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OAuth that just works.

OAuth that just works.

Webgl Academy : tutorial to learn WebGL kimono : Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds 5 HTML5 Javascript APIs to keep an eye on — Adnane Belmadiaf's Blog In my last post, i have talked about HTML5 APIs, so thought it will also interesting to write about some new old JavaScript APIs. Since CSS has been improving over the time and today you can achieve what was only done with Javascript with CSS only, on the other side Javascript have to improve and follow the evolution, so today Javascript can do a lot of things, like accessing hardware(camera, microphone, gamepad, GPU), accessing the filesystem and websocket. Battery Status API The Battery Status API allows any webpage to inspect the state of the device's (Laptop, phone or tablet) battery through javascript : var battery = navigator.battery || navigator.webkitBattery || navigator.mozBattery console.log("Battery charging: ", battery.charging); console.log("Battery level: ", battery.level); console.log("Battery discharging time: ", battery.dischargingTime); Gamepad API Gamepad API allows you to connect your console gamepad into your computer and use it for browser based games. Geolocation API

Translation management software for websites and mobile apps How to Minify a Javascript File? | - More on Front End Web ! The web technology today has improved dramatically and the way scripting is done on websites have changed drastically over the years now. Gone are the days when JavaScript was used to just validate forms. JavaScript now holds the major share of the website code. So what is minifying a JavaScript file? Minifying a JavaScript file basically means to compress the file by removing all the unnecessary characters from the file which does not affect the functionality. For e.g : Adddata.js has the following data inside it. Function to add two numbers //The function below adds two given numbers and returns the value. function addnumbers (number1, number2) { var c = parseInt(number1) + parseInt(number2); return c; } The same can also be written as: function addnumbers(a,b){var c=parseInt(a)+parseInt(b);return c} If you notice, the comments and the white-spaces and the newlines have been removed from the code making the file lightweight. What is JavaScript Packing? For e.g The others are :-

Kraken Image Optimizer · Fuse.js | K. Risk - JavaScript Refined Lightweight fuzzy-search, in JavaScript. Download: fuse.js - (9 kb) development fuse.min.js - (1.58 kb) production Why? If you need a lightweight, fast way to search through a list of items, and allow mispellings, then Fuse.js is for you. Forget all server-side logic. Try it out! Given this list of books, try searching by misspelling the title or author’s name: The results are sorted by score. Usage Suppose you have the following data structure: Example 1 Search and return a result list of identifiers Example 2 Search and return a result list of records Example 3 Search over a flat array, and return the indices Options keys List of keys (properties) that will be searched. Limitations This isn’t meant to work across hundreds of thousands, or millions of records. Note: the pattern string cannot exceed 32 characters. How does it do it? Currently, it uses a full Bitap algorithm, leveraging a modified version of the Diff, Match & Patch tool by Google. To do Browser support Problems?

Sly Introduction Sly is a JavaScript library for advanced one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support. It can be used as a simple scrollbar replacement, as an advanced item based navigation tool, or as a great navigation and animation interface for parallax websites. This is achieved by a powerful & developer friendly API that provides a bunch of very useful methods giving you control over everything. Dependencies jQuery 1.7+ And that's it. Compatibility Sly works in every desktop browser, and due to some divine intervention, even in IE6+, but that is a complete accident. Mobile Sly does touch events, and I'm generally trying to make it work everywhere, but the fact is that mobile is not tested. Changelog Sly upholds the Semantic Versioning Specification. Support Reward the developer And make him happy for maintaining this library! I don't want to go the Isotope & family route and monetize my libraries. Performance Examples Documentation Forum

Browserhacks Conical Gradients in CSS The following is a guest post by Shankar Cabus. Shankar made a really rad color wheel on CodePen and showed it to me. I thought it was an image underneath, because gradients like this aren't something CSS can natively do. Or so I thought. Shankar found a way to do it with newfangled tech. When I create filters, shadows, transformations or gradient backgrounds in CSS, it feels amazing. Despite all this evolution, CSS still has limitations. In 2011, Lea Verou started a thread about implementing a native CSS conical gradient, creating a draft specification which has already been introduced to W3C's official draft. Beautiful, right? The Beginning To reduce code duplication, I'm using Sass. This @mixin is only used to set properties of shape and placement, creating a circle of absolute position and centered horizontally and vertically in relation to its parent. The Magic! By combining a @mixin circle with the clip property, we can get a semi-circle. The Colorful Umbrella We are almost done!!

D3.js - Data-Driven Documents Une conception responsive rendue possible pour tous vos e-mails Vous avez probablement entendu parler de l’importance du responsive design lors de la construction des sites Web, mais cette conception est encore plus importante pour la gestion des e-mails. L’e-mailing est un tel milieu personnel que l’adaptation de votre message marketing à la taille de l’écran du destinataire peut être vital pour qu’il est un impact. Selon les recherches de Google, 82% des utilisateurs vérifient leurs e-mails sur des appareils mobiles, alors qu’une enquête GetResponse montre que 42% des abonnés suppriment les e-mails qui ne s’affichent pas correctement sur les téléphones mobiles. GetResponse, un logiciel de marketing dédié à l’e-mailing, est récemment devenu le premier sur le marché à proposer la possibilité de créer des e-mails vraiment responsive. Tous les éléments de votre e-mail – images, textes, graphiques et colonnes – sont redimensionnés pour s’adapter à des écrans de toute taille ou forme sans que vous ayez à faire quoi que ce soit.

SoFresh! - It makes your CSS yummy.