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MultiBit • Secure lightweight international Bitcoin wallet Send Bitcoins Via Facebook, SMS & Email - My Wallet Is it Secure? It is as secure as the your email, facebook or phone inbox. If your faceboook account got hacked the attacker would be able to redeem any unclaimed payments. Is my Facebook account linked to My Wallet in anyway? No. What happens if the transaction is not claimed? The private key the funds were sent to is saved in the senders archived addresses. The recipient did not receive the confirmation message? Login to your My Wallet account, click the [Receive Money] tab and then archived addresses.

Bitcoin Dark Wallet to build anonymity How to Buy Bitcoins Coincove - South America BitMinter - Bitcoin made easy! Bitcoin Paper Wallet Tutorial - A paper wallet is a way to store Bitcoins that involves printing the Bitcoin addresses and private keys directly on a piece of paper. When done properly, paper wallets are one of the safest ways possible to store Bitcoins. bitcoin wiki Paper Wallet Advantages Protection from malware and keyloggers. Maintain 100% ownership of your private keys. You own the coins not a 3rd party service. Paper Wallet Disadvantages The paper contains everything needed to spend the coins and must be kept physically secure. In this tutorial we are going to use and the android app to emphasize the fact your are not dependant on any website. All Done! Assuming no errors your transaction will be sent instantly.

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