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Country guides, course information and university rankings for undergraduate degrees

Country guides, course information and university rankings for undergraduate degrees

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World's Best Universities; Top 400 Universities in the World | US News International student enrollment is on the rise at U.S. colleges. In total, 764,495 international students were enrolled at colleges and universities across the United States during the 2011-2012 school year, up 5.7 percent from the previous year, according to a November 2012 report from the Institute of International Education. The U.S. [Learn more about studying in the United States.] China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and France all attract more than 100,000 international students each year, according to IIE data. Latin America, the Middle East and other parts of Asia have also seen an uptick in international student enrollment over the past decade, according to a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. One explanation for the trend toward international education: an "exploding demand for higher education worldwide," the OECD notes. Executives at multinational corporations might work in nine or 10 different countries throughout their career. Europe

Admission Requirements Assessment of your qualifications Non-Danish citizens who do not have a Danish entrance examination are eligible for admission if they have qualifications recognised as being comparable to Danish entrance qualifications. For an official pre-assessment of your qualifications visit The assessment briefly states what your qualifications correspond to in Denmark and will improve your application. The assessment serves only as a guideline since the individual institution in Denmark is responsible for its own admissions. The institution in Denmark will require certified copies of your educational qualifications. Further information about entrance qualifications, additional tests and potential credit transfers can be obtained from the institutions' admissions offices. See a list of higher education institutions in Denmark. General admission requirements English language requirements All higher education programmes in Denmark require a high standard of English. Undergraduates

Plan II Honors Program, UT Austin High School juniors and seniors are invited to register for a fall Plan II information session at Campus Events Registration (select College of Liberal Arts Events). See session dates, maps and other Plan II Information Session information. Plan II sessions are held on Monday and Friday mornings. Spring sessions end on April 25. Fall session register will be available in August, 2014. See detailed Plan II application information. Like Plan II Information sessions include a class visit for prospective applicants and a full two-hours of info and Q&A for parents: What is Plan II? We're Plan II Honors at the University of Texas at Austin. Plan II Honors at the University of Texas at Austin is committed to innovative learning and research. Plan II students explore everything that makes us human in the best sense, from ancient poetry and philosophy to the latest discoveries in genetics and cosmology. A Renaissance Education for the Twenty-First Century

Top Universities for Engineering & Technology 2011-2012 Engineering and Technology Rankings: Clever coasts with the most 13 October 2011 The engineering and technology table is, like it was last year, dominated by California. Three of the top five institutions in the rankings hail from the Golden State, home of the global high-tech hub Silicon Valley. But the East Coast business powerhouse the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which boasts an $8 billion (£4.9 billion) endowment, remains a major player. The University of California, Berkeley occupies fourth place while Stanford University, whose alumni include William Hewlett, David Packard and other electronics tycoons, takes fifth. In total, 22 US institutions feature in the top 50. The UK also scores highly in the table, with three of the top 10 and five representatives overall. It is also the subject in which Asia makes its strongest showing in any discipline.

Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management, Vierumäki campus, Bachelor education | Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Profile of the Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management The Degree Programme in Sports Coaching and Management prepares the students with the knowledge and skills that are needed in today’s´ sports and leisure industry. Different learning objectives for the students have been set by the Degree Programme (DP) to be accomplished through the active participation in the process-oriented working methods (real-life working projects). In the project-based learning environment the students acquire and improve their competences to successfully work in challenging athlete-centered coaching environments or in customer-oriented sports events service environments upon completion of their studies. Each student receives useful and detailed feedback on the progression in each stage of the process-oriented working methods. The studies are conducted in a professional working environment where initiatives on the part of the students on innovations and projects are highly appreciated and expected.

Answering Your Questions | No Loans for Low Income Students A handful of schools have instituted policies that ensure that low income students have no loans in their financial aid packages. These are also referred to as "free tuition" programs for low income students. Typically low income is defined as the bottom quintile by family income, such as family incomes below about $40,000, by Pell Grant eligibility, or families with incomes below 200% of the poverty line. Types of No-Loans Policies The policies fall into four main types: No loans. Good Public Policy The justification for such a policy is that the existence of debt in the financial aid package has a much greater impact on matriculation rates among lower income students than among middle and upper income students. Middle income students don't like having to borrow to pay for their education, but it doesn't stop them from matriculating to the same degree as lower income students. Impact of No-Loans Policies Both are significant increases. Genesis Caveats Other Resources

The Worldwide Directory of Higher Education — moveonnet Document Actions World Atlas View here the location of all Institutions of Higher Education. Institutions of Higher Education Here you can find general information on institutions of higher education, contacts, list of partners, information for exchange students, ranking positions, location on a map, etc. Countries The country updates include general country information, a list of the different regions/states, links and explanations on the higher education systems and the different institution types as well as a list of the higher education institutions. Networks The network section includes general information, aims, contacts and members. International programmes For information on international programmes, e.g. Undergraduate Admissions | Vanderbilt University

Living and accommodation in Kajaani - Opiskelijan Kajaani It is fairly easy to find a place to live in Kajaani. The company Kiinteistö Oy Kajaanin Pietari offers affordable and modern shared accommodation and also bigger, so-called 'family apartments'. Some of the accommodation is located on campus and other housing is located 1 – 3 km from the campus area. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) arranges accommodation to exchange students based on the exchange applications. Mainly international students live on campus, in Ketunpolku 5. Please note! Further information The rooms are furnished but there are no blankets, pillows, bed linen or towels available. An internet connection is available in student accommodation, the price depends on the type of connection. Of course you can also find other types of accommodation in Kajaani.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences – Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management Higher education in Finland is known for its high quality. Studying at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (in brief: KAMK) offers you the opportunity to study a bachelor degree in English in a multicultural environment. Our students appreciate the individual guidance from the teachers and supporting staff which is enabled by small study groups. All our activities are arranged on one compact campus area near the town centre, surrounded by excellent facilities for those eager to do sports or just to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Join our programme - surround yourself with sporty people! The objective of the Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management is to provide both Finnish and international students with a high quality, academic yet practical education in the field of sports. The studies in this degree include topics such as sports and exercise instruction, coaching and training as well as activity tourism. The music exercise area is for different types of workouts (e.g.

Salidas Profesionales Salidas Profesionales Las oportunidades laborales que podrás encontrar en el mercado laboral estarán ligadas en gran medida por los estudios universitarios que realices. Por ello, es fundamental que te informes y asesores sobre las salidas profesionales del área y la carrera que piensas elegir. Al mismo tiempo, dedica tiempo a conocerte mejor (motivaciones, gustos, habilidades, valores,…) para poder proyectarte e imaginarte en el tipo de profesión, entorno, responsabilidades, etc. en el que te encontrarías más a gusto. Hoy en día existen numerosas titulaciones, que además cada Universidad personaliza, y que suelen agruparse en las siguientes áreas: El Proceso de Bolonia El Proceso de Boloniay la creación del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES) permitirán: Si piensas continuar estudios o acreditar la titulación de un país europeo en otro país europeo conviene recabar información sobre este aspecto Volver

Grado en Estudios Internacionales | UC3M El Grado en Estudios Internacionales forma profesionales capaces de comprender y analizar un mundo en constante cambio, en toda su complejidad con rigor y profundidad. También proporciona a los estudiantes las habilidades prácticas y las herramientas para investigar y mejorar el mundo actual así como para evaluar posibles escenarios futuros. Además, les dota de destrezas transferibles a varios entornos y situaciones al tiempo que incentiva su autonomía y fomenta sus capacidades analíticas y de comunicación. Este Grado se imparte íntegramente en inglés. Con un claro carácter multidisciplinar, el Grado en Estudios Internacionales de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid va en línea con la filosofía que inspira a los títulos internacionales de mayor prestigio en International Studies. Prof.

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