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Ghost: Just a Blogging Platform by John O'Nolan

Ghost: Just a Blogging Platform by John O'Nolan
What People Are Saying About Ghost Forbes - "If Mr. O’Nolan and Ghost deliver on their big idea that is now a funded project, content innovation may return to the forefront of disruptive conversation." Wired - "Ghost aims to reboot blogging ... a combination of user-focused design, open-source code & non-profit company" TechCrunch - "Ghost will take your boring blog to the next astral plane ... it looks so darn beautiful." Mashable - "Is This Kickstarter Project the Future of Blogging?" ProBlogger - "a simply, elegantly designed and useful interface ... Ignite100, Europe's £1 million startup accelerator programme - "Awesome work." AGBeat - "first exciting thing to happen to blogging in years" Ghost is a platform dedicated to one thing: Publishing. Ghost has a smart writing screen. Ghost grabs all the important data about your blog and pulls it into one place, so you can see it all together. Ghost does something ridiculously simple when it comes to your content. Ghost is a non-profit project.

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Neurio: Home Intelligence by Energy Aware Technology Inc. First off, special thanks to people who are helping us bring Neurio to life: Jordan Husney, Chris Hennig, Mo Afrasiabi, Guo Zhenyu, Robert Virtue, Oren Shklarsky, Amir Valizadeh, and Sam Goldman. We also thank our friends who have helped us put a great campaign together: Adrian Oruclar, Paul Detjen, Meera Dalal, Yaniv Talmor, Dallas Luther, Zach Supalla, Stephanie Rich, James Hallam, Salim Hassan, Sophia Haque, Robin Yaredic, Ava and Aryan Yazdani, Marla Parker, Taran Grey, Ramin Sahebjavaher, Ashish Mohan, Nicholas Himmelman, Andy Nguyen, Sina Sahami, Paul Cubbon. We also wish to thank our moms. Just because. Is shipping included? To what countries?

Molecule Synth:An Electronic Musical Instrument for Everyone by Travis Feldman BoingBoing: "...Molecule Synth looks like terrific mix of [neat noisemakers, games, water sensors]! ...I can't wait for my son and I to get our hands on a set!" MakeZine Blog: "[Molecule Synth is] a cool synthesizer that can be pieced together, Lego-like, from a series of hexagonal modules that feature different effects"

What are Google's 200 Ranking Factors? When working on SEO campaigns and projects to improve the visibility of websites in search engines, it is essential that every person involved in the project is fully aware of every aspect that affects and impacts how Google perceives your site and then ranks your website in its search engine. “Why aren’t we on page 1 yet?” It is the duty of any digital marketer to fully understand each ranking factor prior to getting involved in an SEO project. Why? To manage expectations.

Ten websites that teach coding and a bunch of other things By pandodailyguest On April 5, 2013 Seemingly every day there’s a new article or blog post imploring you to learn how to code. “Those who code have the power to transform their dreams into reality.” “Coding will help you keep [your job], or help you make a case for a raise.” “You should learn to program because it’s easy, it’s fun, it will increase your skill set, and… it will fundamentally change your perspective on the world.” Coup Reformation - Kickstarter Edition by Travis Miss the project? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at to be informed of our next project. Have a question?

Try iOS: iPhone App Development Course by Eric Allam We want to create Try iOS, a Code School course which teaches how to build your own iPhone apps. Our course will combine high quality screencasts, in-browser code challenges, and gamification principles to make learning fun. There will be no need to install anything, since students will build iPhone apps using our in-browser iPhone simulator (see the video above for a demo). You might notice that we already reached our funding goal, thanks if you already helped fund us! Website Generates Funny, Definitely Non-Mainstream Hipster Business Ideas San Francisco resident Cass Chin has created a hilarious webpage named "Brooklyn Brooklyn Company Company" that generates outrageous hipster business ideas for Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs—we are guessing that Chin thought that Brooklyn, a hipster stronghold, is a great place to start such companies. A witty parody of existing hipster businesses, these faux companies sell the kind of things that the regular mainstream-hating hipster will probably fork out money for—for instance, “artisanal, small batch moustache wax” and “farm-to-table urban futons”. In particular, we are impressed by Chin’s grasp of hipster vocabulary, which he used to form ridiculous business tag-lines that do a great job of mocking the hipster lifestyle. However, some of these ideas may just be crazy enough to work—such as the “Brooklyn Laser Disc Company”, because obsolete media is as non-mainstream as it can get. [via Laughing Squid] Receive interesting stories like this one in your inbox

Indochino suits up with $13M for custom-made mens clothing Getting a man to shop can be a difficult task. Indochino has raised $13 million to make it easier. Indochino is an online menswear store that makes shopping for stylish clothing as painless as possible. Men pick from a selection of suits, shirts, outerwear and accessories to choose their style, customize their choices with details like monograms and linings, and go through a quick step-by-step guide to create their measurement profile. uArm: Put a Miniature Industrial Robot Arm on Your Desk by UFactory Bluetooth is available now as an add-on option. To control your uArm wirelessly as well as having the opportunity to be the first to play with our smart phone apps, you can back us with an additional $30 and send us an email to See more details about the Bluetooth here. When hearing the word “robot”, most of us may think of the giant industrial robot arms.

SkyCube: The First Satellite Launched by You! by Tim DeBenedictis You, Team SkyCube, have outdone yourselves. Not only did you meet our original $82.5K funding goal, you surpassed our stretch goal of $110K. Everyone knows Neil Armstrong's most famous quote. Secondhand Supercars - Up and Running - Secondhand Supercar Our site has arrived - here to bring the best rarities and supercars to you, with advice and help for sellers and buyers. Our forum is up for discussions and pictures, helpful links and whatever other performance car related talk our visitors want to take part in! We've got a lot coming up, but we thought we'd use our first post to show you some gems we've found on the internet recently. Super-Rare Supercar InnovateCV innovates the resume, the cover letter, and the application … right out of existence The three trusty standbys of jobs searches, resumes, applications, and covering letters, may soon be a thing of the past. Which might be a relief for anyone who’s recently been forced to write one. InnovateCV will be launching a new company and product, Apploi, in April. I chatted with CEO Adam Lewis about the new product which, taken to its logical conclusion, could obsolete much of the founding company.

Gigabot 3D Printing: This is Huge! by re:3D Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email