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Oscar Brenifier: Accueil

Oscar Brenifier: Accueil | Beyond bones & stones Blog de Paul Jorion Psychasoc - institut européen psychanalyse et travail social Powerful Portraits of Individuals Before and Directly After Their Death Name: Jan Andersen. Age: 27 Born: 21st of February 1978 Died: 14th June 2005, at Leuchtfeuer Hospice, Hamburg Jan Andersen was 19 when he discovered that he was HIV-positive. “You’re still here?” In the final stages, the slightest physical contact had caused him pain. Name: Elmira Sang Bastian Age: 17 months Born: 18th October 2002 Died: 23rd March 2004, at her parent’s home The tumor was probably already present when Elmira was born. One sunny day, Elmira stops breathing. Photographer Walter Schels was terrified of death, so much so he refused to see his mother after she passed away. Schels and his partner Beat Lakotta began approaching potential individuals at hospices in Berlin and Hamburg, surprised to find few people said no. “It’s so good you’re doing this”, Schels quoted a dying man to The Guardian, “No one else is listening to me, no one wants to hear or know what it’s really like.” Name: Klara Behrens Age: 83 Born: 2nd December 1920 Died: 3rd March 2004, at Sinus-Hospice, Hamburg