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Brain-to-brain interfaces have arrived, and they are absolutely mindblowing

Brain-to-brain interfaces have arrived, and they are absolutely mindblowing
I am almost speechless at this! This is astounding! This is truly astounding! If it can be scaled up to the human level, if it can be done without what is sure to be hugely invasive brain surgery, this might revolutionize everything in ways we barely guess at. For example, imagine a trained and skilled pianist, guiding students through piano lessons by guiding their motor impulses though this system. This is truly incredible. Still even at only 66% accuracy it's remarkable. Related:  Computer-Human Interface

Biotech Breakthrough: Monkeys can feel virtual objects using a brain implant As long as they figure out which areas to stimulate those problems can be solved with neuro-optics. It works by inserting a gene into the target neurons that makes them fire when exposed to a specific frequency of light. So instead of having to physically insert pieces of metal into the brain they place small laser diodes on the outside of the brain and fire them through the intervening tissue without actually harming it. Since no parts of the device is in direct contact with the brain it can be replaced, or upgraded, without worrying about permanently damage to the brain itself. Been successfully done in animals, but obviously anything that requires genetic engineering of neurons obviously have to make their way through a couple miles of red tape before they can even be tried on humans, so they have still barely entered human testing afaik. Still, it's a very promising technology.

A Brain-to-Brain Interface for Real-Time Sharing of Sensorimotor Information : Scientific Reports In our training paradigm, animals learned basic elements of the tasks prior to participating in any BTBI experiments. First, prospective encoder rats were trained to respond to either tactile or visual stimuli until they reached 95% correct trials accuracy. Meanwhile, decoder rats were trained to become proficient while receiving ICMS as a stimulus. The next phase of training began with the encoder rat performing ~10 trials of the motor or tactile task, which were used to construct a cortical ensemble template, i.e. the mean cortical neuronal activity for one of the responses. In experiment 1 (Figure 1), encoder rats (N = 3) pressed one of two levers after an LED on top of the lever was turned on. A) Performance of encoder and decoder animals during transfer of motor information via a BTBI. Full size image (222 KB) The primary factor that influenced the decoder rat's performance was the quality of spatial information extracted from the encoder rat's M1. Full size image (314 KB)

Nano Brain Implant for mind control Nano Brain Implant for mind control Nano Brain Implant for “mind control” Nano-implants for mind control, heaven or hell? By: MIND TECH SWEDEN The conventions once have been established to protect people from abuse research is of nanotechnology neutralized, the gambling. Where is the supervisory / regulatory framework that monitors and prevents experimentation with nanoelectronics in humans? Where is the knowledge that can assist people who consider themselves victims of experiments with nano-electronics, with the help? Since nano-electronics are so small, it is impossible to trace, that the burden of proof is lacking, it enables new grotesque abuse research for computer-brain integration fatal in more and more people. With the current political framework blames all on each other and no politician would take responsibility. One of the greatest experiments of all time. Nanotechnology is a new industrial revolution of man. What is nanoelectronics? Mind Control – a new ethical problem!

Immersive Cocoon // Step Into The Future Directed & 3D CG by Oliver Zeller, Video Courtesy of I-Cocoon The world of interfaces continues to evolve and surprise us. We still think of it as something we can hold, fold and place in our bag to carry anywhere. Image Courtesy of I-Cocoon The Immersive Cocoon opens its hatch silently and extends a small set of stairs that helps you move into this 360 degree display covering the entire interior walls. The Cocoon's potential extends beyond leisure and into education, productivity, training and other uses that would benefit from this immersive technology. sources: I-Cocoon, NAU

Non-Invasive Brain-to-Brain Interface (BBI): Establishing Functional Links between Two Brains Transcranial focused ultrasound (FUS) is capable of modulating the neural activity of specific brain regions, with a potential role as a non-invasive computer-to-brain interface (CBI). In conjunction with the use of brain-to-computer interface (BCI) techniques that translate brain function to generate computer commands, we investigated the feasibility of using the FUS-based CBI to non-invasively establish a functional link between the brains of different species (i.e. human and Sprague-Dawley rat), thus creating a brain-to-brain interface (BBI). The implementation was aimed to non-invasively translate the human volunteer’s intention to stimulate a rat’s brain motor area that is responsible for the tail movement. The volunteer initiated the intention by looking at a strobe light flicker on a computer display, and the degree of synchronization in the electroencephalographic steady-state-visual-evoked-potentials (SSVEP) with respect to the strobe frequency was analyzed using a computer.

The Science of Ascension - Positrons Have Arrived to Transform Our Reality | In5D Updated April 30, 2014 by in5d Alternative News * Visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! When I discovered at that scientists are seeing the Sun ejecting POSITRONS now, I started jumping up and down and screaming with joy. This is what the entire world would be doing right now if they knew what this means. This is the first time scientists have ever seen positrons being ejected from the SUN because it is the first time positrons have been ejected from the sun in this reality system. The teachings that were brought to Earth over the past fifteen years by Guardian Races taught us that the universal reality that we have been living in is based on has been the reverse spin technology of locking us into this density. have been INVOLUTING or coming down into density. Related: Do Cosmic Rays Evolve Consciousness & Transform DNA? I learned about the positron from Ramtha in the Legacy Teachings DVD’s. time.

Emotiv Lifescience by Nick Wasko on Prezi Researcher controls colleague's motions in first human brain-to-brain interface University of Washington researchers have performed what they believe is the first noninvasive human-to-human brain interface, with one researcher able to send a brain signal via the Internet to control the hand motions of a fellow researcher. Using electrical brain recordings and a form of magnetic stimulation, Rajesh Rao sent a brain signal to Andrea Stocco on the other side of the UW campus, causing Stocco's finger to move on a keyboard. While researchers at Duke University have demonstrated brain-to-brain communication between two rats, and Harvard researchers have demonstrated it between a human and a rat, Rao and Stocco believe this is the first demonstration of human-to-human brain interfacing. "The Internet was a way to connect computers, and now it can be a way to connect brains," Stocco said. The researchers captured the full demonstration on video recorded in both labs. Rao looked at a computer screen and played a simple video game with his mind.

What Ray Kurzweil Is Doing at Google 1. What Ray Kurzweil is doing at Google: teaching computers to read. "So IBM's Watson is a pretty weak reader on each page, but it read the 200m pages of Wikipedia. And basically what I'm doing at Google is to try to go beyond what Watson could do. To do it at Google scale. Which is to say to have the computer read tens of billions of pages. 2. "The system consists of a 1.0 mm×1.0 mm ingestible sensor and an on-body wearable sensor. 3. "First, Vertesi made sure there were absolutely no mentions of her pregnancy on social media, which is one of the biggest ways marketers collect information. 4. "In China Miéville’s The City & The City, citizens of the grosstopically overlapping cities of Besźel and Ul Qoma are taught from birth to 'unsee' the architecture, people, events, and surroundings of the other city. 5. Today's 1957 American English Usage Tip: begging the question.