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Text Complexity Collection

Text Complexity Collection

Pearson Reading Maturity Metric 5 Effective Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom | KQED Education | KQED Students with special and exceptional needs are placed in inclusive learning environments more frequently than in the past. For general educators with a limited special education background, this can often be anxiety provoking and stressful. Every teacher wants to provide the best instruction and education for her students. As a special education teacher for the past ten years, my job has been to support general education teachers when we share responsibility of students with special needs. 1. Upon receiving notice that a student with a specific plan is entering your class, it’s important to connect with that student’s case manager. One of the most common accommodations for students with special needs is preferential seating. Take Action: Check and make sure you have current documents for students in your class. 2. Universal Design is so much more than one of the hottest buzzwords circulating around education circles. Take Action: View the video and reflect on your teaching practices.

Home » TextProject Navigating Text Complexity Understanding text complexity is essential to implementing the Common Core State Standards in ELA & Literacy. But what makes a text complex and how will it help prepare my students for college and career? What tools can I use to select rich, worthy texts for instruction in my classroom? How can analyzing the qualitative characteristics of a text inform my instruction of a text? We hope that you'll hop in and take these tools for a spin! This site was assembled by educators from CT, DC, HI, ID, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MI, MO, NC, OR, UT, WV & WY, members of CCSSO's ELA State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards. Mentoring New Teachers | Mentor Modules This MentorModules workshop will take approximately 10-15 hours to complete (not counting the time it will take to read each article). Three modules The modules were designed to emphasize the importance of learning among ALL students. Therefore, in addition to demonstrating how to build the mentor relationship, the modules cover topics such as how to help new teachers engage English Learners and create lessons that are culturally responsive. The case studies show how mentors can help teachers get beyond stereotypes and surface-level observations and really look closely at children’s learning in data-driven ways. Each of the three modules are made up of three lessons that contain a myriad of multimedia resources. Each lesson will include: There is no precise order for the modules; however, we suggest that you do the “trust and relationship building” lesson early in the process to make sure that as a mentor you get off to a good start! Start This Workshop

Liars Don’t Qualify Will Harris sat on the bench in the waiting room for another hour. His pride was not the only thing that hurt. He wanted them to call him in and get him registered so he could get out of there. Twice, he started to go into the inner office and tell them, but he thought better of it. He had counted ninety-six cigarette butts on the floor when a fat man came out of the office and spoke to him. “What you want, boy?” Will Harris got to his feet. “I came to register.” “Oh, you did, did you?” “Yes, sir.” The fat man stared at Will for a second, then turned his back to him. As he turned his back, he said, “Come on in here.” Will went in. It was a little office and dirty, but not so dirty as the waiting room. Will stood in front of the empty desk and watched the fat man sit down behind it. “Charlie,” he said. “Yeah, Sam,” Charlie said, not looking up from his work. “Charlie. “You sure? “All right, Charlie. The fat man stared up at him. The odor from under his sweat-soaked arm made Will step back. “. . .

Understand what you read The Mentoring Leadership and Resource Network Home Page MLRN Member Discussions Asking other MLRN members questions on mentoring and induction How the MLRN Member Group Email Discussion List Works The following are examples of the use of the MLRN Member Group Email Discussion List. Index Of Discussions The Role Of The Mentor Program Evaluation Perspectives for a Diverse America