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TripCart - Road Trip Planner

TripCart - Road Trip Planner
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Free Travel Tips, Advice & Hints: Routing Software, Route Planning Software, Delivery Route Planner How to Plan a Road Trip Across America A road trip across America can produce memories that will last a lifetime, but whether those memories will be good or bad might depend on how the trip is planned. Like an astronaut, you will be confined to tight sitting quarters in a vehicle for long stretches of time with other people. There is much more to consider than just plotting a route from point A to point B and what sights to see along the way. Items you will need Road atlasCoolerFirst-aid kitFlashlight Step 1 Step 2 Stop at state welcome centers and rest areas rather than whizzing past them to the next exit. Step 3 Bring a cooler stocked with perishable food and beverages. Step 4 Join an emergency roadside assistance organization, such as AAA, before you leave. Step 5 Step 6 Tip Check with your cell phone provider about coverage in the regions you will be traveling. Warning Pack a first-aid kit and a flashlight. About the Author Photo Credits desert highway image by MAXFX from

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