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Land Use Futures This project took a broad and overarching look at the future of UK land use up to 2060 and beyond. It covered the whole spectrum of land use from urban to rural. The project explored: the land use challenges the UK could face over the next 50 years the existing structures and mechanisms and their capacity to help us meet these challenges the opportunities to use and manage land differently now and in the future It has produced an evidence base which will help government and other policy makers understand whether existing land use patterns and practice are fit for the future. The project was guided by a high level stakeholder group and a lead group of experts to ensure that it used the most relevant evidence and research on land use topics. The project was sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

National Academies Keck Futures Initiative - About NAKFI - The Futures Initiative is designed to enable scientists from different disciplines to focus on new questions, upon which they can base entirely new research, and to encourage and reward outstanding communication between scientists as well as between the scientific enterprise and the public. The following information may be helpful in suggesting topics, specific instructions for which are provided below. Futures Conferences Futures Conferences are unique, bringing together some of the nation's best and brightest researchers from academic, industrial, and government laboratories to explore and discover interdisciplinary connections in important areas of cutting-edge research. Each year, researchers apply to attend the conference and some 100 outstanding researchers are invited to discuss ideas related to a single cross-disciplinary theme. Participants gain not only a wider perspective on the theme, but also new insights and techniques that might be applied to their own work.

Global Food and Farming Futures This project explored the increasing pressures on the global food system between now and 2050. It highlights the decisions that policy makers need to take today, and in the years ahead, to ensure that a global population rising to 9 billion or more can be fed in a fair and sustainable way. The project focused on 5 challenges for the future: balancing future demand and supply sustainably - to ensure that food supplies are affordable ensuring that there is stability in food prices - and protecting the most vulnerable from the volatility that does occur achieving global access to food and ending hunger - recognising that producing enough food in the world so that everyone can potentially be fed is not the same thing as ensuring food security for all managing the contribution of the food system to the mitigation of climate change maintaining biodiversity and ecosystems while feeding the world Over 100 peer-reviewed evidence papers were commissioned to inform the analysis.

Trends and Foresight - by Innovaro, Inc. Tackling Obesities: Future Choices This project looked at how we can implement a sustainable response to obesity in the UK over the next 40 years. It gathered scientific evidence from across a wide range of disciplines to inform a strategic view of this issue. The project’s objectives were to: use the scientific evidence base from across a wide range of disciplines to identify the broad range of factors that influence obesity create a shared understanding of the relationships between the main factors influencing levels of obesity and their relative importance build on this evidence to identify effective interventions analyse how future levels of obesity might change and the most effective future responses The project involved over 300 experts from a wide range of disciplines and was overseen by a high level stakeholder group. The project was sponsored by the Department of Health.

Global Economics: Economy & Globalization News Sign in with Facebook Or use your Businessweek account Forgot password? Already a user? Sign in with the same account. Don't have an account? Help! Bloomberg Businessweek Global Economics Photograph by Linde Waidhofer Patagonia Dreaming: Kris Tompkins Works to Build the Best National Park The former Patagonia CEO and her environmentalist husband Doug aim to build the world's best new national park in a remote corner of South America More on Global Economics Blogs EconoChatSmall World by Charles Kenny Watch Elsewhere Feed Most Popular Last Updated: 01:19 pm Market Summary Stock Quotes Market data is delayed at least 15 minutes Company Lookup Recently in Global Economics Request Investor Kit Ads by Google Sponsored Links Buy a link now! Social Links Get Businessweek Delivered Later, Baby

Mental Capital and Wellbeing This project considered how to achieve the best possible mental development and mental wellbeing for everyone in the UK in the future. The aim of the project was to: identify opportunities and challenges facing the UK over the next 20 years and beyond, and the implications for everyone’s mental development and mental wellbeing suggest what government, individuals and businesses can do to meet the challenges ahead The project was overseen by a high level stakeholder group. More than 80 papers and science reviews were commissioned to inform the analysis.

Columns A global thinker from the world of philosophy, science or the arts is given a minute to put forward a radical, inspiring or controversial idea – no matter how improbable - that they believe will change the world. The week’s must-reads from around the web. Feed your mind with the pick of the most recent science and technology stories, selected by The Browser. Ideas that can change lives. Answers to your burning questions. The future of transport. Take a deep dive into the big stories in science, technology and health written by some of the best writers around. How the wired world is shaping our lives. Ideas and technology that could change the world. Urban myths and old wives tales under the microscope. Exploring the science of life. Neuroscience and the psychology of the everyday. Uncovering the value of the planet’s hidden treasures. Where science meets pop culture. Choices for the future of the human planet. Tales from the new space race. Our animal behaviour uncovered.

OVAM SIS Toolkit After the success of the Ecolizer and the Ecolizer 2.0, the industry begged for a more comprehensive design tool to better integrate sustainability principles into innovation and design processes. OVAM SIS Toolkit is the answer to this question. 'SIS' stands for 'Sustainable Innovation System'. The OVAM SIS Toolkit considers sustainability in its broadest sense, thanks to a simple, clear and workable model. OVAM SIS Toolkit has a place in any innovation or design process, whether it concerns the development of products, services, product-service concepts, environmental design or architecture ... The OVAM organised a pilot project: Beneens, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Ontex, Tupperware and WinWatt had the opportunity to discover the OVAM SIS Toolkit under professional guidance. Three perspectives on sustainability The OVAM SIS Toolkit is a matrix. Why an OVAM SIS Toolkit? Prior to the development of the SIS OVAM Toolkit there was a needs analysis. Start your journey with the OVAM SIS Toolkit

World Politics Review | Geostrategic analysis of international affairs Capturing the voice of patients In 2011, the King Baudouin Foundation, on behalf of their Queen Fabiola and Julie Renson funds, organized a series of three stakeholder gatherings to examine the potential of the first line health care to contribute to a more effective mental health care system in Belgium. The three gatherings focused on requisite first line competencies, the role of the general practitioner and the contribution of psychiatric home care, respectively. shiftN was asked to organize focus groups and interviews with care givers and people suffering from mental health challenges to better understand their experiences with first line care. This input was also the basis for a series of policy and organizational recommendations that were offered as input to the stakeholder gatherings. In order to respect patients’ voices and privacy, an audiovisual presentation was made that captured patients’ real world testimonies in a discrete and sensitive way.

Home - Government 2020 Designed to Move A new report titled "Designed to Move" reveals a growing epidemic of physical inactivity threatening the social and economic prosperity of the world. Presented by Nike, The American College of Sports Medicine, The International Council of Science & Physical Education and several other expert organizations, the report does two things: Consolidates the evidence for urgent action and lays out a simple action agenda to solve it. "Designed to Move" details how society has engineered movement out of daily life, leading today's children to face a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Nike Brand President Charlie Denson joined world track & field star Allyson Felix on stage Sunday at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City to spotlight the issue and to begin rallying partners in the field of physical activity. “Nike was founded on the power of sport and its ability to unleash human potential,” Denson said. Key call-outs from the report include: