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Integrating The iPad Into The Classroom (Advanced)

Integrating The iPad Into The Classroom (Advanced)

Rising Stars Ensure your new ipads make a positive impact on pupil achievement. iPads have the potential to enhance learning and children love using them. However to get the most out of an iPad you need to be clear about why you are using it and what you want it to achieve. This free one module course will help you and your school introduce iPads in a way that adds to children’s learning experience. This course will help you to understand: why you want to use iPads how you can use particular applications to move learning beyond simple activities what other schools are doing that will help guide your use. Who should take this course? ICT coordinators, senior leaders and classroom teachers at schools who have invested in iPads or are considering an investment in the near future. About the course leader Nick Dennis is Deputy Head (Academic) at Berkhamsted School.

6 YouTube lessons for building better instructional videos With the rise of the blended learning model of education, video is becoming an increasingly important medium for instruction. The essential components of blended learning - such as flipped classrooms, MOOCs and “Bring Your Own Device” programs - are facilitated by video instruction to ensure the personalization and flexibility of a digitized education system. Over the last few years, a wave of YouTube channels has emerged to deliver high quality educational content in an accessible, engaging format. Although instructional and lecture videos can be found all over YouTube, these channels distinguish themselves by employing strategies to appeal to audiences. Here are six takeaways from these channels: 1. Sometimes, the most compelling videos are short and to the point. 2. Eye-catching graphics play an important role in making videos both accessible and entertaining. 3. 4. The success of educational YouTube channels owes a lot to the charisma of their hosts. 5. 6.

Online Presentations | IPT EdTec Online Presentations such as Voicethread, Slideshare, and Prezi, allow you to easily communicate ideas via the world wide web. Click on a badge below for the badge rubric. Enseigner et former avec le numérique » Le cours est assuré par un collectif d’auteurs de différentes institutions. Il est coordonné par Éric Bruillard, professeur des universités à l'école normale supérieure de Cachan, pour l’institut français de l’éducation. Le cours est sous la responsabilité des école normales supérieures de Cachan et de Lyon. Plusieurs auteurs sont membres de ces deux ENS : Pierre Bénech (ENS Lyon), Matthieu Cisel (ENS Cachan), Mehdi Khaneboubi (ENS Lyon), Isabelle Quentin (ENS Lyon), Françoise Tort (ENS Cachan). Les autres auteurs viennent de différentes institutions et régions de France : Jacques Audran (INSA Strasbourg), Georges-Louis Baron (université Paris Descartes), Béatrice Drot-Delange (université Clermont 2), Cédric Fluckiger (université Lille 3), Caroline Ladage (université d’Aix-Marseille), Marie-Joëlle Ramage (université Paris 11), Christophe Reffay (université de Besançon), André Tricot (ESPE Toulouse), Emmanuelle Voulgre (université Paris Descartes).