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The Othermill: Custom Circuits at Your Fingertips by Otherfab

The Othermill: Custom Circuits at Your Fingertips by Otherfab
Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email The Othermill: Custom Circuits at Your Fingertips by Other Machine Co. Play An easy to use, affordable, computer controlled mill. San Francisco, CAHardware Share this project backers pledged of $50,000 goal seconds to go Funded! This project was successfully funded . An easy to use, affordable, computer controlled mill. Other Machine Co. Project by First created | 3 backed See full bioContact me About this project At Otherfab, we are interested in portable, accessible, computer-controlled machines, and how they can help us design our world. Thanks and Stretch Goals! We are incredibly grateful for the support that we have received. JOB CREATION: At $100,000, a job gets created! SOFTWARE FEATURES: At $250,000, (first we jump up and down, and then...) we hire a third software engineer. DOUBLE PRODUCTION: At $500,000, we add a second production line in a larger manufacturing space with more staff. THE DREAM: $1 million. Jewelry Molds

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The Peachy Printer - The First $100 3D Printer & Scanner! by Rinnovated Design Below is a detailed video explaining how the Peachy Printer works through explanation and demonstration! The peachy printer is a Photolithographic printer. That means it uses a controlled beam of light to cure light sensitive resin into hard objects. The peachy moves a laser beam along the X and Y axes to create the shape of the object, while using a drip system to control the level of the resin on the Z axis which determines the height of the object. The object you want to print must first become a 3D model in Blender.

Pricing guide to DIY CNC mill and router kits 18 DIY CNC kits from mini to mega Ponoko offers an online, on-demand CNC routing service where you can upload your design file and we’ll send you the CNC cut pieces. UPDATE: As of 18 February 2013, Ponoko is suspending its CNC routing service. But please check out our 3D Printing service and Laser Cutting service! But we know that lots of you makers would like your own CNC machine. So I’ve put together this guide! Remzibi's OSD / Poor Man's OSD User Manual and FAQ There are two video modes used in the world today. This defines the number of rows available to print graphics as well as the refresh speed of the video output (which is why it flashes when you view a PAL device on an NTSC screen). NTSC has 13 rows and PAL has 16 rows. The OSD, by default, is set to use the PAL video mode.

Robox : Desktop 3D Printer and Micro-Manufacturing Platform by C Enterprise (UK) Ltd. Works Out of the Box – Plug in the power and USB cord and start printing.. automated bed levelling, intuitive software and advanced hardware all come together to make Robox reliable and easy to use.High Resolution – Robox has one of the highest print resolutions of any FFF printer in the market - 20µm (0.02mm) layers.Dual Nozzle System for Speed - Robox includes a dual-nozzle system which closes the flow of material and lifts the unused nozzle. Up to 300% faster than our competitors.Automatic Material Recognition, No Vendor Lock-in - Robox requires no programming for different materials – just load the SmartReel and go! Each reel contains a chip which is programed with all the necessary parameters.

LaserOrigami LaserOrigami is a rapid prototyping system that produces 3D objects using a laser cutter. LaserOrigami is substantially faster than traditional 3D fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and unlike traditional laser cutting the resulting 3D objects require no manual assembly. The key idea behind LaserOrigami is that it achieves three-dimensionality by folding and stretching the workpiece, rather than by placing joints, thereby eliminating the need for manual assembly. LaserOrigami achieves this by heating up selected regions of the workpiece until they become compliant and bend down under the force of gravity. Side Scan Sonar Side Scan Sonar is a marine geophysical technique that is used to image or “see” the ocean floor (or lake or river bottoms). The method uses pulses of sound (sonar) shot sub-horizontally across the

The gMax 3D Printer - Print. Bigger. by Gordon LaPlante If we reach: Read About gMax Printer At: Imagine a world where you can come up with a design in your mind and have the physical object, large or small, in your hands with just a few clicks on a computer in the comfort of your own home or office. 3D printing is something that I was interested in long before I designed the gMax printer. Studying and working in architecture, I’ve been interested in building and design since childhood. FoldaRap FoldaRap2 Release status: working In my obsession dreaming of a folding RepRap, I finally started to make one, after 5-7 months of development I'm able to travel with it around the town/country/world :) (adventures pictured on flickr / youtube / ustream) And now several people have build one : FoldaRap_Hall-of-Builds, even some by sourcing themselves the parts : google-maps (the red dots) Specifications

Modular Desktop CNC Machine by AJ Quick What is CNC? A CNC is essentially a machine that is controlled by a computer and can perform highly intricate maneuvers over and over again (similar to a printer). In this case instead of dispensing ink onto the paper, it uses a cutting tool to cut very detailed shapes into common materials like wood, plastic, & aluminum. It is a critical machine in any manufacturing factory, or research and development lab. We think it’s a tool that will be found in every workshop and home garage in the future. FoldaRap, The Folding RepRap The campaign is finished for this time, thanks to the 52 contributors from all over the world ! If you are still interested and patient, leave me a message and I'll recontact you for the second small batch.The 2nd batch on Goteo is over ! Pre-orders are open on 3D Print Skin :)