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Kossel Clear - Let's build a full sized delta 3D printer! by Blue Eagle Labs

Kossel Clear - Let's build a full sized delta 3D printer! by Blue Eagle Labs
Update: We reached our stretch goal! Please check our updates tab for more information. We are Blue Eagle Labs and we are HUGE fans of 3D printers. For the past 6 months, we have been working on our rendition of the delta printer, the Kossel Clear. The Kossel Clear offers the following main advantages: Complete Build Documentation: For the 1st time builder, making your own delta 3D printer might seem to be a daunting task due to the vast amount of information that needs to be gathered. 1. 2. 3. Our Kossel Clear is a delta type 3D printer that uses 3 stepper motors to control the kinematically linked effector for movement in the x,y,z axis. Design Highlights Auto Calibration: Thanks to Johann Rocholl's auto calibration routine, builders will now have a lot less on their minds. Acrylic Parts: Acrylic offers the best combination of aesthetics, 'manufacturability', and cost. Acrylic Rods/Arms: Measure twice, cut once? Aluminum Extrusions: We love these aluminum extrusions. Table 1: Table 2: Related:  3D-CAO

First Look at the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner The MakerBot Digitizer, a 3D scanner, is a cool and highly useful accessory for any designer or hobbyist who has a 3D printer. I was on hand at MakerBot Industries' Brooklyn headquarters for the first press demo of the company's Digitizer 3D scanner. Following a talk by MakerBot's CEO, Bre Pettis, we were given a demonstration of the scanner in action. It appears to be simple to operate, and capable of good-quality scans. MakerBot Industries, founded in 2009, has made its name by developing 3D printers for hobbyists and professionals. The company wanted to build a 3D scanner to go along with its 3D printers. The Digitizer, which can scan objects up to 8 inches across and 8 inches tall, takes 12 minutes to scan an object to a digital file. The Digitizer can send the scan directly to the Thingiverse repository of 3D object files, or import it into the company's MakerWare software for output on a Replicator.

Fuel3D: A handheld 3D scanner for less than $1000 by Fuel3D Inc. We are delighted to reveal our special edition Joshua Harker designed cover for the Fuel3D, you can back this pledge level today right here on Kickstarter. Click here to view in Sketchfab. 1) Help us reach $250,000 and we will include tripod mounting capability to Fuel 3D along with PC remote triggering with all Fuel3D units. ACHIEVED !! 2) Help us reach 350 units of the Fuel3D and MeshUp bundle and we will add painless automated merging of multiple scans to create single unified model. UPDATE: We are now aiming to develop this software feature in time for the product launch, regardless of whether we meet the stretch goal or not. While this can be done now by manually using MeshUp or other tools, depending on the scan and desired results, it can require some time and effort. 3D is booming… whether in the worlds of gaming, making, or art, the demand for 3D is ever-increasing. That’s why we’re here on Kickstarter. The Fuel3D camera is significantly more advanced. How we got here Completed: 1.

Affordable 20"x12" LASER Cutter / Engraver, Assembled in USA by Full Spectrum Laser Finally, an affordable US assembled LASER cutter / engraver with great capabilities and easy to use print driver at a price that non-big businesses can afford. We designed this LASER from the ground up to set a new standard in affordable LASER technology for precision cutting and engraving. It has numerous features that make it the best LASER the world has ever seen at this price point. There is a 20"x12" work area, high quality (metal terminal) 40w CO2 LASER tube and precision CNC made hardware to deliver never before seen quality at this level of affordability. -Design = DONE -Functional prototype = DONE -First batch assembly = in progress! When it is released for $3,499 it will be the best LASER under $10k on the market. We found the design online and repeated it on the back. Just for fun. ... and with our removable bed our new 5th Generation Hobby Laser could actually engrave a surface that large - in many 20"x12" increments. This new laser is the best we've come up with. Wood Working

ZEUS: The World's First ALL-IN-ONE 3D Printer / Copy Machine by AIO Robotics Also seen in: Wouldn't it be great to buy a 3D printer, take it out of the box, plug it in, and be able to use it right away, the same way you would with any other piece of consumer electronics such as computers and TVs? Just as 2D printers naturally evolved to incorporate more functions into one device, we set out to revolutionize the 3D printing industry to give makers a complete 3D printing experience with a multifunctional machine. Finally, you will now be able to scan, print, copy, and fax objects from one device at an affordable price. The result of this endeavor for the past 5 years has been breathtaking. Our design philosophy is to create a product that can be beautifully displayed and used in any environment. Instead of plastic or wood, all linear components are made by CNC-machined aluminum (xyz-carrier, turntable) and the external metal enclosure ensures an extremely rigid body. Layer Resolution: 100 microns (200 & 300 options available for faster prints) Timeline:

3D printing with a delta robot that seems to simplify the concept This 3d printing delta robot really seems to solve a lot of the hurdles faced by previous offerings. With other delta printers we’ve looked at the motor control of the three arms is usually a it complicated. On this build the motors can just be seen in this image at each corner under the build platform. Each motor has a belt that loops from the bottom to the top for the machine, driving an arm along two precision rods. It’s also interesting to note that the printer head doesn’t have a motor mounted on it for feeding the filament. After the break you can catch a clip of the team showing off the speed and dexterity of the delta bot, followed by a printing demo. [Thanks Kyle]

Lemon Pie : un nouveau concurrent pour le Raspberry Pi Plus besoin de choisir entre Linux et Android, le Lemon Pi peut faire tourner les deux. Embed Studio n’est pas forcément une boite très connue à l’heure actuelle mais elle compte bien renverser la tendance dans un avenir proche et elle a ainsi profité du calme de l’été pour lever le voile sur un nouveau mini-ordinateur très prometteur. Le Lemon Pie ressemble beaucoup au Raspberry Pi et il se présente ainsi sous la forme d’une simple carte remplie de circuits imprimés. Une carte qui mesure environ 85 mm de long et 56 mm de large. Le Lemon Pie peut faire tourner Linux ou Android Elle est petite, donc, mais cela ne l’empêche pas d’embarquer tous les composants nécessaires à son fonctionnement. La machine embarque ainsi un SoC S500 composé de quatre coeurs Cortex A9 gravés en 28 nm. La connectique est assez complète elle aussi. Comme un bonheur ne vient jamais seul, le Lemon Pi sera aussi capable de faire tourner des distributions Linux ou… Lollipop 5.0. Source

Home - Pirate 3D The gMax 3D Printer - Print. Bigger. by Gordon LaPlante If we reach: Read About gMax Printer At: Imagine a world where you can come up with a design in your mind and have the physical object, large or small, in your hands with just a few clicks on a computer in the comfort of your own home or office. 3D printing is something that I was interested in long before I designed the gMax printer. Throughout this process I was working full-time and taking my exams to become a licensed architect, which I completed July 2012 – the first prototype was completed that Winter and I’ve been continuously updating, upgrading, and optimizing this printer ever since. Below are several renders showing the design's progression: With a 16'' x 16'' x 9'' (2,304 in3) build volume, the gMax 3D Printer is among the top when it comes to build volume capabilities. Also, the 16’’ square acrylic bed does not require heat if you’re using PLA. Another note worth mentioning is how quietly the gMax prints. Summary: Specifications Dimensions Weight Frame

$50 camera rig is the cheapest DIY 3D scanning system around In the last couple of years, we’ve seen some really impressive DIY 3D scanning rigs built using the Microsoft Kinect, like a depth-sensing DSLR rig and even a completely handheld 3D scanner. But who says you need a Kinect to power a 3D scanner? One DIYer named Giancarlo Todone built his own simplified and super affordable $50 system called the DephtInition using a single hacked Canon Powershot and some custom firmware. Giancarlo Todone DephtInition is ingenious in its simplicity since it only needs one camera to capture multiple exposures at different focal lengths. The process, known as focus stacking, takes this collection of photos and looks for differences in luminance. By analyzing the brightness of the pixels in relation to each other, an algorithm can discern areas of focus and assign “focus ranks” to parts of the image, which allows it to create a depth map. It’s a super simple and inexpensive method of creating color-accurate 3D images from a stack of multi-focused 2D images.

Tous les sites pour trouver des modèles 3D (à imprimer ou non) « Si vous cherchez des modèles 3D à utiliser dans vos créations ou à imprimer, il existe un moteur de recherche baptisé Yobi3D qui propose des milliers de modèles super cools. Les filtres du moteur sont pratiques, car ils permettent de choisir le format, la présence ou non de texture et surtout la "printability", c'est à dire la facilité avec laquelle vous pourrez imprimer un modèle en 3D. Easy,ça veut dire que ça ne demande aucune modification, Medium ça va demander un peu de boulot de réadaptation et Hard ça veut dire que vous allez en baver pour sortir un truc qui ressemble à votre modèle 3D. En tout cas, très cool ce site. Il existe aussi d'autres sites pour récupérer des modèles 3D qui sont assez connus mais que je vous remets aussi ici pour la culture générale : Vente flash -20 % Disque Dur WD My Cloud 3 To à voir chez la FNAC Rejoignez les 55656 korbenautes et réveillez le bidouilleur qui est en vous Suivez KorbenUn jour ça vous sauvera la vie..

Formlabs - High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer Phoenix 3D Printer by Ez3D Missed the Kickstarter? You can still get a Phoenix! Visit our web site at Some of our updates are important! Here is a list of the updates new backers should read: At the San Mateo MakerFaire, virtually everyone we spoke to asked us this question. So what makes our printer different? It's the software. Our software makes 3D printing easier. The Z Axis Most traditional 3D printers use threaded rods to drive their Z axis up and down. The Extruder Our extruder is designed to help prevent heat from traveling up the filament. A warranty. Yes, we have a one year on parts and labor. This spider house was printed using gray ABS and made up to look cool. We think the torture test above turned out very well, even when printed with the "low quality" profile! Build Area: 240 x 215 x 200 millimetersResolution: 0.1mm all around12-volt, 40-watt heater 0.35mm brass nozzleAccepts 1.75mm filamentHeated build platform, which means you can print with ABS! Parts Library Print Recovery Mode

MakerScanner - open source 3d scanning 3D Rendering Platform - Services | Easy Render easy render Hire the best 3D Freelancers now How it works how it works Get started now post Post a job on our global platform and receive offers from worldwide 3D Artists. hire Select the 3D Artist that best matches your style, budget or project requirements. collaborate Get notified of new changes and provide feedback directly on the 3D renderings. pay Approve the work and we will securely transfer the agreed sum to the 3D Artist. Browse all our 3D Artists See More 3d rendering services Request an offer now architectural rendering With hundreds of 3D Artists at your fingertips, it’s impossible not to find one that best suits your style, budget and project requirements. product rendering Bring your products to life - inject creativity and personality through our collaborative design process and enjoy faster project execution & quality control. 3d model construction Stand out from the crowd and make a statement - fill in our online form and receive offers from a global community of talented 3D Artists.