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ALLYOU - Online portfolio website builder

ALLYOU - Online portfolio website builder

Удаленная работа. Фриланс вакансии, фрилансер, работа на дому, freelancer :: Freelance.Ru Portfolio Lounge Actionscript 3 based Mini Audio player / MP3 player in Flash | Imajine var sc:SoundChannel=new SoundChannel(); var flagsc:Number=0; var songurl:URLRequest = new URLRequest();var playerObject:Object = new Object(); var pausePoint:Number = 0.00; var isPlaying:Boolean; var muted:Boolean = false; var soundvolume:Number = 1; var forwardDuration:Number = 5000; var fileTimeInSec:Number; tracklist.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, tracklistchange); function tracklistchange(event:Event) { if (flagsc==1) { sc.stop(); } else if (flagsc==0) { flagsc=1; } playSound(;} function playSound(url) { songurl.url = url; if (playerObject.sound!=null) { delete playerObject.sound; } playerObject.sound = new Sound(); soundevents(); playerObject.sound.load(songurl); } //sound events for 'complete', 'error' and 'progress' function musicloaded(event:Event) {; isPlaying = true; play_btn.visible = false; pause_btn.visible = true; function onIOError(e:IOErrorEvent) { trace("The playerObject.sound can not be Loaded"+ e.text); } //btns

Visme Let's look at the statistics of how we process information. Did you know that 90% of the incoming information in your brain is visual? A majority of us are visual learners. There is also a theory doing the rounds of the Net that your brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster. Transform otherwise boring data into engaging visuals that will turn heads and get the point across. We give you our custom built infograph widgets, charts and graphs to quickly visualize your data to engaging content.

Фриланс сайт удаленной работы №1. Фрилансеры, работа на дому, freelance : Subfolio Web video template: Showcase website for personal video Adding your own graphics and branding to the showcase template is easy to do. Because the background graphics are only loaded once, regardless of how many video chapters are displayed, you have some freedom to add content to the background as desired. Have some fun changing the graphics by adding your own background graphic, logo, and custom content. Add some text and maybe a title if it suits your presentation. Feel free to change the canvas size, number, and position of the buttons, and anything else you can think of to spice things up. This page is intended to help you understand how to customize the look and feel of the template assets and change their layout on the stage. Change the background graphics and text One of the easiest ways to make the template your own is to change the background graphics. To change the background, follow these steps: Feel free to add layers and graphics as needed to the Timeline. Change the FLVPlayback controls - remote job and freelance source. Work at home. Portfoliobox