter with a food tray and is having waiters fly it to tables using an iPad Image Gallery (3 images) Delivering food with an airborne drone has developed into an odd trend in recent months, and now a sushi place in London is dispatching a UAV that doesn't even need to leave the restaurant. To promote its new rice burger, Yo Sushi outfitted a quadcopter with a food tray and is having waiters fly it to tables using an iPad. The UK-based restaurant chain decided presenting its Yo Burger to patrons atop a small aircraft would emphasize the lightness of the new dish, both in terms of weight and calories. Calling it the iTray (missing the chance to coin the term sushicopter), the waitstaff guides the quadcopter using motion controls on a Wi-Fi-connected iPad. It's certainly one way to create a memorable dining experience, even if it is a clear gimmick. Check out the video below to see the sushi-bearing quadcopter in action. Source: Yo Sushi

Futuristic water-recycling shower cuts bills by over $1,000 Swedish designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi has developed a shower that recycles waterOrbSys Shower saves more than 90% water and 80% energy while you washIt could save users over $1000 a year and help people living in areas with a shortage of water (CNN) -- In space, astronauts go for years without a fresh supply of water. Floating in a capsule in outer space they wash and drink from the same continuously recycled source. This was the concept behind the OrbSys Shower -- a high-tech purification system that recycles water while you wash. So how does it work? OrbSys shower recycles water as you wash Inventor claims there is no compromise on water pressure The closed loop system Read: Green machine -- Intelligent robot system recycles waste As a result, it saves more than 90% in water usage and 80% in energy every time you shower, while also producing water that is cleaner than your average tap. Mahdjoubi proposed the OrbSys shower while studying Industrial Design at the University of Lund in Sweden.

Google launches charity app to funnel $1 at a time toward good causes Google has officially launched One Today, an Android app that puts the spotlight on great charities and lets you give $1 at a time. The whole premise helps to eliminate a few roadblocks that stand between your money and deserving nonprofits. First, it takes away the decision of exactly how much to give. With very few exceptions, most Android users have a dollar and are more than happy to give it to causes they can support ideologically. Second, it gets rid of “analysis paralysis” — the inability to choose a charity precisely because there are too many to choose from. And third, it helps to take care of some of the research behind finding great causes in the first place. Also, instead of giving to a nonprofit as a whole, you donate your dollar to fund a nonprofit’s specific project. The app has been in a limited pilot test for a while, but this week marks its general availability to all Android users. Here’s what it looks like:

Solar Cookers That You Can Afford I just LOVE my solar cookers. Let me tell you why I like solar ovens: The sun is FREE fuel. I actually own a very inexpensive version and a deluxe model. In the past two years, I usually use the inexpensive solar cookit because it's: It’s easy get out and use. My Global Sun Oven - Solar Cooker works more like an oven. Now don’t get me wrong… I like the deluxe solar cooker too. Solar Cookit $35 So… how do solar ovens work? There are 4 basic principles you need to follow. Sunlight = Free Fuel. Converting Sunlight into Heat. Spray Painting Tips: Before painting your jar, put a strip of masking tape down the side of the jar. You can also paint a gallon glass jar black and use this to heat water. Using Reflective Material. Just follow the basic principles and be creative! Women in Africa are now using solar cookers instead of having to gather fuel and keep a fire going all day. So how do I use my solar oven? and something to keep the pot up off the ground. Solar Cooking – Here’s some examples:

L’ambiguità dell’impresa sociale Crisi economica. Crisi ambientale. Crisi politica. E poi ci sono i cosiddetti imprenditori o innovatori “sociali” che sempre più spesso si chiamano appunto “changemaker”. Ad oggi i changemaker sono tra i pochissimi che dichiarano di sapere come fare a migliorare le cose, proponendosi come attori fondamentali del cambiamento. Se prendiamo sul serio questa ipotesi, e consideriamo i changemaker come un soggetto (anche) politico, allora ci dobbiamo chiedere cosa succede quando a “cambiare il mondo” dovrebbe pensarci una rete di imprenditori che applica tecniche manageriali alla risoluzione dei problemi sociali. Il pericolo evidente è che l’uso di strumenti imprenditoriali porti di fatto a una sussunzione della sfera sociale entro quella economica. Eppure gli imprenditori sociali, sebbene usino tecniche di marketing e di business, e sebbene si confrontino con i meccanismi e i valori del mercato, tentano di agire per il benessere pubblico. Questa idea non è di per sé nuovissima.

Elon Musk unveils 'Hyperloop' idea 12 August 2013Last updated at 18:32 ET Passengers would undergo forces of gravity similar to an aeroplane, Mr Musk said US-based entrepreneur Elon Musk has unveiled his proposed near-supersonic "Hyperloop" transport concept to link Los Angeles and San Francisco. The SpaceX, Tesla and PayPal founder envisions using magnets and fans to shoot capsules floating on a cushion of air through a long tube. If the Hyperloop is ever built, a trip on it between the two California cities would last about 30 minutes, he said. But Mr Musk says he is currently too busy to develop the project himself. In a paper outlining the Hyperloop proposal, Mr Musk suggested the solar-powered system would be a faster, safer, less costly, and more efficient mode of transport between Los Angeles and San Francisco than the high-speed train currently under development. Continue reading the main story Elon Musk has given us his vision of 21st Century intercity travel. He's proposing a pod in a tube solution. '$20 a ticket'

Innovator: Martin Riddiford's Gravity-Powered Lamp Hazardous kerosene lamps, still used in many developing countries, are a major expense for many of the world’s estimated 1.5 billion families without electricity. Poor households typically spend at least 10 percent of their income on kerosene, as much as $36 billion a year worldwide, according to the World Bank. So far, efforts to use solar energy to power lights in developing nations have run up against cost and technical challenges. Attempts to use hydroelectric microgrids or repurpose old car batteries have also been problematic, says Joe Hale, president of the nonprofit Global BrightLight Foundation. Gravity could help. British industrial designer Martin Riddiford has created a pineapple-size lamp powered by a 25-pound weight that falls about six feet in a half-hour. Riddiford, 57, a co-founder of London-based product design firm Therefore, got the idea four years ago after leaving a meeting with a charity interested in solar tech.

Secrets Successful Entrepreneurs Know That Struggling Entrepreneurs Don’t In my 22 + years as an entrepreneur and working with successful entrepreneurs and successful business professionals, universally I’ve discovered that they have learned to think and act like successful people. This is what has allowed them to rise to the top of their profession. Each would tell you that along the way they have learned how to think differently. True, entrepreneurs struggle with their business opportunities for a variety of reasons. 1. 2. 3. True entrepreneurs with the right thinking prevail over a period of time. Roles Successful entrepreneurs, in contrast to those who struggle, have learned to separate their roles in life from their self worth or self-identity. Goals Even though much is said and written about goals and plans being necessary for success as an entrepreneur, few people learn the mechanics of successful goal setting and planning. Tolls Finally, entrepreneurs understand that there is a toll to pay. Image Credit:

7 DIY Pop Can Solar Heaters There are hundreds of different DIY passive solar air collector plans floating around, but I’m focusing on a few that incorporate recycled aluminum pop, beer or juice cans as the "solar absorber". These DIY pop can solar panels are inspired by Cansolair – a commercially-produced product invented by a man from Newfoundland, Canada. The Cansolair panels are well-engineered, and use materials with the most efficient thermal performance – as the hefty ($2749.00) price would suggest. What’s Passive Solar Heating? Passive solar air heating is considered the most cost-effective renewable energy – utilizing the energy from the sun by capturing it with an absorbing medium. Passive solar heating intrigues me. Crowd Sourcing a Design I intend to build one of these at some point and my research has turned up several designs and methods of construction – from very well executed to the afternoon "garage experiment". I know mine will incorporate the best ideas taken from the designs highlighted below. 1.