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The Times pittsburghlive The river-based education … The river-based education program RiverQuest is so low on cash that it could go out of business unless it can find a partner. See more Third baseman Pedro … Third baseman Pedro Alvarez was 0 for 5 with two strikeouts and stranded eight runners in Friday night’s 5-3 loss to the Brewers at PNC Park. See more An environmental group … An environmental group is giving Pittsburgh six surveillance cameras to spot people illegally dumping garbage. See more Choosing a prom … Choosing a prom dress isn’t easy. Most girls visit several stores, try on more than several dresses and often agonize over the decision. See more Defenseman Brooks Orpik … Defenseman Brooks Orpik sees a connection to the Penguins’ troubles at Consol Energy Center and their inability to control their emotions.

Darwin Awards Submission Ready to make your Nominee famous? Write it up! Even better than an exact copy of the news report! The creative reader is encouraged to take a stab (heh heh) at writing the story in faultless wry prose. Roll up your sleeves, warm a beverage, and spend time describing the nomination. Your insights help me write a better story.

Magazine - Table of Contents The Thirteenth Amendment forbade slavery and involuntary servitude, “except as punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” Crops stretch to the horizon. Black bodies pepper the landscape, hunched over as they work the fields. Officers on horseback, armed, oversee the workers. To the untrained eye, the scenes in Angola for Life: Rehabilitation and Reform Inside the Louisiana State Penitentiary, an Atlantic documentary filmed on an old Southern slave-plantation-turned-prison, could have been shot 150 years ago.

Houston Chronicle - daily newspaper in Houston, Texas USA with local news and community events Houston Chronicle is a daily newspaper in Houston , Texas , USA covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events. The newspaper is published seven days a week. The Houston Chronicle's first edition was published on October 14, 1901 funded by money from the famous Texas oil gusher, Spindletop. It sold for two cents per copy, at a time when most papers sold for five cents each. At the end of its first month in operation, the Chronicle had a circulation of 4,378 roughly one tenth of the population of Houston at the time. Today it is the largest daily newspaper in Texas. Herald Scotland

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The Trouble with 'The Testament of Mary' May is the month in which the church honors Mary; by happy coincidence, it is also the month when secular culture honors mothers. According to the Bible, Mary’s role in salvation history is small but mighty. Through the agency of the Holy Spirit, she conceives the Messiah, gives birth to Jesus and raises him to adulthood. She appears at a few key moments in Christ’s ministry—searching frantically for him and finding him teaching in the temple; urging him to assist the hapless hosts at Cana; and, finally, standing vigil beneath the cross. These brief glimpses into the hidden life of Mary suggest that she was an attentive mother, a bit pushy when she needed to be and faithful to her son in his darkest hour. Admittedly, this isn’t much to go on.

BURNT ORANGE REPORT - TEXAS The Independent Chef Moz Thank you for visiting For more than 10 years, ChefMoz was the largest international online directory of restaurants and reviews, covering more than 300,000 restaurants in 142 countries. Unfortunately, due to persistent hardware issues and a lack of resources, we have been forced to make the difficult decision to place ChefMoz on an indefinite hiatus. The Eclectic Walrus A newly discovered species of giant orb spider, named after Charles Darwin, weaves super-strong, super-sized webs. The silk of Madagascar's Darwin Bark Spider is the strongest, most energy absorbent ever discovered. It is strong enough to bridge rivers. Link

Mail Order Gardening Guide The Garden Watchdog is a free directory of 7,868 mail order gardening companies. Here gardeners share their opinions on which companies really deliver on quality, price and service. After you review the Introduction and Acceptable Use Policy, you can share your own mail-order experiences, or use our search and browse features to find reputable sources for all your gardening needs. Are you looking for a particular plant? Check out PlantScout to find vendors offering the plant, seed or bulbs you're seeking! For local gardening resources, visit our new Go Gardening feature.

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