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PR Software, Marketing, and Media Relations Software and Services

PR Software, Marketing, and Media Relations Software and Services

Save Publishing: Tweet Everything Nanny state Use of term[edit] New Zealand[edit] The term was used by the New Zealand National Party to describe the policies of their political opponents, the Fifth Labour Government, who were in power from 1999 until 2008.[3] The child policies of the National Party's Paula Bennett were later given the 'nanny state' label by a Maori Community Law Service manager.[3] Singapore[edit] The city state of Singapore has a reputation as a nanny state, owing to the considerable number of government regulations and restrictions on its citizens' lives. United Kingdom[edit] In 2004, King's Fund, an independent think tank, conducted a survey of more than 1,000 people and found that most favoured policies that combatted behaviour such as eating a poor diet and public smoking; this was reported by the BBC as the public favouring a nanny state.[5] European Commission[edit] United States[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] Further reading[edit] DiLorenzo, Thomas J.; Bennett, James T. (1997). External links[edit]

Social Media Monitoring | SM2 Do you know the process your customers take to buy and connect with you? Their journey is often filled with many steps, stops and starts. What you do to help them along the way makes all the difference in gaining a competitive foothold. Taking action to improve the experiences your customers have within that journey can convert them from shoppers to customers, and then to advocates. Too often customers don’t ask for what they want, and rarely do they behave in the way you expect them to; however, they are telling others directly in social media. Taking a walk in your customer’s shoes isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, but it can provide a rich and contextual view into exactly where the customer is in their journey. Taking this view of your customer’s world lets you make better informed and faster decisions about value propositions, brand strategies, and, more importantly, how to engage customers.

Vocus' new focus: CEO Peter Granat maps out a post-merger future for the PR software powerhouse - Washington Business Journal Vocus and Cision CEO Peter Granat will keep headquarters in Chicago. The Vocus Beltsville campus will remain a center for engineering, sales and services, he said. Vocus Inc. is still in the opening act of its merger with public-relations software competitor Cision, a combination orchestrated by private equity owner GTCR. Tasked with leading the integration is Peter Granat, Cision's former CEO, now facing the daunting dual responsibilities of uniting two former rivals into a cohesive entity while repositioning it for a new PR landscape, one in which social media and content marketing have changed how brands communicate. In a wide-ranging interview on Thursday, Granat offered some clues regarding both fronts. First, the name. And whatever they end up calling the combined company, its headquarters will be in Chicago, home of both Cision and GTCR. Vocus has long been known as a provider of PR and marketing automation software. Bill Flook covers technology, biotech and venture capital. Evading Ticketmaster Louis C.K. sells tour himself NEW YORK (AP) -- After selling a comedy special directly to fans and upending the comedy business, Louis C.K. is taking the same approach with tickets to his next tour. The comedian announced Monday evening that he'll charge a flat, no-fee rate of $45 to all of the shows on a 39-city tour he kicks off in October. Tickets will bypass ticketing services and are available only through That's similar to how he sold downloads of his special "Live at the Beacon" for $5, a move that was widely hailed and has since been imitated by other comics like Jim Gaffigan and Aziz Ansari. It made more than $1 million in 12 days. "I'm trying something new, building on the fun, success and fan-benefit of selling my content online," the comedian, whose FX show "Louie" debuts its third season Thursday, said in an email to fans. In an effort to deter scalping, he pledged that any tickets sold above the original price will be canceled.

UK | Magazine | Giving up my iPod for a Walkman When the Sony Walkman was launched, 30 years ago this week, it started a revolution in portable music. But how does it compare with its digital successors? The Magazine invited 13-year-old Scott Campbell to swap his iPod for a Walkman for a week. My dad had told me it was the iPod of its day. He had told me it was big, but I hadn't realised he meant THAT big. When I saw it for the first time, its colour also struck me. So it's not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing choice of music player. From a practical point of view, the Walkman is rather cumbersome, and it is certainly not pocket-sized, unless you have large pockets. When I wore it walking down the street or going into shops, I got strange looks, a mixture of surprise and curiosity, that made me a little embarrassed. As I boarded the school bus, where I live in Aberdeenshire, I was greeted with laughter. In some classes in school they let me listen to music and one teacher recognised it and got nostalgic. Digital relief Memories!

Egypt's new president to pick woman, Christian VPs Egypt's president-elect, Mohamed Morsi, is in the process of putting together a government. A Cairo court overturns a rule allowing the military to arrest civilians Mohamed Morsi's adviser says he will pick a woman and a Christian as vice presidents Morsi has begun assembling a new governmentAhmed Shafik will establish a new political party in Egypt, his office says Cairo (CNN) -- Egypt's first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, will appoint a woman as one of his vice presidents and a Christian as another, his policy adviser told CNN. "For the first time in Egyptian history -- not just modern but in all Egyptian history -- a woman will take that position," Ahmed Deif told CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Monday. "And it's not just a vice president who will represent a certain agenda and sect, but a vice president who is powerful and empowered and will be taking care of critical advising within the presidential Cabinet." Amanpour blog: The woman who monitored Egypt's election

Redline (2009 film) After a total of seven years in production, Redline was intended to premiere at the 2009 Annecy International Animated Film Festival and follow Summer Wars, Mai Mai Miracle, and Yona Yona Penguin as the fourth and final feature film Madhouse planned to release between summer 2009 and spring 2010. However, further delays resulted in the delay of its world premiere, pushed back a few months to August 14, 2009, at the Locarno International Film Festival and its Japanese release to fall 2010. While recuperating in a Dorothy hospital, Frisbee tells JP he's off the hook with his bondsman. Inside DEST Tower on Roboworld, the President asks his Secretary of Defense, Titan, for a report about ships landing on Roboworld's moon, EUЯPSS (pronounced Europass), a de-militarized zone that Roboworld signed away to refugees in the M-3 Nebula Federation. The President obtains an oath from Colonel Volton to fight to the death to protect Roboworld and the M-3 Nebula.

Teresa Sullivan reinstated as the president of the University of Virginia Photo by Jane Haley/University of Virginia. Last Saturday, I followed my father as he guided my sisters and me around the hyper-Modernist campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology on the south side of Chicago. Fifty years ago, he completed a Ph.D. in chemistry and began his pursuit of a dream of being a professor at an American university. We had gathered there to honor and thank him. One of my sisters, a librarian at the University of Chicago, presented him with a bound copy of his dissertation. My father was a young man in his mid-20s when he arrived on a train from New York, after boarding a ship from London, after flying from Bombay, after a train from Madras, India. My father arrived unprepared for Chicago winters, or any winters, for that matter. My father embodies the potential of the American higher-education system. Dragas demanded top-down control and a rapid transition to a consumer model of diploma generation and online content distribution. Does that sound wasteful?

BulletSponge51 comments on Veterans of Reddit, what is war really like? Build with Chrome (use legos to build in Chrome) : chrome Samsung struggles to keep up with Galaxy S III demand : Android