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Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

Amanda Palmer: The art of asking
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Programme 2014 Pirate Bay Founder: ‘I Have Given Up’ “The internet is shit today. It’s broken. It was probably always broken, but it’s worse than ever.” My conversation with Peter Sunde, one of the founders and spokespersons of The Pirate Bay, did not start out optimistically. There’s good reason for that: In the last couple of months, the contemporary download culture shows heavy signs of defeat in the battle for the internet. Last month we saw Demonii disappear. While it might look like torrenters are are still fighting this battle, Sunde claims that the reality is more definitive: “We have already lost.” Back in 2003 Peter Sunde, together with Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm, started The Pirate Bay, a website that would become the biggest and most famous file-sharing website in the world. "Stop treating internet like it's a different thing and start focusing on what you actually want your society to look like." Sunde was incarcerated in 2014 and released a year later. The following interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Lyle Kessler on What Spurred Him to Write Orphans & Why the Play 'Celebrates ... I hope people will be deeply moved, deeply entertained, deeply joyful. About the author: Philadelphia-born playwright Lyle Kessler began his career as an actor, studying with Lee Strasberg at The Actors Studio before turning his attention to writing plays. Kessler’s dramas, including The Watering Place, which opened on Broadway in 1969, are known for their gritty realism and dark humor. After spending the past 30 years in Los Angeles, Kessler has returned to New York City to help marshal his best-known play, the 1983 psychological thriller Orphans, to a Broadway debut on April 18 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre starring Alec Baldwin, Ben Foster and Tom Sturridge. A success around the world since Steppenwolf Theater's 1985 production in Chicago and New York, Orphans is the story of orphaned brothers living a rough life in North Philly and what happens when they kidnap a Chicago gangster. I was born in Philadelphia, and I’ve tried to escape that city all my life.

ELFIC - Les événements ludiques sur le fantastique et l'imaginaire à Centrale Amanda Palmer is creating Art | Patreon well, here we are. the next frontier. here i am again, asking. it's now been ONE YEAR (!) since i launched this patreon page and there's over 7,000 people here, supporting my weirdness, and i am perpetually in awe. and really grateful. and now that we've kind of gotten the hang of this patreon thing, i can explain some things to all y'all that weren't so clear when we were starting out! so far, i've created 13 THINGS, averaging about a thing per month. there were a few months where i released NOTHING (childbirth! the video above is now a bit outdated, but it is a kind of nice before n' after, considering i had a mission and now i'm a year's what i've released as paid "Things" so far! 1. 2. a by-popular-demand pro-quality WEBCAST of THE DRESDEN DOLLS live in brooklyn: 4. a pro-quality WEBCAST of my UK book tour london show @ union chapel: 5. 6. 8. then we started COOKING WITH GAS.... 9. 10. 11. 12. 14.

Patricia Bosworth: Alec Baldwin on Theatre: 'Everything Matters' Some years ago I interviewed Alec Baldwin at a tribute for the legendary Elia Kazan. We talked about how Kazan had directed Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire and how his performance as the brute Stanley Kowalski had revolutionized American acting in style and sensibility. Alec really loves theatre. He had once challenged himself by starring as Stanley in a Broadway revival of Streetcar and he was swaggering, vulgar, and very, very funny, playing the character like a wiseguy and a baby. When he screamed "Stella!" and then collapsed sobbing, I forgot all about Brando. "When you're doing a play there's no such thing as too much work," he told me then. Flash forward to 2013: Alec has returned to Broadway for the first time since 2006 in Lyle Kessler's surreal psychological thriller, Orphans, playing a mysterious gangster named Harold. "Why did you choose Orphans?" "The language," he said. Rehearsals were intense, he went on.

Elfe en bleu LUDUS | Colaborar Muchas gracias a todos los que ya habéis colaborado con Ludus: Gracias a vuestra ayuda Ludus podrá continuar su labor, difundiendo otra educación y apoyando a quienes ya la están llevando a cabo.