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Connected World Technology Report

Connected World Technology Report

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The Way Companies Are Getting Financed Is Completely Changing There are lots of trends people have been talking about in tech financing--"superangels"; delayed IPOs; secondary market sales; and more. But so far, few people have been putting the dots together: the entire financing landscape for companies is changing. And, excitingly, it's increasingly not just technology companies. There are many new financing options for growing companies that weren't available a decade ago. Here's how we break them down (we'll visit each one in turn): CIO’s Innovation Strategy The annual global InnovationLeadership Study just released by Capgemini Consulting and the IESE business school., based on a survey of 260 innovation executives around the world, find that only 24% of the respondents think they have an “effective organizational alignment of innovation efforts. The study concludes that “the absence of a well-articulated innovation strategy is by far the most important constraint for companies to reach their innovation targets.” It proposes that “there is a need for innovation strategy development in a more bottom-up manner,” and “large organizations create so much distance between the executives and those that are tasked to innovate that a disconnect exists between them.” At Good Strategy, Bad Strategy we learned, there are three steps to craft good strategy: 1.

The Effect of Gen Y on the Workplace By 2025, the Millennial generation will make up 75% of our workforce. But their impact on the way we work — and how we think about work — is already being felt. So what does this mean for the way we need to think about aligning, engaging, and motivating our people? This infographic explores how HR departments will need to adapt to meet the needs of Generation Y.

Cisco: 50 Billion Things on the Internet by 2020 [Infographic] The Internet of Things, when real world objects are connected to the Internet, is a trend that we've been actively tracking since early 2009. So far a lot of big technology infrastructure and solutions companies have gotten behind the trend, for the simple reason that they see a huge market opportunity. As more and more 'things' go on the Net, it creates more demand for network infrastructure like sensors and routers. Enter the likes of Cisco and Verizon Wireless.

Don't Send That Email. Pick up the Phone! - Anthony Tjan by Anthony K. Tjan | 12:30 PM November 1, 2011 Around this time last year, I wrote about how we need to get back to allowing conversation to occur without texting, emailing, browsing, Tweeting, Facebooking, or doing whatever else zeros and ones can do these days on smart phones, iPads, notebooks, etc. I am as guilty as the next person of falling for the perception that any response latency is unacceptable. As 2012 fast approaches, this needs to go on top of my New Year’s resolution list: focus on the live conversations at hand, rather than parallel conversations on the Blackberry screen.

CIO strategy: 10 qualities of IT greatness Successful IT groups are resilient, flexible, and highly responsive to organizational business needs. For many CIOs, this goal appears elusive and completely disconnected from the daily grind of servers, users, downtime, and help desks. Despite the difficulty, CIO success depends on connecting the chaotic, often crisis-driven, IT environment to high-level strategic and business priorities that matter to the broader organization. Linking a tactical IT culture rooted in reaction and response to broader strategic goals is a worthy, if difficult, challenge, which requires understanding the areas of intersection between IT and the business.

Millennials' Judgments About Recent Trends Not So Different This is part of a Pew Research Center series of reports exploring the behaviors, values and opinions of the teens and twenty-somethings that make up the Millennial Generation As might be expected, members of the Millennial generation are enthusiastic about the technological and communication advances of the past decade. They are also highly accepting of societal changes such as the greater availability of green products and more racial and ethnic diversity. What may be less expected is that, in many cases, they are not much different from the age groups that precede them. And on at least one issue — the advent of reality TV shows — their views differ not at all from those of the oldest Americans. Four Destructive Myths Most Companies Still Live By - Tony Schwartz by Tony Schwartz | 11:17 AM November 1, 2011 Myth #1: Multitasking is critical in a world of infinite demand. This myth is based on the assumption that human beings are capable of doing two cognitive tasks at the same time.

Smartphone Usage Statistics 2012 [Infographic Share this post: 2012 has arrived and the statistics show that smartphone usage and data consumption is only on the rise. Although I’ve posted an infographic on text messaging statistics, I’ve never posted one containing statistics on smartphone usage in general. Almost All Millennials Accept Interracial Dating and Marriage This is part of a Pew Research Center series of reports exploring the behaviors, values and opinions of the teens and twenty-somethings that make up the Millennial Generation Over the last several decades, the American public has grown increasingly accepting of interracial dating and marriage. This shift in opinion has been driven both by attitude change among individuals generally and by the fact that over the period, successive generations have reached adulthood with more racially liberal views than earlier generations. Millennials are no exception to this trend: Large majorities of 18-to-29 year olds express support for interracial marriage within their families, and the level of acceptance in this generation is greater than in other generations. This high level of acceptance among Millennials holds true across ethnic and racial groups; there is no significant difference between white, black and Hispanic Millennials in the degree of acceptance of interracial marriage.

Elon Musk Owes Customers 6,500 Cars, So Why Is He Smiling? Elon Musk, the Chairman, CEO, and Product Architect of Tesla Motors and CEO/CTO of SpaceX, has a problem with so-called modern cars. Their on-board tech feels five years old from the moment they hit showrooms. Instead, Tesla's new mid-priced Model S electric sedan has a unique dashboard framed around a 17-inch touch screen and an "85 kilowatt battery pack that will run the frickin' computer for a year," Musk says. Neat. Fast Company sat down recently at The Atlantic Meets the Pacific conference in California with the veteran entrepreneur first known for co-founding PayPal to find out how, exactly, Musk has emerged from what appeared to be a rocky few years for Tesla Motors.