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Two years ago, my family and I moved into a 3-bedroom, 1700-sq-ft house. It was a big change from the 390-sq-ft apartment we’d left behind in England—but just about the smallest home we could find within a short commute of my husband’s office. Several readers have asked me how our larger space has affected our furniture needs. In particular, inquiring minds want to know: do we have more, less, the same, or different stuff than we had before? The answer: a little bit more, but really just different. Our house has an open floor plan—the kitchen, living room, and dining room are all in one big space.

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How to Downsize and Get Rid of Clutter We’re downsizing, in a big way. Going from a sprawling suburban apartment (okay, it’s 820 square feet) to cramped (but charming) place in the city means we’ve had to downsize. In order for our new space to not look cluttered, we need less furniture and less stuff. So we got rid of about half of it. Here’s how we did it: 1. Real Life Minimalists: Dee Every Monday I post Real Life Minimalists, a profile of one of my readers in their own words. If you’d like to participate, click here for details. This week, we have a lovely contribution from Dee, who tells us about her sweet family and simple life in small town Minnesota. What an inspiration! Dee writes:

Lindsey Lewis Lindsey Lewis Sitemap for Lindsey Lewis RSS Feed | Sitemap.xml | Sitemap.xml.gz Posts Pages The Minimalist Guide to Saving Money Simplifying starts with tentative baby steps. Your first step is always the hardest. However, after you get started you’ll be off and running in no time. For example, at the beginning of 2008 Logan and I sat down and decided we were going to live a minimal, debt free life.

50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making As a society, we have become over-reliant on “ready made” products. We have lost the ability to make things from scratch. Rather than blend up some peanuts to make delicious, tasty and fresh peanut butter, we’ll spend many dollars on a jar from the store that contains artificial preservatives, unnecessary packaging and that simply lines the pockets of huge, unethical multinational corporations. Happy Brain Movement What I Learned in the Psych Ward I’ve shared much of my story of depression through bits and pieces on my blog. The reason I began sharing my story in the last couple of years was partly because, throughout my previous ten years of depression, I had felt so alone in the darkest days and I wanted other people to realize that they were not alone in theirs. One of the most wretched parts of feeling so low is that you actually believe that nobody else will understand how you’re feeling. The feelings are so intense – and words are so inept at describing these...

The Minimalist Guide to Leaving Your Soul-Crushing Day Job @suopters: He just got lucky. I've been in a soul-crushing job for the last 1.5 years that is slowly cutting my hours down to almost nothing. I'm living paycheck-to-paycheck (making $14k/year less than before I went back to college). I have dreams that I can't follow because I can't even afford to take a week off.

May Declutter Calendar: 15 Minute Daily Missions For Month Here's the May 2014 declutter calendar with a daily 15 minute decluttering and organizing mission for each day of the month. Remember, here are the ground rules: 1. Work for 15 minutes to declutter and do the mission listed, and if you need to work longer, and have the time, go for it. However, don't feel obligated to.

Inspirational Archives - Personal Development ToolboxPersonal Development Toolbox The popular view is that the good life is about having extreme wealth, power, prestige, and beauty. Only the elite few have these advantages. So the good life is way out of your reach. Not so. The good life is not about having these worldly advantages. Seven portable furniture units for compact urban apartments As space becomes more and more confined in modern times, it becomes necessary to make do with less crowding in for creating the required space. Portable storage units are ideal for home, office or business establishments without the added burden of bulky transportation. These portable units are becoming the rage as people are trying to cut down the clutter in their homes and office for greater space mobility. These portable units come in varying sizes ranging from a small table to semi trailers size. Depending on the space and need of an individual these have become essential commodities at varying price range. They are more so perfect for small cramped offices and small apartments in the city where every inch of space is precious.

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